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Skinny girl w/ stubborn fat want Lipo on thigh/calf/armpit line.

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I am 34 years old. I weigh 49kg/I am 161cm. I would consider my lifestyle quite active and I eat healthy. But these these stubborn just don’t want to leave me lol. I like my body and I’m not trying to lose weight. I just want to contour my bottom half to balance out with my upper body. My 360 Lipo surgery is scheduled for September 20th, 2019 at 365 Mc in Korea! I will be getting lipo on the thighs, calf and bra-line. I'm excited and nervous at the same time! I will be undergoing this surgery with local anesthesia. I will be posting pics each week following my procedure and a few months afterwards as well.

Has anyone else had lipo at 365 Mc in Korea? Are you happy with the results and how is life for you now?

Love to hear back from previous 365 Mc Global Korea patients.
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Hi all,
Just wanted to update a few pictures of before surgery and 3 months post op. I’ve lost my before surgery pictures and this is the only one I have left.

I can definitely see good result on my thighs. I’m very happy with the result of my thighs. Not so much with my calves. Calves and ankle are still swelling. Some days is less and some days more than others. I feel a numbness sensation below my knee and the incisons at my ankles hurts when I touch it. I’ve done some research and it does say that surgery below knee alway takes longer to heal and the results will take 3 times longer to see. I’m still wearing my compression stocking and garment. I think it does help with the swelling on my lower leg.

Hope the pictures help :smile:FAB096DC-949A-4101-A527-F1F19D59F92D.jpeg
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6 Months Post-Op Update

Just wanted to Share with anyone who want to see And know what result you may expect after 6 months. The doctors and many reviews say you’ll see the final result at 6 months.

So here are my results:
Armpit fat - before and after are pretty much the same. I personally can’t see a dramatic change. Healing is fairly quick and scar has almost faded.

Inner and outer thighs - personally I can see good result within the first month and result are still noticeably for me at 6 months. Having lipo on these areas helped take away the little stubborn fat and bulges on a skinny girl like me. My thighs look much leaner and straighter in tights. Scars are still visible but have lighten.

Ankles and Calves - before and after are pretty much the same. I personally can’t see a dramatic change and to me it’s not worth the dark scar and the healing process. Ankles and Calves were constantly swelling up. Even at 6 months I can’t see the desirable result I was after.

Here are some pictures of my 6 months results.
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