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  1. @Canadagirl hi just checking in. Sorry you went through all this. How have you been? Did you manage to get it revised in Canada?
  2. You should stay 2 months if you plan to do jaw surgery and rhinoplasty. One thing to check with the jaw surgeon is if there is a chance your you can have nasal septal fracture during the jaw surgery. Sometimes surgeons are using hammers and instruments that have a chiseling like impact on your face. This might cause some damage to the septal cartilage, which might make it a bit challenging your rhinoplasty if the surgeon needs to use your septal cartilage. If the septal cartilage is not usable they'll have to use donor rib cartilage or your own rib cartilage.
  3. @Nikki Incisional DES is what I am guessing, but best to get the official diagnosis from the doctors. Are you able to use sticky eye tape and does it work? If so, that's usually a simple (not fool proof) test to see if non-incisional would be an option. I also notice in your photo you might be lifting your brow, which might indicate ptosis. Incisional is usually the the most effective method. Do you have some concerns or preferences?
  4. @JustDimples14 you're in my thoughts hope you're in a better place now from when you went through this ordeal.
  5. @Hello3 great breakdown and post. I'm surprised the quotes coming back at 5 to 7 especially in light of the low demand during COVID.
  6. @babygirl22 welcome, have you short listed any places yet? Places that are known for rib are if you need somewhere to start asking around: Hanabi, O & Young, April 31, and The Plus.
  7. Are you going to have anytime to consult with all 3? That would be the best bet, and you might be able to see all three in one day.
  8. Once it's been decided you would typically need to stay 7 days after the surgery date. Here's a post that might be helpful:
  9. Hi Mich, The most popular season is winter. It's just generally comfortable to go around that time because the weather is colder. Why is Winter Popular Cold wind & air can help recovery Wearing winter clothes & masks feels normal & comfortable It also feels emotionally fine to stay indoors & hibernate as opposed to being cooped on a lovely day. Most people have also saved time their vacation time around this season and will maximize winter holidays & new year If you want to avoid peak times, but still have pleasant weather then Spring &am
  10. Desktop App Download: You can use discord on your PC/Mac at home or work. Windows: https://discordapp.com/api/download?platform=windows Mac: https://discordapp.com/api/download?platform=osx Mobile Apps: Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.discord&hl=en iPhone: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/discord/id985746746 Web browser (no download needed) If you don't have your phone or PC you can login into discord using any web browser like Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari etc... Web browser: https://discordapp.com/app Chat bar n
  11. You're right, many people here are trying to treat their "perceived" physical flaws. I say perceived because beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and people are free to like or prefer different things. The act of noticing and thinking about these flaws can cause one to feel varying degrees of emotional stress. It can be mild as, "Oh, look at that flaw. Whatever, it's ok, no big deal" butt can sound as extreme as, "OMG, look at that! I want to shut myself indoors, and never be seen again!" Plastic surgery is an outside-in attempt to alleviate this stress through physical transformat
  12. @gmcnm1920 This is also going to likely fall under Korean Contract Law and the Korean Civil Act and its various Civil Codes. http://koreanlii.or.kr/w/index.php/Sales In civil law language, a deposit is considered "Arrha" (an object in ancient Rome, usually a ring or a sum of money / given, upon entering into a contract, as an earnest). In modern legal terms, it's a deposit paid to demonstrate commitment and to bind a contract, with the remainder due at a particular time. If the contract is breached by failure to pay, then the earnest payment is kept by the recipient as pre-deter
  13. It's always ideal to try to find a surgeon as close to home as possible. Even if you don't plan to get surgery in your own country. It doesn't hurt to consult.
  14. Hi Nikki, there are going to be a lot of choices for facials, so it depends upon your goal: Example Goals: Treating yourself to day of wellness and skin boost or pick me (short-term). Treating some skin trouble spots to make "progress" towards lasting alleviation. I say "progress" because skin treatments usually need to be continued with follow up sessions. But depending upon the concern and ones budget, some treatment packages / stacks can give good results with only one or two sessions, but usually effective methods are also reflected by their price and can be more aggr
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