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  1. These are chat groups where we share information and support for others planning to go to Korea for surgery. Also, feel free to join this forum to post questions as well. Download Kakao App: iOS | Android Kakao CHAT LINK: Eyes & Nose Kakao CHAT LINK: Facial Contouring CHAT ROOM PASSWORD: 4321
  2. Are you planning to go back for revision? Sorry to hear that, hopefully it will get corrected.
  3. Were you able to find it a buddy? Would it be helpful to make a calendar on here?
  4. Any Korean resident or non-resident who carries in less than USD10,000 into Korea doesn't need to declare it with the customs. If the amount exceeds USD10,000, you are required to declare it when entering Korea. But no customs duties, taxes or fees will be imposed. Customs officials may request to see the entire money for verification. Let's say you brought in $18,000 USD, declared it, but you only spend $4,000 in Korea. If you carry out USD14,000 after bringing in USD18,000, you don't have to get approval from or declare with the Bank of Korea. (under the Foreign Exchange Transactions Regulation Article 6-2) What happens if I am bringing in more than $10,000 USD and I don't declare it to just skip the paperwork and fuss. You may be subject to less than 1 year of imprisonment or less than 100 million won of fine under the provisions of Article 28 of the Foreign Exchange Transactions Act of Korea. Source: Korea Customs
  5. If i bring more than $10,000 cash, must I declare it to customs? (REPOSTED from Kakao Chats)
  6. What are some useful apps for navigating Korea?
  7. I recommend using Uber Eats. You can have it delivered right to your hotel. The tricky part is inputting the address correctly into the app. If you are staying in a hotel ask the lobby staff do it for you. Make sure you know the correct English form for inputting your address, usually the app will auto correct it for you.
  8. Thanks for posting and welcome. If you are planning to get facial bone contouring only, then you may want to consider places that specialize in maxillofacial surgery: EverM Dental - Dr Yoon The Face Dental - Dr. Lee EU Dental - Dr. Kim Zeah Dental - Dr Kang Jum Dental - Dr Lee
  9. It would be easier to do a homestay or stay at an airbnb ran by some caring hosts or Korean parents who have empty nest syndrome since there kids moved away. A word of advice for doing airbnb or homestay is to not mention a clinic's name before your surgery, and if a host is insistent about taking you to the clinic themselves for consultation that's not a good sign. Sometimes they can be doing something know as secret referrals and trying to get a cut of your fees. There are really nice places out there though. I will try to dig up some worth exploring, but I am not endorsing them.
  10. Thanks for posting this. I will come back with thoughts and suggestions.
  11. Thanks for posting, we'll look into organizing this into a better table as well. Some good finds.
  12. Yes, for the most part they will maintain patient privacy. However, their data handling is not as strict as say the US or advanced European nations.
  13. Some people wonder if their lips will change after genioplasty, and the short answer is yes, this will be a tradeoff. A genioplasty, especially one that moves the chin forward will make lips appear thinner, especially the lower lip by curling it slightly inward. This is due to the pull of the soft tissue by the advanced bone. Also the mentalis muscle that controls the lower lip is cut and needs to be reattached after the surgery. How precisely and where it's re-attached will effect the lower lips appearance. Further Reading Evaluation of Lip changes and Smile Aesthetics following Genioplasty: A Retrospective Study
  14. Welcome! there are a lot of experienced folks here, so feel free to post any topics and questions in the forums, and people can help or give feedback.
  15. Hi Nikki, that's a bummer, but we'll help you get a new short list. What are some of your goals for your nose? Is it first time nose surgery?
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