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  1. Hi, I heard foreigner usually wait for few days (1-3 days) to schedule surgery but clinics prioritize foreigner if possible. They know limited time. I think 1 week is too short. Usually it takes 5 -7 days for suture removal (incisional DES).
  2. I also heard Eve PS with Dr.Chung is good. He answers kakao chat himself, speak English. For primary DES . Which doctor at DNA PS?
  3. Hi rosie152, There are many clinics. I find forum here are helpful. To me doctor's good reputation and credential are more important than clinic. I'm okaly going to smaller clinic that's more popular among locals. Also, doctor stitching style, board certified and price. I'm planning to have f2f consultation with few clinics. Then, decide with clinic to go for surgery. You can hire english translator. Please refer to post by somedayskiesareblue. Her posting is very informative. Good luck! Let me know if you have other questions.
  4. This is amazing. Very helpful! Thank you very much Somedayskiesareblue!
  5. Hi Twosweet, Which doctor do you choose in Dream PS and Marble PS?
  6. Thank you! Anytime at your earliest convenient for my PM reply I joined KKT chats for eyes & nose. It asked for chatroom code. I asked admin about a week ago and still haven't received it. Will check into your post once I can access KKT chats Happy New Year!
  7. Hi Somedayskiesareblue, No problem. I'm glad you reply to my post. Your posts are very informative and thorough. With Mate PS, did you do only incisional DES or both with lateral canthoplasty? I know you mentioned in an earlier post you did not do Epi canthoplasty per Doctor recommendation. How's doctor's stitching style and your scar after surgery? Thank you
  8. Thank you so much somedayskies are blue for your advice! By the way, love your username, good choice!
  9. All clinics required 10% deposit to book surgery date. I plan to stay in SK for 10 days and have face to face consultation before selecting one clinic for surgery (Day 1 for consultation and day 2 for surgery) Does anyone know if a clinic will refund your deposit if you choose NOT to have surgery there? Any suggestions. Thanks
  10. Hi Kino, Are we using discord now instead of beauthyhacker forum or kakao talk for discussion?
  11. What SIM Card to use for visiting SK about 2 weeks? Need mostly data for browsing internet, not planning to make phone call. Thank you
  12. If I try that, I'll let you know. I'm going in Feb for DES.
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