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  1. Hi all, I had a bunch of procedures done in late February and early March of 2020, and will be writing about it in this thread! Some of you might've followed my journey through KKT, Discord, or my blog, but I thought I'd post it here too for accessibility. Procedures done at Wannabe: EYES: incisional double eyelid surgery, ptosis correction, medial epicanthoplasty FAT GRAFT: forehead, temples, frontal cheek, chin UNDEREYE: fat repositioning JOWLS/JAW LINE: Accusculpt, threadlift (8 Mint threads), masseter muscle botox Dr. Jin Premium Nose Clinic: rhinoplasty with dorsum augmentation and tip projection using autologous rib cartilage Even though all of my surgeries were primaries, I knew that I wanted rib cartilage for my nose because of the long-term complication rate with alloplastic implants and donor cartilage, which made it seem inevitable that I'd need a revision surgery within a decade. I ended up picking Dr. Jin of Premium Nose Clinic without ever having an in-person consultation due to his experience with using autologous rib cartilage, natural aesthetic, and hearing positive things by word-of-mouth. For the other procedures, my short list was the following: JK Topface Namu Wannabe CWCMC (eye specialist only) I had scheduled Wannabe, Namu, and CWCMC for the first day, and then JK and Topface for the second day. Here are how the consultations went: WANNABE Alice is basically the most personable English speaking consultant ever- incredibly responsive and friendly. We'd corresponded over Kakao for about a month or so before I traveled to Seoul. The clinic was pretty easy to find and it was quiet when I arrived- one other client in the waiting room when I arrived, with 5 staff members at the front desk. I filled out some paperwork and they checked my passport to ensure that I hadn't visited China recently. I met with Alice for about 20 minutes and we continued our discussion now that I was actually in front of her. She assessed the thickness of my eyelid skin since I was interested in DES and medial epicanthoplasty- and she noted that I needed ptosis correction, which wasn't obvious from the pictures that I'd sent her. She also assessed the tissue around my jaw by touching my jaw and asking me to clench my teeth, since I'm pursuing non-invasive jaw contouring, and noted that it was a combination of muscle and fat that contributed to my square jaw, and suggested botox with Acculift and threadlifting. We then talked about my fat grafting aspirations- I'd already wanted fat grafting for my forehead and nasolabial lines, and she suggested that since I was already doing two areas, which counted as "full face" fat grafting, to also graft my frontal cheek area since that was sunken. After we had decided on the procedures, I met with Dr. Chang (also spelled as Jang), who agreed with the suggested procedures, and also suggested chin and undereye fat repositioning (I later learned that this was a specialty of his, and apparently he had invented a specialized needle for this procedure). Dr. Chang used that eye pokey tool to simulate folds for my eye- I wanted a slightly higher crease that would balance out the medial epicanthoplasty Overall, good experience with the clinic staff, Dr. Chang spoke English and was easy to talk to, seemed attentive and knowledgeable. Quoted prices were on the higher end, and I ended up with ALOT of procedures: incision DES, ptosis correction, medial epicanthoplasty, botox, accusculpt for jaw, threadlift (8 mint threads), undereye fat repositioning, full face fat injection and tear trough fat injection NAMU I'd been corresponding with Claire and she was very helpful but not always responsive- I get the impression that she's very busy. She seemed to forget that I was scheduled to consult today until I asked to confirm in the morning, and I think they had to squeeze me in even though the appointment had been made a month ago. The clinic was very busy with locals, and I spent about 10 minutes waiting before seeing Linda, the English speaking consultant. THEY DIDN'T CHECK MY PASSPORT and even though I'm American, I'm ethnically Chinese and definitely look it, so they don't seem to be taking Coronavirus precautions... Linda and I had a brief consultation and honestly I don't think anything interesting or important was said except that she suggested laser lifting instead of acculift, but also with threadlifting. I was to consult with Dr. Kirk, but he was in surgery, and I spent about an hour in the office twiddling my thumbs and taking photos of their B&A book. I also had the chance to observe the clinic hallway a bit, and it seemed pretty chaotic and frantic, which is a totally subjective opinion, but Eventually Dr. Kirk arrived and I think he just agreed with everything that I said, and I left feeling like nothing had really happened. I learned that Ulthera, the more expensive of the laser lifting options, was "stronger" and normally they would recommend 2 sessions of Doublo Gold for someone like me, but since I would probably only do one session, that I should go with Ulthera.(edited) NAMU overall: clinic felt very busy and chaotic, not sure I would receive any attention after the surgery lol, but quoted very low prices (about 50% of what WANNABE quoted me for roughly the same procedures). Possibly a good option if I weren't doing something as finicky as eyes. The price was definitely right. I might be concerned if I were visiting at a later date since they don't seem to be taking precautions against corona virus. CWCMC I was referred to Dr. Choi by Dr. Jin of Premier Nose, and I believe that Dr. Choi is an eye specialist in the same way that Dr. Jin is a nose specialist- they prioritize functionality over all else, which I think tends to result in a natural look. Dr. Choi was extremely warm and friendly, his English was good, and he was the only one who shook my hand lol (he knew I was American and I had been talking with him personally over KKT). I didn't even speak to any of his staff (I don't think they spoke English?). He took alot of time to ask what I wanted and explain the technical aspects of the procedures. We never talked about price. I feel very confident that he is an extremely technically talented surgeon, as well as generally a really nice and considerate person, but I didn't feel confident about whether he would achieve the aesthetic results that I wanted. His before and afters were very natural, but when he was using the pokey stick tool to shape my eye crease, he never seemed to get a shape that I wanted. I don't think I was able to properly convey to him the shape that I wanted, whereas with Dr. Chang of WANNABE, he was very quickly able to make the eye shape configuration that I was hoping for. CWCMC overall: I wish I had picked Dr. Choi just because he's so nice, but he only does eyes, and I wanted other procedures, and I didn't feel like he and I were on the same page about the results I hope to achieve I ended up picking Wannabe due to a few factors So outside of a few hard objective factors, like being licensed, accessible, seeing before and afters that seemed realistic and also aligned with my own personal ideal, etc., alot of my decision was based on "feel" or my "gut". It's entirely possible that I could've been just as happy or even more satisfied at Namu, but I picked Wannabe because of how they made me feel: Alice - honestly, she was a huge factor in my decision. The fact that I could communicate clearly with her and that I felt like I had her full attention whenever it was warranted made me feel comfortable and safe Dr. Chang - he very quickly and deftly manipulated my eyelids to the shape that I wanted to achieve, and I think that inspired confidence in me that he and I had similar aesthetic ideals. He also seemed calm (not stressed or overworked) and capable clinic staff - the staff were polite and helpful. call me superstitious but I think that if the staff are rude and stressed, that says something about the work environment only 2 doctors, and each doctor does a maximum of 4 surgeries a day, according to Alice I'll post more as I finish writing about the surgeries and recovery process
  2. Opera Plastic Surgery Ruined My Face Opera messed up my face! Do not go here. Trust me. Don’t make the same mistake I did because they’re cheap. Here’s how my experience at Opera went. I got surgery in 2020. (If you don’t believe me I have a document below proving I got surgery there) I did have to quarantine for 2 weeks beforehand because it was COVID but I’m just going to start at the first meeting with Opera. TLDR; Rushed me into surgery without even listening to me, kicked me out of the clinic when I was still extremely drugged up and couldn’t even find the door, nose is crooked, eye won’t fully open and is asymmetrical, didn’t do the alarplasty I paid for and refuses to refund me, doctor denies all issues and refuses to take responsibility for any of it and refuses to refund me. I feel like it’s been sufficient time for everything to settle and make a judgment. I got double eyelid surgery with incision, epicanthoplasty, lateral canthoplasty, medial canthoplasty, ptosis correction, rhinoplasty with silicone implant and ear cartilage tip, alarplasty, liposuction, fat grafting, Zygoma and jaw reduction, buccal fat removal, and love band filler 1. My Consultation I met with the English translator and she ushered me into the office to meet with the eye surgeon. He poked and prodded my eye and left. Then, the nose surgeon came in and looked at my nose. I tried asking him a few questions but he just nodded and left. He was in such a hurry and didn’t take the time to listen to me. Then I met with the jaw surgeon and he actually did talk to me and understood what I wanted. Then I met with a few other people for the other procedures (My memory’s a little fuzzy here). They rushed me so much and were just trying to get me in and out. I signed a bunch of papers. Then, a tailor came to take my measurements for the compression garment for liposuction. I went to an outside clinic to get my vitals checked to make sure I was okay for surgery. After that, I left and would come back the next day for the first half of my surgeries. I would complete the second half at a later date (because I was getting so many). 2. Surgery Day I fasted for several hours and arrived at the clinic in the morning the next day. I changed into a surgery gown and washed my face and everything. I kept my possessions in a locker. Then, I went to the operating room and laid down for them to prep me. They couldn’t find my vein and punctured me in weird places and it hurt a lot. They put me under anesthesia and I was knocked out. I was awake for the eye surgery because they had me do things with my eye and respond to them. After that, I knocked out again. I woke up briefly because I was awake again and I told them I was aware so they drugged me up some more. I don’t know how long I was out. 3. Immediately Post-Surgery I woke up in a bed next to some other people and realized my surgery was complete. I believe some of them were the eyes and rhinoplasty but it’s hard to remember. I was still really disoriented. I fell asleep. I woke to the English translator shaking me and telling me I had to leave. I was still super drugged up but I had to get up because they were kicking me out. I was still so drugged up I literally couldn’t see where I was going and couldn’t even find the door. The translator had to hold my arm to get me down to the lobby. There, I was left to fend for myself. It was so hard to get home. My sight was extremely blurry. I couldn’t breathe. I don’t even remember how I got back. 4. Second Surgery I went through the same prep. It’s hard to remember which surgeries I got this time but I know one of them was the jaw surgery. The second surgery was fine but my face blew up like a pufferfish but I think that’s normal. 5. Post-surgery Over the course of 2 weeks I went in for some treatments to de-swell. They removed the bandages from my nose and I remember thinking it looked kind of crooked. I expressed these concerns to them but they said to let it settle because it can change. Then, I noticed there were no incisions anywhere at my alar. Not inside, not outside. I realized they didn’t do the alarplasty even though I paid for it! I told them and at first they denied it, but finally admitted they didn’t do it. They gave me an IOU to come back and get it but wouldn’t give me back my money. I didn’t have time for that because I had to go back to America soon. So I sucked it up and figured I would have to waste more money coming back to Korea to get it sometime in the future. 6. Back in America I let a year pass and my nose was still crooked. It leans to the left side. Furthermore, my right eye wouldn’t fully open and was asymmetrical. Another thing, they left a thread in my left nostril. You can’t see it, but you can feel it with your finger. I tried pulling it out and it wouldn’t budge. This is just sloppy. I contacted them through Kakaotalk multiple times but they never responded to me. I still had hopes that the nose was still settling so I waited some more. After another year passed, I realized nothing was going to change and it was just crooked and my eye was going to stay asymmetrical. I posted a scathing review of how they ruined my nose and eyes in the comments section of one of their instagram posts and then I finally got a message from a representative from Opera. 7. Talking to the Opera Representative She acted shocked that this happened to me. She asked for more details about my concerns and relayed them to the doctor. I sent them pictures of my face and pointed out the issues. I told them about the alarplasty situation. Then the doctor responded by saying that he didn’t see any crookedness in my nose. He said my face just looks like that. He also said that my eyes were slightly asymmetrical before surgery and that surgery can’t fix that. I was able to open both my eyes fully before the surgery. Look below to see what happened. He fails to address the fact that my right eye won’t fully open. He also said that I didn’t need alarplasty. He admits to not doing it. He says he just removed fat in my nostril instead. That isn’t what alarplasty is. If he felt like I didn’t need alarplasty, why didn’t he say anything at the consultation? He took my money even though I didn’t need to do it? I asked for my money back because they didn’t do what I paid for. They refused to refund me for anything and denied everything. It made me furious because my eye is clearly asymmetrical and they said the problem was not worse after surgery. Anybody with eyes could see the difference. TLDR; Rushed me into surgery without even listening to me, kicked me out of the clinic when I was still extremely drugged up and couldn’t even find the door, nose is crooked, eye won’t fully open and is asymmetrical, didn’t do the alarplasty I paid for and refuses to refund me, doctor denies all issues and refuses to take responsibility for any of it and refuses to refund me. I’ve planned my revision surgery at different clinics and am going back to Korea in March 2023. This time, I have to shell out $14,000 to get everything fixed. I learned my lesson and will not get something just because it’s cheap. You get what you pay for. Save yourself the heartache and go somewhere else that’s not Opera. Crying right now because my face is messed up. :’(
  3. DES- Double eyelid surgery EPI- Epicanthoplasty Intro I decided to write a long overdue review on my experience with these clinics as there barely seemed to be any on these two online(?). I had them 2020 Autumn. Before I go on I need to clarify few things ; overall, it was a pleasant experience, I didn't come out botched but from my previous posts you can tell I am looking for revision DES mainly because I don't have the same aesthetic preference now as I did back then ALSO I did end up with a Hypopigmentated scar/line but from what I read thats more to do due with the individual, ( usually some get it due to a stretched scar) and can be treated through a scar excision and re-suture or laster treatment. Please take that last sentence with a grain of salt, I am not a professional this is based off from entirely what I read from a few clicks online. I also went to this trip alone, did not book with a translator. I booked two Airbnbs. One that was like 5 minute walking distance to Shinseung and the other that was one or two stops away on subway to Seoul Queen. Very easy. Shinseung I KKT-ed them and they did reply promptly for the most part, sometimes it was a day or 2 day later replies but it was whatever. I am pretty sure it was the receptionist talking to me at that time. Consultation The clinic was kind of hard to find, but I did not have mobile data and was simply using google map screenshots LOL. Luckily I did manage to find it from asking around. It was just one floor, small but very clean and minimalistic. One of the walls was covered completely in post-it notes, all written in Korean. They seemed to be little gesture/thank you messages from previous patients, this put me more at ease since it was clear he had a lot of successful procedures heh. Every time I visited, I would always see 1-3 local patients, so very quiet probs coz this was close to peak time of COVID. There was 1 receptionist, she mostly did everything from translating, explaining, guiding me throughout the process etc. She wasn't fluent but it was enough to do all that so I regret not thanking her enough for trying a lot with me. We had to whip out the app translator now and then haha. Anyways called into Dr Shins office. He had a very calm and gentle demeanour. (TMI but lowkey gave me fatherly vibes lol). He spoke almost fluent english. He had a good look at my face and pointed out certain asymmetry, which I didn't even realise, I ALWAYS used to think my right eye was bigger but then he mentioned it was my left eye that would look bigger because my the left side of myface is more lifted and eyeball is more forward(?), less skin too, when he told me that I was stunned how I never realised earlier. Overall you can tell how he prefers the more natural eyelid type that small, tapered and suits the face. I explained my wants, showed him a reference photo. I actually wanted to get ptosis correction on top of DES and EPI but he was wary that it might open my eyes too much because of the eyelid type I wanted. So we cancelled that. He was more of the listening type of doctor, where you would explain what you want and then finally he would advise what we could/could not do. He brought out all the risks, and mentioned that though I wanted quite high eyelids he would advise not to do so as I don't have that much lid space. Answered all my questions, asked if i had anymore and said no and that was that. Discussed the prices with the receptionist, poor soul had to back and forth with the manager of the clinic and me coz I tried to negotiate which failed haha, it came up to around 4/4.5 million won with VAT, I don't remember the EXACT price. It was lot cheaper when they offered cash but I did not have that much cash in hand and my card limited £400 ATM withdrawal a day. I had limited time so sadly could not. We set up the surgery date which was within the same week I think and she told me to bring sunglasses and a cap. Surgery Woke up early since my surgery was at 10 am. Showered and wore the most comfortable shirt and leggings I could find. Had one last consultation with Dr Shin right before surgery just to check things. The nurse guided me to the surgery room and I hopped on the seat like I was at a dentist appointment. Got injected then, fell slowly asleep, talking to myself... then woke up halfway and T/W I could hear my skin getting cut and operated. Did not hurt at all, didn't feel anything apart from a few tugs here and there. I still felt really relaxed like I was half asleep. Lovely classical music at the background. Had a few silly intrusive thoughts like wanting to open my eyes or wanting to start a conversation with the doctor but thankfully, had some self control in me. Once it was done he patted my back and either said 'we're done' or 'well done' which seems like a small gesture but was really grateful as getting operated on is actually a scary and tiring thing. The nurse took me into the recovery room where they let me rest, I'm not sure if it was this was the time where they did the whole red light thing to help with deswelling or it was when I had my stitches out a few days later, sorry all of it was a blur. I was told if I needed something to just ring the buzzer, (they were prompt with this). I think I stayed there for like 20 mins in complete silence, while my mind went crazy atp I was completely awake and I honestly felt fine so I decided to leave right after. I also had little tapes on each side of my tear ducts from the EPI. Post-op The receptionist gave me a bag after my surgery. It had 2 eye mask pack where you could put in the fridge and put on cold to help with de-swelling, bunch of gauze as well as cotton buds, all the pills I had to take and an ointment I had to apply directly to the incision. They also gave me pieces of paper that had the information on the whole healing process and what I should/should not do. It was painless for the most part then suddenly it got kind of sore around late afternoon then I remembered I hadn't taken my meds yet, once I did I finally felt relief. Sleeping was a bit uncomfortable since I usually sleep on my side. I also often woke up with teary eyes too, It took time for my eyes do get used to this new openness and shape I guess. It would also get REALLY itchy where I did my EPI whew. At some point it got really teary and uncomfortable so I checked my eyes out and there were eyelashes almost on my tear duct and further inside my waterline. I mentioned this to Dr. Shin and he said not to worry and it would go after a while. Anyways it was the usual healing process of getting swollen, bruising etc etc. The nurse took out the stitches 3 days after. Ngl I did feel a few pinches but it was quick and bearable. Dr Shin checked on my progress, I had my pictures taken. I asked what for since i didn't agree to any promotion but they said it was just for them to check on my progress and kept privately. The receptionist showed me a few eye movements to do to help exercise my eyelid and make sure it heals in shape. I think I went back once more a week or so later to check on my progress and this was the time I asked if I could do Alarplasty and I could tell Dr. Shin was not happy about it heh, he told me it would have been better to wait till I heal more but I was on limited time, so they let me off. They kept me posted and answered all my enquires at KKT, while checking up on me for a few weeks after surgery. I did wear sunglasses the first few weeks even on the subway LMAO got a few looks but hey ho. Recovery The annoying parts were not being able to wash my face properly and having to be extra careful in the shower. The uncomfortable part was waking up from naps or nights sleep with teary eyes. It was worst the first few months but I think now my eyes have adjusted. Other than that smooth recovery! Seoul queen I'm going to keep it brief because it was a really simple process like I just went for a health check up, it was efficient. Nothing too exceptional or too bad. KKted them. Quick replies, had a friendly translator but I forgot her name. I'm not sure if she works there anymore. Consultation I first consulted with a woman. She seemed really down to earth and receptive in what I wanted. I was looking for natural looking, not too pinched but still dramatic as I had quite wide nostrils. They showed me a few B&A pictures which I didn't see online and they all looked good imo so Idk why they didn't put it up. They mentioned how they would cut the inner side of nostrils to make it smaller but not too much since I wanted natural. Price wise it was around 1/1.2 million won, they said I could get a discount if I allowed to take pics to use as b&a but I am a very private person so I politely rejected. Got my surgery booked. Surgery Came on the surgery day a little less nervous than the previous one. I had my date postponed because I thought I had covid but it was a false alarm. The translator wasn't there the day I had it changed it to so I can tell there was bit of a panic from the staff haha even the doctor. Still, I managed to communicate with him (Dr Im Jung Taek) and there wasn't much to say anyways. He was nice and simple. Same process as Shinseung with the whole sedation thing. Yes, I did wake up again mid surgery no, it did not hurt. Again I felt small tugs and heard few snips but no pain. One funny thing I did remember was hearing ITZY (kpop group) blasting from the speakers . The difference between Shinseung and Seoul Queen music djbsefbakbfka. Still can't fully remember if it was WANNABE or ICY playing but my half-conscious mind was singing 'ITZAYYYY' too LMAO. Post-op Really simple. They took me into the recovery room and I rested. I saw the the mirror and I was shook cos I looked pinched and piggy but I was fresh out surgery so I didn't worry that much. This time I only waited for 10 mins coz there was no point, I felt completely awake and fine, no pain so eh. Came out the room to the reception asked If I can leave ( the staff looked pretty surprised haha), took the recovery bag and took the subway home. This time it was just some meds, icepack and a small brush. I don't remember if there was anything else. They did give me aftercare instructions too. I went back to the clinic after a few days (or was it a week idk) to remove my stitches. No pain again. The recovery of alarplasty is actually quite easy. There was no discomfort or any problem that arised from it. The translator was back too. she explained how the brush would be used to cleanse the area around my nostrils. It helped reduce sebum. Recovering is longer and can be complicated with oily skin so it was important. The check up went by smoothly. They offered that if I wasn't happy with the size of nostril, I could come back and get it cut even more for free, as long as it was within a year later. Recovery The brush was really useful since you can really get in between the nose and nostrils, it really helped with healing. The recovery process was easier than most, had no breathing problems but I often got a runny nose, which subsided after a while. The redness stays for quite a long time ngl but now its completely gone. 2 Year Update Okay both my results came out natural. But now I am into more dolly/idol type of look so I will be getting more done. My eyes turned out natural except when I close my eyes I see a white hypopigmentation scarring, I mentioned on my intro, which formed recently this year. I naturally have olive skintone that tans easily so that might be one of the reasons I was prone to it. There is also slight un evenness with my eyes but I had that originally and although, its not completely fixed the DES did help. If it wasn't for the white scarring, it would have looked 100% natural. Especially when I close my eyes theres no dents but a very faint line. My alarplasty healed really well too. The pinched look completely disappeared and it looks like my nose but just slightly smaller. Idk what else to add I might have missed out a lot, but if you guys have any questions please feel free to ask below this thread. Sorry if i made any typos.
  4. Im looking to get DES and rhino in Korea sometime this May, but I am worried about the language barrier. I've seen a lot of advertising from different medical tourism companies (like Seoul Guide Medical and Eunogo) and wanted to see if anyone on here has had any experience with it and maybe suggest some more companies that I could look into? Thanks so much in advance:)
  5. Hey guys Estheryuki/Esther from the Kakao chat. I would have used my kakao handle but Estheryuki was taken already so I just used a nickname my irl friends call me lol. I’ve never had that handle taken before since it’s a name ID I’ve used since middle school lmao Situation: Ive been researching ps stuff since last year, dipped out for a several months bc school and work and now I’m back at it but it’s more confusing now for some reason. Background: For background, I’m 27 years old, Work in the healthcare field, and am Korean American who has about 50% ish grasp of Korean. So I chat with clinics via English and Korean but still what info I get feels very....shadowed since I’m not technically a local lol. I’m trying to get primary double eyelid surgery with the goal of dolly eyes that can make my eyes more awake and brighter 초롱초롱 but I’m befuddled by my long ass list I’m having trouble narrowing down. Please help me out as I’m set to go to Korea 7/14-7/29! I’ll attach my document here if that’s ok. Assessment: I already have double eyelids but uneven and I’d like to further or enhance it ^^ my eyebags are a problem too bc nightshift work ruined me lol Plan: narrow down five clinics, consult them ASAP during my visit...or just pick a clinic, pay deposit and plan surgery date so I can focus on healing my eyes for two weeks! Help please? Ruby Plastic Surgery Double Eyelid Surgery = 1,650,000 KRW Premier No quote given POP Plastic Surgery Double Eyelid Surgery + upper eye fix = 400,000 KRW Gyalumhan Ptosis correction+ undereye fat = 6,000,000 KRW DAPS Ptosis correction + undereye fat reposition= no quote Marble Ptosis correction + Double Eyelid Surgery + epicanthoplasty + lat epicanthoplasty + undereye fat reposition= 6,300,000 - 9,000,000 KRW Ilumi No quote given. TOPFACE DES (natural adhesion) + med epicanthoplasty = 3,500,000 -4,000,000 KRW TL Plastic Surgery PR Plastic Surgery
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