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  1. I need help deciding between EverM and Face Design. They are the only two clinics I'm currently considering for double jaw,v-line and genioplasty. I really really liked EverM because the surgeon there has a very fine eye, and the clinic is big and spotless. The surgeon mentioned a lot of details that other clinics didn't. But I just consulted at Face Design yesterday and the surgeon also has a very precise eye, I feel like more aesthetically oriented, and places q lot of emphasis on soft tissue. He recommended me chin and cheek lipo, and he understands Western beauty standards (all other nine surgeons I consulted thought my chin was provided, but he understood we like a strong chin in the West). The Face Design surgeon is a dentist and a plastic surgeon, whilst most maxillofacials, including the EverM one, are only dentists. I'm really confused about whom to choose right now. I thought I'd be picking EverM for sure until my Face Design consultation.
  2. I'm considering going to TFD for rhinoplasty and vline. If anybody has had any real life experiences with TFD both good and bad, and before, during, and after having surgeries with this clinic, please reply to this post and/or send me a direct message. Much appreciated and thanks in advance!
  3. I already felt like it was long time ago when I got the surgery, but I remember every little detail while I was there. I was just talking to my Korean friend last night and she asked about my face now. I clearly remember when I had to buy a T-card from the airport and how I wasn't able to communicate at all with the convenient store guy. I also remember having to get a new wifi egg because it was not working three days in. I remember the train rides, the mountain trips, and visiting lots of places in and out of Seoul. The saddest part was I wasn't able to eat anything due to the surgery. I miss the days so much. I just found out it is already half a year ago when I got my vline, meaning I can essentially fly back and have my pin removed. I took some photo today after a run. My skin was a bit red due to the wind. btw, I just watched Itaewon class, and I was amused by Kwon Nara's jaw line, but I am glad I asked to have 2cm left for my mandible. I think 1cm maybe too much for my face.
  4. Hello! I would like to get full face fat grat/alarplasty and V line surgery for less than 10,000 USD. Do you think it's realistic? I feel interested by Item/TopFace and Cincerella but i'll kindly listen to your recommendations
  5. Hi, Has anybody heard about Ilumi Plastic Surgery for v-line? I think they are known mostly for rhino though, from the info i gathered. Link
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