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I am writing this review in the hopes of saving someone else any of the hardship I have had to endure because of this clinic. I have been waiting to write this for a while now, and I finally feel strong enough to come forward about my experience. 


This doctor has managed to ruin my nose to the point where I am asked if I was in an accident. I first went to Dr. Lee for primary rhinoplasty in March of 2019. Right after the surgery, I knew something wasn’t right. My nose looked like a crooked hawk nose, with my columella drooping down to the side. The doctor reassured me that this was only due to swelling and to give it some time. Well 9 months went by, and the appearance of my nose just got worse as the days went on. He told me to come back to Korea for a revision surgery in November 2019. Although I was grateful that he had owned up to his horrible work, and offered to fix it....I still had to find a way to pay for another trip to Korea (from Canada), and also had to take 6 more weeks off from work to recover. Here we are, August of 2020, and my nose is still completely asymmetrical. The issues presented to him after the first surgery were not addressed in the revision, and now I am left with a disfigured nose in the middle of my face. 


I have asked Dr. Lee to fix the obvious issues, or to give me my money back. He refuses to do so, and says that “some asymmetry” is to be expected. Well I have posted my images to this review for you to be the judge. Would you be ok with something like this, after spending thousands upon thousands of dollars on a cosmetic procedure, and losing thousands of dollars of income during the recovery process? I am very aware that all surgical intervention comes with risk...but it is up to the doctor to make it right when things don’t go as planned or discussed. I have posted pictures of my nose “pre-revision” (after the first rhinoplasty), and pictures of my nose “post-revision” (after the second rhinoplasty). The reason I am posting both is to show that the asymmetry was in fact there prior to the revision. This should have been fixed the second time around. 


I will say that the reception staff, and nurses were very kind and welcoming. However, I am not paying for “kind” when it comes to plastic surgery. I am paying for precision...and unfortunately that is exactly what Dr. Lee lacks. Do yourself a favour and do your research...please don’t make the same mistake I did, and let someone who is clearly inexperienced in rhinoplasty work on your nose. There isn’t much you can do to hide something like that in the middle of your face. This is a very big decision, and I regret very deeply ever letting this doctor touch my nose. I also regret filling out any surveys and comment cards in their waiting room, which they asked me to submit before returning to Canada, and also felt pressured to do so. It’s very difficult to comment on a surgical procedure that needs several months to heal before seeing the results. I did comment that the staff were wonderful in terms of kindness, and making me feel comfortable. But as mentioned above...these are very small factors when you are dealing with a major surgery that has lasting effects on your appearance and mental health. I would much rather deal with a cold or arrogant doctor who knows exactly what he’s doing, and will deliver the desired results. 


Let’s keep in mind that I am currently in my 20s...which should be a wonderful time of life. I have basically been in hiding for the last year and a half just wishing that I had never stepped foot in his office in the first place. The toll that this has taken on my mental health is insurmountable, and I would not wish this upon anyone. Recently, I have been in touch with a rhinoplasty revision specialist in Canada, who has estimated a starting cost of $20,000 to fix the damage that I have been left with. Unfortunately, I now feel very limited with my options for a third rhinoplasty since my cartilage has already been harvested from behind my ear. This is a very limited resource...I only have so much left to work with. I urge you to please be careful with who you allow to work on your face. If I could go back in time, I would NEVER have allowed him to operate on me. 













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It has honestly crossed my mind. They refused to let my dad watch the surgery from the observatory. Made me think that they let someone practice on me. I hate my nose so much now, it was the worst decision I’ve ever made. I really wish I would’ve done more research. The Mine Clinic took so much more than just money from me....I hate them for what they did.

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