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Female Hair Transplant

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I'm trying to find a clinic to have my hair transplant done.

I'd rather have someone that is specialized in female hairlines, and that does FUE. I don't FUT as an option. So far, these are the clinics I have found:


  • Yoon (female only, they do FUE no shave)
  • Modi
  • Dana plastic surgery (they do FUE no shave)
  • Mojelim
  • Forhair
  • NHI
  • Movinci
  • JP
  • Motion
  • Dr. Moh

Any experiences?

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That seems like a long list, you're bound to find a good person there. Do you want to trim it down to 3 to 4 clinics though? That might be like 20 hours of face to face consultation. 

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Hi Tremere, did you end up consulting with any of the above clinics? Also if you don't mind me asking, what were your considerations for FUE vs. FUT? I'm also considering hair transplant for sometime later down the line but it's not immediately apparent to me which method to lean towards (both seem to have their pros and cons).

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