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  1. DES- Double eyelid surgery EPI- Epicanthoplasty Intro I decided to write a long overdue review on my experience with these clinics as there barely seemed to be any on these two online(?). I had them 2020 Autumn. Before I go on I need to clarify few things ; overall, it was a pleasant experience, I didn't come out botched but from my previous posts you can tell I am looking for revision DES mainly because I don't have the same aesthetic preference now as I did back then ALSO I did end up with a Hypopigmentated scar/line but from what I read thats more to do due with the individual, ( usually some get it due to a stretched scar) and can be treated through a scar excision and re-suture or laster treatment. Please take that last sentence with a grain of salt, I am not a professional this is based off from entirely what I read from a few clicks online. I also went to this trip alone, did not book with a translator. I booked two Airbnbs. One that was like 5 minute walking distance to Shinseung and the other that was one or two stops away on subway to Seoul Queen. Very easy. Shinseung I KKT-ed them and they did reply promptly for the most part, sometimes it was a day or 2 day later replies but it was whatever. I am pretty sure it was the receptionist talking to me at that time. Consultation The clinic was kind of hard to find, but I did not have mobile data and was simply using google map screenshots LOL. Luckily I did manage to find it from asking around. It was just one floor, small but very clean and minimalistic. One of the walls was covered completely in post-it notes, all written in Korean. They seemed to be little gesture/thank you messages from previous patients, this put me more at ease since it was clear he had a lot of successful procedures heh. Every time I visited, I would always see 1-3 local patients, so very quiet probs coz this was close to peak time of COVID. There was 1 receptionist, she mostly did everything from translating, explaining, guiding me throughout the process etc. She wasn't fluent but it was enough to do all that so I regret not thanking her enough for trying a lot with me. We had to whip out the app translator now and then haha. Anyways called into Dr Shins office. He had a very calm and gentle demeanour. (TMI but lowkey gave me fatherly vibes lol). He spoke almost fluent english. He had a good look at my face and pointed out certain asymmetry, which I didn't even realise, I ALWAYS used to think my right eye was bigger but then he mentioned it was my left eye that would look bigger because my the left side of myface is more lifted and eyeball is more forward(?), less skin too, when he told me that I was stunned how I never realised earlier. Overall you can tell how he prefers the more natural eyelid type that small, tapered and suits the face. I explained my wants, showed him a reference photo. I actually wanted to get ptosis correction on top of DES and EPI but he was wary that it might open my eyes too much because of the eyelid type I wanted. So we cancelled that. He was more of the listening type of doctor, where you would explain what you want and then finally he would advise what we could/could not do. He brought out all the risks, and mentioned that though I wanted quite high eyelids he would advise not to do so as I don't have that much lid space. Answered all my questions, asked if i had anymore and said no and that was that. Discussed the prices with the receptionist, poor soul had to back and forth with the manager of the clinic and me coz I tried to negotiate which failed haha, it came up to around 4/4.5 million won with VAT, I don't remember the EXACT price. It was lot cheaper when they offered cash but I did not have that much cash in hand and my card limited £400 ATM withdrawal a day. I had limited time so sadly could not. We set up the surgery date which was within the same week I think and she told me to bring sunglasses and a cap. Surgery Woke up early since my surgery was at 10 am. Showered and wore the most comfortable shirt and leggings I could find. Had one last consultation with Dr Shin right before surgery just to check things. The nurse guided me to the surgery room and I hopped on the seat like I was at a dentist appointment. Got injected then, fell slowly asleep, talking to myself... then woke up halfway and T/W I could hear my skin getting cut and operated. Did not hurt at all, didn't feel anything apart from a few tugs here and there. I still felt really relaxed like I was half asleep. Lovely classical music at the background. Had a few silly intrusive thoughts like wanting to open my eyes or wanting to start a conversation with the doctor but thankfully, had some self control in me. Once it was done he patted my back and either said 'we're done' or 'well done' which seems like a small gesture but was really grateful as getting operated on is actually a scary and tiring thing. The nurse took me into the recovery room where they let me rest, I'm not sure if it was this was the time where they did the whole red light thing to help with deswelling or it was when I had my stitches out a few days later, sorry all of it was a blur. I was told if I needed something to just ring the buzzer, (they were prompt with this). I think I stayed there for like 20 mins in complete silence, while my mind went crazy atp I was completely awake and I honestly felt fine so I decided to leave right after. I also had little tapes on each side of my tear ducts from the EPI. Post-op The receptionist gave me a bag after my surgery. It had 2 eye mask pack where you could put in the fridge and put on cold to help with de-swelling, bunch of gauze as well as cotton buds, all the pills I had to take and an ointment I had to apply directly to the incision. They also gave me pieces of paper that had the information on the whole healing process and what I should/should not do. It was painless for the most part then suddenly it got kind of sore around late afternoon then I remembered I hadn't taken my meds yet, once I did I finally felt relief. Sleeping was a bit uncomfortable since I usually sleep on my side. I also often woke up with teary eyes too, It took time for my eyes do get used to this new openness and shape I guess. It would also get REALLY itchy where I did my EPI whew. At some point it got really teary and uncomfortable so I checked my eyes out and there were eyelashes almost on my tear duct and further inside my waterline. I mentioned this to Dr. Shin and he said not to worry and it would go after a while. Anyways it was the usual healing process of getting swollen, bruising etc etc. The nurse took out the stitches 3 days after. Ngl I did feel a few pinches but it was quick and bearable. Dr Shin checked on my progress, I had my pictures taken. I asked what for since i didn't agree to any promotion but they said it was just for them to check on my progress and kept privately. The receptionist showed me a few eye movements to do to help exercise my eyelid and make sure it heals in shape. I think I went back once more a week or so later to check on my progress and this was the time I asked if I could do Alarplasty and I could tell Dr. Shin was not happy about it heh, he told me it would have been better to wait till I heal more but I was on limited time, so they let me off. They kept me posted and answered all my enquires at KKT, while checking up on me for a few weeks after surgery. I did wear sunglasses the first few weeks even on the subway LMAO got a few looks but hey ho. Recovery The annoying parts were not being able to wash my face properly and having to be extra careful in the shower. The uncomfortable part was waking up from naps or nights sleep with teary eyes. It was worst the first few months but I think now my eyes have adjusted. Other than that smooth recovery! Seoul queen I'm going to keep it brief because it was a really simple process like I just went for a health check up, it was efficient. Nothing too exceptional or too bad. KKted them. Quick replies, had a friendly translator but I forgot her name. I'm not sure if she works there anymore. Consultation I first consulted with a woman. She seemed really down to earth and receptive in what I wanted. I was looking for natural looking, not too pinched but still dramatic as I had quite wide nostrils. They showed me a few B&A pictures which I didn't see online and they all looked good imo so Idk why they didn't put it up. They mentioned how they would cut the inner side of nostrils to make it smaller but not too much since I wanted natural. Price wise it was around 1/1.2 million won, they said I could get a discount if I allowed to take pics to use as b&a but I am a very private person so I politely rejected. Got my surgery booked. Surgery Came on the surgery day a little less nervous than the previous one. I had my date postponed because I thought I had covid but it was a false alarm. The translator wasn't there the day I had it changed it to so I can tell there was bit of a panic from the staff haha even the doctor. Still, I managed to communicate with him (Dr Im Jung Taek) and there wasn't much to say anyways. He was nice and simple. Same process as Shinseung with the whole sedation thing. Yes, I did wake up again mid surgery no, it did not hurt. Again I felt small tugs and heard few snips but no pain. One funny thing I did remember was hearing ITZY (kpop group) blasting from the speakers . The difference between Shinseung and Seoul Queen music djbsefbakbfka. Still can't fully remember if it was WANNABE or ICY playing but my half-conscious mind was singing 'ITZAYYYY' too LMAO. Post-op Really simple. They took me into the recovery room and I rested. I saw the the mirror and I was shook cos I looked pinched and piggy but I was fresh out surgery so I didn't worry that much. This time I only waited for 10 mins coz there was no point, I felt completely awake and fine, no pain so eh. Came out the room to the reception asked If I can leave ( the staff looked pretty surprised haha), took the recovery bag and took the subway home. This time it was just some meds, icepack and a small brush. I don't remember if there was anything else. They did give me aftercare instructions too. I went back to the clinic after a few days (or was it a week idk) to remove my stitches. No pain again. The recovery of alarplasty is actually quite easy. There was no discomfort or any problem that arised from it. The translator was back too. she explained how the brush would be used to cleanse the area around my nostrils. It helped reduce sebum. Recovering is longer and can be complicated with oily skin so it was important. The check up went by smoothly. They offered that if I wasn't happy with the size of nostril, I could come back and get it cut even more for free, as long as it was within a year later. Recovery The brush was really useful since you can really get in between the nose and nostrils, it really helped with healing. The recovery process was easier than most, had no breathing problems but I often got a runny nose, which subsided after a while. The redness stays for quite a long time ngl but now its completely gone. 2 Year Update Okay both my results came out natural. But now I am into more dolly/idol type of look so I will be getting more done. My eyes turned out natural except when I close my eyes I see a white hypopigmentation scarring, I mentioned on my intro, which formed recently this year. I naturally have olive skintone that tans easily so that might be one of the reasons I was prone to it. There is also slight un evenness with my eyes but I had that originally and although, its not completely fixed the DES did help. If it wasn't for the white scarring, it would have looked 100% natural. Especially when I close my eyes theres no dents but a very faint line. My alarplasty healed really well too. The pinched look completely disappeared and it looks like my nose but just slightly smaller. Idk what else to add I might have missed out a lot, but if you guys have any questions please feel free to ask below this thread. Sorry if i made any typos.
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