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I came across a few of these companies who say they are government approved. 





Has anyone considered using a medical concierge? The thing is I don't need any help with transport/translation. I just want a second opinion on the surgeon I end up picking, know my rights as a patient, and enforce better documents gathering in case something goes wrong. 

These concierge centers say they charge the hospital but then how would I know they would recommend the best surgeon and not the best commission-paying ones? 

Any thoughts? 

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A lot of people have gone through agencies, but many (especially the research & adventurous crowd) have also done things on their own. Best to do what feels right and comfortable. 

There's nothing wrong with asking for or getting professional help. But sometimes clinics and agencies alike can be sketchy, and may tend to run their companies in a stereotypical Asian way. This is where they tout expertise and experience when in reality they're newbies and just a gimmicky startup, broker looking to make a buck.

Check out My Seoul Secret (I'm biased since I've used them). These guys are low key, underrated and have been around for awhile. They're small company ran by foreigners living in Korea who actually got PS themselves. They helped me pick a clinic when I first did PS years back. But now, after I got comfortable coming to Korea and researching on my own for subsequent trips, I was fine on my own. When I go back I just reach out to them for translation service, or just keeping in touch, they're quite funny and folksy.

This a blog they wrote about the topic:


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