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  1. update: So with Kino's advice I've narrowed down my clinics. I will def post all the deets when I consult with them! No sponsoring or biases LOL. My top fives are POP, Premier (Dr Jang YuJin), DA, ILUMI and PR. I have Topface also but that's as a backup, but may end up dropping as well. I know Pop's doc has a suspended license but I think I'll at least consult f2f and heck even ask why he didn't pay his surgeon fees. I'm so curious to this clinic's monumental advertising and rise to locals' fame Premier. Acc to GU, Dr Jang has really nice dramatic results. Of course I
  2. Thank you so much Kino this helps me a ton. I’ll work on choosing my top five and just going for it rather than wear myself out with consults. Thanks so much.
  3. Hi all I'm Esther, am korean american but haven't been to Korea since like 10 years LOL. I'm trying to get dolly eyes with my primary DES. Going to korea in less than a month woop
  4. Hey guys Estheryuki/Esther from the Kakao chat. I would have used my kakao handle but Estheryuki was taken already so I just used a nickname my irl friends call me lol. I’ve never had that handle taken before since it’s a name ID I’ve used since middle school lmao Situation: Ive been researching ps stuff since last year, dipped out for a several months bc school and work and now I’m back at it but it’s more confusing now for some reason. Background: For background, I’m 27 years old, Work in the healthcare field, and am Korean American who has about 50% ish grasp of Korean. So I
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