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Academic articles about rhinoplasty materials.

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Hi Beauty Hackers, 

I have collected some articles to answer my question about what material to use in rhinoplasty. These articles are from top tier journals in plastic surgery, but you should use this as supplementary information to help you make your decision in addition to speaking with your doctor and your own personal preferences. 

If you don't want to wade through the language, I recommend you start with the overview by Barrett & Wang (2016). If you have more time to sort through the information, I highly recommend you read Liang et al (2018). 

Sincerely, Jennifer. 

Krzystof, Torgerson, & Gillman 2008.pdf

Joo & Jang 2016.pdf

Barrett & Wang 2016.pdf

Liang et al 2018.pdf

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+1 thanks for linking, this is great.

Also check out https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s00238-008-0313-4.

Effect of the menstrual cycle on intraoperative bleeding in rhinoplasty patients


This study aimed to evaluate the effect of menstrual cycle phase on intraoperative bleeding in rhinoplasty patients. One hundred seven female patients grouped as G1 (perimenstrual) and G2 (periovulatory) according to menstrual cycle were included in this study. Intraoperative blood loss was compared using the t test. Fifty-two of the patients were in G1 and 49 were in G2 group. Operative surgeons, presence of additional interventions, and operation duration did not differ among the groups. Mean intraoperative blood loss was 69.0 ± 24.6 ml in G1 and 80.4 ± 27.7 ml in G2. The blood loss difference between the two groups was statistically significant. This study demonstrated that perioperative blood loss is higher in patients operated on during the periovulatory phase. This increase does not seem to create difficulty during the operation or to have an impact on the outcome. Nevertheless, this might be reflected in more pronounced ecchymosis in the early postoperative phase.

tl;dr: avoid scheduling your surgery when you are ovulating to reduce swelling and bruising.

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