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  1. Hi @starsandsky welcome and thanks for sharing. Plastic surgery marketing apps are an enticing place to discover some new clinics, but as a classic saying goes across various PS communities, please take information discovered online with a grain of salt. At the end of the day these apps are about marketing and advertising plastic surgery. And they are not designed to empower people to make rational and informed decisions, they are designed to do the opposite by undermining people's skepticism to cause them to make irrational decisions through discounts, dramatic before and afters, an
  2. @xulu that's good to have an early start, and if you are still a few years out, it would be better to continue doing what you are doing now and that is to focus on what you want to achieve and looking into the various pros and cons of different methods. Clinics change a lot and doctors move around to different clinics, so good to keep track of doctors rather than clinics.
  3. @xuluHave you received any initial treatment recommendations text/email consults from the clinics? What are you hoping to change?
  4. @xulu Paik at 101 is retired now, so might have to scratch that.
  5. To be honest, as someone who has been in and out of various PS communities for 10+ years, I've never heard of anyone going to Face Design. There's been a long track record of foreigners who have been to EverM and published their experience, and a lot who have not published except within the chats, or smaller 1:1 or tight knit groups. And Kakao chats are very ephemeral and a lot of good info disappears into the either if you don't have a long history. That's why we hope to focus on building the discord community. So I can't actually find or recall Face Design as being nothing more than a b
  6. @Tremere from our old chat groups there was a patient that had a good experience with Bio Dr Hong. I think the focus should be more so on doctors than clinics because doctors move around a lot.
  7. That seems like a long list, you're bound to find a good person there. Do you want to trim it down to 3 to 4 clinics though? That might be like 20 hours of face to face consultation.
  8. Not any case details in particular, but there have been some law blogs and articles that mentioned it's a procedure/point of contention because of its risk. And there are likely many general surgery practitioners trying to jump on it. Koreans tend to have a complex / concern over pronounced jaw bones and calf leg muscles, so naturally surgeons will want to treat a popular concern.
  9. @TremereThis can be a bit of tricky surgery and is one that is bit controversial due to frequency of complaints, side effects and subsequently malpractice lawsuits in Korea. Please be sure the juice is worth the squeeze for this procedure, consult throughly, and make sure they explain everything to you including the side effects. Is there a particular reason why you're leaning towards Oz? Do you have any other clinics in your consideration set? These are some clinics that focus on this procedure: JSME Clinic Hafis Clinic Sage Clinic I can't speak for any of
  10. @cool water it's very common to have the both procedures done at once. The term is called a septorhinoplasty. A septorhinoplasty is a two purpose procedure / surgery. First, it straightens or repairs your septum (the bone and cartilage in your nose that separates your nostrils), which can improve appearance while improving your breathing and functionality of your nose. And the second purpose is it to alter the shape of your nose. In Korea you will have 2 options for who can perform this procedure. Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon - These are surgeons who can improve function, but their
  11. @strawberrytea this is a great update! a lot of good info in here. looking forward to the updates and how the results progress. How did that aftercare at another clinic work? Was it like a special promo to specifically get after care / de-swelling therapy at another clinic? Lymphatic drainage massage, etc... It sounds like you didn't swell that much and the recovery went pretty smoothly, maybe the therapy/after-care gave it an added synergistic boost. Were you doing any other things pre-loading on vitamins (bromelain, etc...), hydrating, resting, walking, etc...?
  12. This is the most frustrating part of doing online research especially navigating the space by ourselves. You're definitely not alone in feeling disheartened by all the shenanigans that go on in the plastic surgery (ps) industry. Have you been in any of the group chats? Although those need some caution navigating as well. There is a Revision DES one that tends to have more genuine and authentic voices. What have you short listed so far, and what's your goal for your revision?
  13. There is a difference between consultation appointments and surgery day. Scheduling a consultation ahead of time is always best, but nowadays you can getaway with just being a walk-in (due to COVID), but some clinics may end up telling you to come back the following or day after tomorrow if they need to prepare an interpreter or if their English coordinator has the day off. These days some English staff members are only working part-time. Deposits are only necessary if you have already decided and know you want surgery with that clinic and a particular doctor and want to lock down the
  14. How's everything been since then?
  15. Hi Krystal, we're going to focus on the discord groups. Have you joined it yet?
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