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  • Welcome to Beauty Hacker 

    1. We research and discuss Korean plastic surgery 
    2. We help and support one another
    3. We respect each other 

    Who are we?

    Many of us came from a particular sub-forum on a women's fashion accessory site where people discuss plastic surgery in Korea. But that place is filled with false, promotional, and fake reviews now, and has caused people to make life-changing decisions based on lies. We made this place to guard against that. 

    Our mission is to create a high functioning and organized community dedicated to those planning and researching plastic surgery in Korea. 


    We're spread across cultures, genders, borders and plastic surgery (PS) experience levels. We make use of tips, hacks, and real information already existing without paying to thwart attempts to commercialize or undermine knowledge of self-organized beauty communities for promotional purposes via fake and sponsored surgery reviews, topic manipulation and clinic marketing games. Our senior members started on purse forum, but are more active underground due to the above. We seek after good ps knowledge and support each other.

    Some clinic marketing staff who can't control us, lame Korean startups, patient puppets, trolls, and forum owners who want Ad clicks call us thieves, non-legit, etc… we call ourselves beauty hackers


    If you see your posts & username and want to reclaim, but have not logged in yet

    1. Sign Up with a new account that's different than your old username
    2. After Signing in: Send us a message (Click Here)
    3. Tell us your old username
    4. We'll ask some questions and check the answers.
    5. We'll merge your accounts


    • What is a beauty hacker?  Anyone who tries new and clever ways to achieve their personal aesthetic goals.
    • Who made this? Beauty hackers from varying levels of experience and skill sets.
    • Why did they make this? Because other communities are disorganized and compromised with fake reviews & disinformation
    • What does this community focus on?  Sharing information to navigate plastic surgery, skincare, haircare and cosmetics in Korea.
    • What is shilling? The practice of masking sponsored & promotional posts to make it appear as though it originates from an actual grassroots user.
    • How will you protect this community? We will guard it. It will be moderated by people who have a lot of experience about the topic, shills and clinic antics.


    • Community launched (Done)
    • Hacker Field Manuals: Curated links, useful hacks & tips for navigating plastic surgery (PS) in Korea
    • Advisory group formation
    • Local liaison & scouts for field reports

    Attention Clinics & Agents

    • Please do not try to use Korean marketing tactics on our forum. It will not end well for you.
    • We will figure out a way where you can make announcements in a transparent way in the future, but for now, leave us alone. 
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