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  2. Hello, I’m thinking of doing DES and forehead lift in Korea. Doing some research for clinics. Has anyone used Beautique Korea for organising and helping choose a clinic? If I book in person consultations at clinics, how soon can I get surgery done without putting a deposit down before I travel to Korea? I would like to have several in person consults before I decide on which clinic but I have limited time to be in Korea. Thanks in advance
  3. I am looking for recommendations for smas mini and a fat graft. I am currently consulting with Dasipium Grand TS Marble What do you think the best clinics are? Thankssss <33
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  5. Find my previous review here: It has been around 40 days since I've had arm lipo, accessory breast lipo, and a non-incisional double eyelid procedure done at Woori Plastic Surgery Clinic from Doctor Minseok Cho. I'm very satisfied for the accessory breast fat removal, all that's left is to wait for the scars to heal. My eyes are exactly what the Doctor told me how they would look like after the procedure As for my arms, all my bruising disappeared at the 30 day mark. Before the procedure, the circumference of my arms were 28cm, and now they are 25cm. can't wait for the end results! Before After
  6. The Kakao IDs from above have been removed. It's come to our attention with significant evidence that none of them are medical interpreters, and have been operating disingenuously. Please use a professional service or a government office.
  7. Hello I am looking to travel to South Korea in September to help correct the damage that I have from getting filler dissolver. I believe I want a fat graft and a lift to address lower face laxity. I could potentially be looking at lower blepth too. Given this information can someone please suggest clinics they like for this kind of work? I see that Thank you, 1mm are quite popular with Koreans. I am trying to avoid factory clinics. Thank you in advance!
  8. Hello and thanks for having me! I am female ,34 looking to travel to Korea for a fat graft and maybe a lift? I was damaged by filler dissolver 3 years ago and I am looking to try to recover my face now. Thank you for having me!
  9. These are all good questions, but one word of caution is some clinics might not be equipped to fully answer that list in detail, so try to eliminate questions that you can get answers from else where and focus on the core main issues.
  10. Be mindful about black lists there's no real methodology to a lot of them, and a lot based on rumors. The big clinic's can be easy to deal with, but doctors come and go, some people basically say it's where they start careers to develop their skills. But eyelid surgery is the most common surgery in Kore. Look into Deesse if you want to do all three or break them up over time across different clinics.
  11. Hi Everyone, I'm planning to go to Korea in July, I'm trying to get my eyes correction done since I have a Ptosis condition. I have read some articles about blacklist clinic surgery in Korea from this forum and found shocking information. My initial plan I was booking my surgery with ID and paid the deposit. I have requested the doctors name but somehow I couldnt find any information in google and I started to feeling a bit sus that the doctor might be a junior doctor that doesnt have enough expertise, im ngl i feel bit worry if I end up with botched surgery. Is anyone here know where is the good place to do eyes correction or rhinoplasty and face countouring? thank you
  12. Thank you for this great resource! Re: research — I didn’t see Sungyesa on the list. I heard it was filled with less promoters than Gangnam Unnie. Is that not the case?
  13. Wow, thanks for sharing this comprehensive list of questions. Super useful! Your priorities very much align with mine as well… Glad to e-meet you! It might be too spicy and covered by section 2 question 12: - how have you handled cases with unsatisfactory outcomes? - relatedly, what is your revision/refund policy? (Sorry if this is already on there, it’s hard to double-check on mobile)
  14. Hello everyone! Grateful this forum exists. Had a rhino in 2018 — assumed a skilled Asian-American surgeon with an excellent reputation among local doctors and impeccable credentials would be a one-and-done. I wanted a septoplasty and to have my nose straightened, as it was quite crooked from the front. I used to have a strong profile, which I liked, but he took way more off my dorsal hump than what was shown in mock-ups and gave me a very round tip. Clearly not really aware of Asian aesthetics. In the end, my nose became smaller overall — flatter, shorter, with an over-rotated tip. He was also supposed to lower my collumela slightly, which he did not. Now I have a narrower collumelar-labial angle, giving me a monkey mouth I’m very fortunate in that it only looks bad in profile view. But less fortunate because of an injury that left dents in my nasal bone and septal cartilage. I’m guessing my best bet would be to see a very skilled plastic/ENT surgeon, perhaps at a major hospital or smaller clinic. Finally going to get this fixed after many years. Excited to join and contribute to this community!
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  16. It's been around 10 days since I've had non-incisional eyelid surgery, arm liposuction, and accessory breast liposuction at Woori plastic surgery. [eyelids] I initially wanted a semi-outline but my doctor, Dr. Cho Minseok, advised against it due to the risks of the surgery loosening. I then decided on a in-outline instead with a smaller risk loosening. It's very important that your doctor is transparent with you so I'm glad he had told me the risks so I could make a more informed decision. The recovery process went well. My eyes hurt as if I had multiple styes, but not a large amount of pain, for around 1.5 days. Afterwards, they did not hurt unless I blinked with a lot of pressure. I think the swelling will go down a bit but I'm satisfied with the results! [arm + accessory breasts] I was only initially going to do arm lipo but decided to add accessory breasts last minute with no trouble. I was told I was a level 2 amount of fat and I got 1200cc removed from both my arms and accessory breasts. I could instantly see a change in my accessory breasts which I found cool. My arms are still swollen which is normal so I'm waiting for it to go down. The circumference of my arm was 11.5 inches and now it is 11 inches. The recovery process is not as easy. It hurts a lot, it feels similar to straining your muscles after you go to the gym. I still cannot raise my arms over my head lol. After 10 days, I don't have much pain in my upper arms, moreso my left hand has an aching pain. I've been icing it with the eye mask ice pack they gave me. Even though it hurts, this recovery process is what I expected so I'm tolerating it! Other costs you should expect is medicine + compression garment. It was 75,000 krw for me. [Other] I heard a lot of people say that they are freezing when they wake up after anesthesia. It wasn't the case for me because I woke up with a heating pad under me which was extremely nice. Additionally, my english consultant at Woori was very lovely and stuck with me the entire process. I'm very grateful that she was there with me and made a big difference in my experience [Before] [After]
  17. Hi I am planning to get a rhinoplasty in June 2024 and I was wondering if you guys could check on my list of questions and see if I am missing anything that I should ask the doctor directly? https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-ALGcgE9W_OVUZd6P7PAS5Hhl5jfQH7DD5YnLNC006Y/edit?usp=sharing For background: What I want: A nose that is very natural and suitable for my face. (My nose but better looking). Chinese nose, not the super tall Korean nose (no dolly noses). No silicone implant, worried how unnatural it will look and risk of infection and rejection Autologous Implant, septal is preferred first and then rib (but I want to know the technique the surgeon chooses and exact material) I like my side profile and bridge height. I am ok with raising it a bit if it is needed to adjust the tip for better proportions. Tip smaller from the front view Less bulbous tip Most importantly, I want proper follow up and aftercare. Surgeon must be able to follow up after surgery during the healing period of 1 year minimum in case of concerns or complications. I’ve heard of many cases where the doctor and clinic stop responding after complications or obvious botched cases. I am also looking for a rhinoplasty surgeon who is ENT certified and has an anesthesiologist on site
  18. Hi I'm nkokokok. I'm female in early 30s. I'm thinking to go to korea to do fox eye surgery. Any recomendations? Ty
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