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  1. Test Test test Test
  2. We haven't had much experience in the Philippines, but in Korea, Thailand and China. What clinics are you thinking about in the Philippines?
  3. The eyes & nose one is a pretty general group with BA cases
  4. If you go to Korea you can expect primary rhinoplasty to be between $4,000 to $7,000 If you can think of flight, food, expenses and accommodations as $2,000, then the total may fall between $6,000 to $9,000
  5. Kakao Groups CHAT LINK: General Group CHAT LINK: Eyes & Nose CHAT LINK: Facial Contouring CHAT LINK: Skin Clinics
  6. THIS ARCHIVE CONTAINS CURATED & INDEXED CONVERSATIONS FROM OTHER COMMUNITIES WE CANNOT GUARANTEE AUTHENTICITY - ESPECIALLY IF IT'S FROM A HANDBAG FORUM It is for research purposes Meaning you can read, but not reply. Some of these users are Beauty Hacker Members Do you want to make a new post? GO HERE ORIGINAL BEAUTY HACKER CONTENT IS SAFE & SECURE: GO HERE RECOGNIZE YOUR USERNAME & CONTENT HERE? RECLAIM & MERGE IT If you want to reclaim your old posts and username but have not logged in yet Sign Up with a new account that's different than your old username After Signing in: Send us a message (Click Here) Tell us your old username We'll ask some questions and check the answers. We'll merge your accounts
  7. I would like to know what time is the earliest bus from GNG to airport? If there is any bus around 6 AM?
  8. If you made this far, please say hello, and share a message of solidarity for us to work together to get the results we're looking for. Some suggestions say hi and just introduce yourself however you feel comfortable feel free to mention your beauty hacker stack: treatments you plan to do or have already done. You don't have to follow this suggestion below, feel free to write whatever you like. Example: Hey guys I'm bluesclue21 (userename / beauty hacker alias), I'm a female in my mid 30's, semi-active lurker, and been to Korea before and plan to go again. Looking forward to sharing good info. Planned Treatment Stack Revision Rhinoplasty (2018) Previous Treatment Stack Rhinoplasty (2010) Genioplasty (2012) Daily Beauty Stack Shiseido Gentle Cleanser Paulas Choice Skin Recovery Moisturizer Anessa SPF 50
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