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1st time Rhinoplasty questions

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I have a list of concerns regarding rhinoplasty

- Will the distance between your eyes change after a rhinoplasty? (Like hump reduction?)

- Will my upper lip projection be improved/affected after having my tip turned? Or will it just create a longer philtrum?

- When using ear cartilage for tip plasty, do they use both sides of the ear to make it even? Are your ears visibly reduced?

- A rhinoplasty is supposed to last for life but my digging and research seems to imply that if you have an implant, you may need to go back and have it replaced or even removed... a lot of revisions down the road once you commit to a rhinoplasty.

- How does aging affect your rhinoplasty? Does it look more unnatural as you age or does it hold up more or less the same?

- Are there special restrictions to how you can treat your nose after a rhinoplasty post healing? (Like you can’t pull your nose, pick it, wear turtlenecks or anything that might press your nose?)

Hope to get some opinions and answers...

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