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  1. Hi All, I have collated a list of consultation questions from my research and sharing it here for those who may find it useful. Please feel free to add on to the list. Wishing all with upcoming surgeries a smooth journey! PRE-SURGERY POINTERS Two weeks before trip Avoid alcohol for 2 weeks before surgery No smoking at least 1 week before surgery Take vitamin supplements if needed (vitamin c, vitamin a, zinc, vitamin k, vitamin b, vitamin d, magnesium, amino acids) Avoid Vitamin E (increases bleeding) or ginseng/ ginko/ garlic/ ginger/ dongquai/ omega3 fatty acids Take good care of your skin (surgery may be postponed if there is pimple) Stop taking any medication or dietary supplements 2 weeks before surgery and notify during consultation Consultation Consult 3 Clinics / Day (space out start times by at least 2 hours, but spacing out by 3 hours buffer is recommended). Prepare some photos of how you want to look. Negotiate price - a) List example prices from other clinics b) State your budget is significantly lower than it actually is c) Offer to write them a review / before and after pictures for them to use on their site Always ask about the available dates for your surgery at the end of your consultation. Make sure you clearly understand the clinic’s revision policy and it is a good idea to get this in writing. You can get this by sending your consultant a mail/message where you summarize this policy and ask the consultant whether your understanding of this is complete and correct. Bring along something to take notes. MUST notify during consultation of any allergies or hypersensitive reactions towards certain medication LIST OF CONSULTATION QUESTIONS Doctor Are you certified by the Korean Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery? Were you trained specifically in the field of plastic surgery? How many years of plastic surgery training have you had? Is doctor X specialized in (procedure)? Or does he focus on other areas? Cost What is the exact breakdown of fees for this procedure? Are there any hidden fees? What is the total cost of the surgery including drugs and treatment aids needed after the surgery? What is included in my aftercare and what not? For example things like overnight stay, medications, scar cream, pumpkin juice, pressure garment, ice packs, deswelling treatment, hair treatment, etc.? Is there VAT refund? Where is the nearest downtown VAT refund point (i.e. apart from the airport refund counter)? What is the name of the VAT refund counter operator? If possible complications may occur, does the patient have to pay for the treatment? What is the cost for this treatment? If the patient decides to discontinue the surgery for any reason, does the patient still need to pay for the entire surgery? Surgery What procedures do I need to do or would you recommend me to do? Am I a good candidate for this procedure? How will you perform my procedure? Where will the procedure be performed? How many of these procedures do you perform a week? A month? What is the most popular surgical procedure you perform in your clinic? How many other medical staff will assist with this procedure? Will there be an anesthesiologist present during my surgery? What type of anesthesia method and anesthetic are used? Is some or all of the surgical equipment and instruments sterilized and used only for my surgery? What are the risks of the surgery? What are the complication occurrence rates and the surgeon’s surgery success rates of this clinic? How are complications handled? Can I see before and after pictures of the surgery? Post-Surgery What type of treatment will I need after the surgery? Will I need to take painkillers after the surgery? Does swelling or bruising occur after surgery? If so, is it treatable? How long will it take for me to return to day-to-day activities after the surgery? How long will the surgery results last for; if not permanent? If I need to consult the surgeon, can I meet him/her even months after the surgery? What is the clinic’s revision or refund policy in case there are complications or when I am not satisfied? What is exactly included & excluded in the revision policy, like revision excludes anesthetics costs? How many follow-up visits will I need? When is the next follow-up visit? When will the stitches be removed? How long does it take for the scars to disappear? Surgical Records Is any information about my surgery recorded? If so, how is it recorded? Will my surgical records or photos be shown to anyone else? Will my approval be sought before any of my records, including photos, are shown to someone else? Can I keep a copy of my surgical records? How long does the clinic store surgical records after the surgery? Where can I find my surgical records if the clinic which performed the surgery closes?
  2. FYI, shinseung doctor isnt board certified. if it matters to you.
  3. there are many reviews of people who went with medical tourism agencies and deeply regretted it as they are literally arm twisted into going with clinics where these agencies get more commission. i highly suggest if you prefer company for your consults, to link up with the contacts in the august/september ps kkt group chat. alternatively, hire a translator from the gangnam medical centre (30000krw per hour). seoul is not a difficult place to navigate, especially since you are proficient in korean. if i may suggest, choose an accomm in the gangnam, sinsa area so that travelling to clinics for consults, surgery and follow ups will be a lot less stressful. foodwise, there is yogiyo app for delivery (assuming you can read hangeul) and if all else fails, there are convenience stores everywhere where you can be sure to grab something to fill you up.
  4. Hi Esther, Glad you have managed to shortlist to five clinics. Yes, you will better be able to gauge your preference after the f2f consults (so don't place the deposit before the f2f). I am also keen on those clinics and would really appreciate your sharing on the consultations. All the best for your upcoming trip!
  5. Most wait staff generally speak Korean, unless you are at Itaewon area. However, you can always point at the pictures and get by. If you have time, you can learn some of the more basic phrases through this video (http://www.sweetandtastytv.com/blog/korean-phrases-ordering-food-at-a-restaurant) and this page (https://www.90daykorean.com/ordering-food-korean-restaurant/). Alternatively, you can use the food delivery apps - the popular ones like Yogiyo are in Korean but there are English apps too (big chains like Mcdonalds, Shuttle for Itaewon area, Uber eats for Gangnam area, Helpmeemo). Supermarkets and convenience stores are also usually within walking distance so if you need a quick fix without the hassle of ordering at a restaurant, you can usually grab lunchboxes at these places. Hope the above is of some help.
  6. hi you can search for their websites and they usually list their kkt information (user id) on their websites. most websites have an English version and English kkt account.
  7. Hi all, During the course of my research so far, I have extensively used this site to check if a doctor is certified by the Korean Association of Plastic Surgeons. This post is to share how to check if a doctor is certified. There are several pointers to note: The Korean website is more updated than the English version (a few years dated). The mobile version of the Korean website allows you to search by clinic's and/or doctor's name (whereas the web version only allows you to search by doctor's name). Sometimes, the clinic's name may be spelled differently (e.g. DA Clinic may be reflected as 디에이성형외과, 디에이 성형외과 or DA성형외과). It may be better to search by doctor's name in this case. Also, sometimes when a doctor moves to a new clinic, the site may not be as updated and the doctor's name may still be reflected under the old clinic's name which he practiced at. I have attached screenshots on how to interpret the results. To search by clinic name (click here http://www.prskorea.co.kr/mobile/search/search_h_name.asp) To search by doctor (click here http://www.prskorea.co.kr/mobile/search/search_h_dr.asp) For other pointers on how to check if a doctor is certified, you may refer to the English write-up on the page (click here http://www.prskorea.co.kr/English/mobile/sub/sub_02.asphttp://www.prskorea.co.kr/English/mobile/sub/sub_02.asp). If there are no results, it means that the doctor is not certified by the board to begin with. I have updated the post as the board has recently updated their database to indicate those who were suspended because they did not pay their membership renewal fees vs other reasons. Please refer to the 3rd post on how to differentiate the results for this. Hope this is of some help.
  8. food related app but not delivery - mangoplate. it shows you the restaurants nearby with reviews. i found it incredibly useful.
  9. i would recommend using papago naver mobile site on your web browser. google translate is usually not as accurate. you can type what you want to say, and show the locals the translated sentences.
  10. for my previous leisure visit to Korea, i used Subway Korea (by Malang) and Kakao Metro. both apps are a breeze to use, and they both state train arrival timings in real time.
  11. hi everybody, intending to do DES in Korea in Sep this year.
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