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Anyone who did face lipo at Fresh?

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Hi all,

Really new member here. Looking to do facial liposuction.

I was wondering if you had any experiences with this hospital and their aftercare services.

I'm planning to go in end of July maybe as I have a holiday then. Anyone going around the same time?


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8 hours ago, Jabba said:

Fresh is known for doing facial liposuction and a lot of people have gone there in the past. Are you in Korea now? You might not be able to see this message if you are.

Not yet but I'm still thinking about it. I don't really know what good options are for face lipo. I heard Regen and Fresh are good but they charge foreigners quite a lot.

Maybe looking for smaller but good clinics that don't inflate the price so much

Thanks for the reply btw!

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1 hour ago, kino said:

What sort of prices are you getting back?

Like 3-5 mil KRW

I think it's a couple times more what locals usually get charged. I don't have that much fat in my face as well. (At least from what people tell me)

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For facial liposuction it does seem on the higher end, but it could be email prices. I think landing in the 1.8 million won to 3.2 million won range would be more likely after consult, but every clinic is different and Fresh is known for being priced higher. 

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