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  1. Hi All, Have compiled a guide below, for those who are new to PS in Korea. Thank you to all who have selflessly shared your research/experience; which I have credited in the respective sections. 1. Navigating Korea 1.1 Travelling 1.1.1 Travelling from Incheon Airport to Seoul Airport Bus Cost: Approx. 15,000 won to Gangnam area Time: Approx. 1.5 hours Airport buses travel to all major areas of Seoul. Tickets to Gangnam area are around 15,000 won and the travel time is approximately 1.5 hours, depending on traffic and the destin
  2. hi, in2eeyor. i chose him for his neat symmetrical lines; and i have earlier shared my results in the KKT chats (links at sidebar of BH website). i actually did incisional des + lateral canthoplasty + slight epi. I will reply your PM in more details. cheers.
  3. Different clinics have different refund policies. Legally, clinics are only required to refund 90% of the surgery cost (i.e. not the 10% deposit) if you cancel 3 days before the surgery date. It is always good to ask for the clinic to provide the refund policy in black and white when you pay the deposit for avoidance of doubt in the event you would like to get a refund subsequently. I wouldn't rush to book a surgery date unless you are super sure that you are going to go with the doctor. Paying the deposit means they know they have locked you in. Consequently, 1) You lose your bar
  4. Sorry for the late reply dear. I am not sure if they accepted credit card but I paid with cash. Don't think there was a further discount with cash since I got the tax refund slip. Usually clinics that give discount with cash will not have a tax refund slip (since they technically don't declare the transaction to the tax authorities). As mentioned in my post, I found out about Mate PS because I was researching the doctor not the clinic. The clinic is newly set up by a doctor, former Topface, Cinderella. I like his aesthetics sense so I went to him. Transportation - subway is well con
  5. My suggestion remains to DIY as much as possible. Agencies are driven by the commission they get from the clinics, and will definitely sway you to pick those clinics. Also, you will almost definitely be paying more than what you would by going direct to the clinics, since these agencies include their 'commission' into the price quote (in turn claiming they do not take a cut).
  6. Hi, Arnica doesn't have to be sinecch brand - sinecch was marketed for post surgery and hence its popularity on makemeheal forums. However, any other brands with similar composition should work the same. Hope this helps.
  7. Hi, Yes, I am perfectly happy with the result for my eyes as it is exactly what i wanted - medium to high deep crease, neat symmetrical lines. Unfortunately, as far as I am aware, the website is in Korean. There is a consultant that can speak a little English, but I mainly communicated with them in Korean. I understand from some of them who went after me that they either went without a translator or requested for the clinic to help hire one.
  8. Have previously posted a thread on recovery tips (https://beautyhacker.com/topic/1021463-packing-list-post-eyenosefc-surgery-recovery-tips/) which I have just updated to include fc recovery tips. All the best!
  9. Hi all, Feel free to add on to the list below. Hopefully this will come in useful for those planning for their upcoming surgeries. Cheers. To check if a doctor is certified, please refer to my other post https://beautyhacker.com/topic/1012254-checking-if-a-doctor-is-certified-by-the-korean-association-of-plastic-surgeons/) For a list of pre-surgery pointers and sample consultation questions to ask, please refer to my other post. (https://beautyhacker.com/topic/1015406-pre-surgery-pointers-list-of-consultation-questions/). Packing List Notebook and pen to write
  10. 1. 코 수정수술의 가격을 알려주세요. 2. 광대축소술과 윤곽2종(V라인)의 가격을 알려주세요. 3. (month in number) 월 (day in number) 일에 (doctor's name)원장님과 약속을 할 수 있을까요?
  11. Thank you for sharing your experience. I myself nearly placed a deposit at the clinic too. My understanding though is that 90% of the total surgery fees is refundable if you cancel at least 72 hours before, less the 10% deposit paid. However, I agree with you that my impression of this clinic has since changed with the recent reviews of negative experiences.
  12. i had it done at Blanche Hyung Dental previously. Dentist (Dr Seo) speaks good english, location is good (right beside a subway) and price was reasonable (330,000 KRW before tax refund for laser teeth whitening 3 rounds). Have linked the website below for your quick reference. https://bhdeng.modoo.at/?link=7t6r7wu1
  13. i highly do not suggest placing a deposit, prior to an actual face-to-face consult with the doctor. you lose your bargaining power once you place a deposit (since the clinic already has you locked in). clinics often offer a further discount (off the price they quoted you online) after you visit them in person. you will also have significantly more bargaining power if you do not place a deposit (as they know they have not locked you in). process-wise, yes you should schedule a face-to-face consult with the doctor (and not consultant) before deciding if you want to go ahead with the surger
  14. i made a separate post on how to check if surgeons are board certified. (https://beautyhacker.com/topic/1012254-checking-if-a-doctor-is-certified-by-the-korean-association-of-plastic-surgeons/?tab=comments#comment-33153827). please check out the link. thanks.
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