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  1. Rosie, how about consumption of Troxerutin supplement after surgery? Recently in the kakao chats and on Discord, a couple of people have been recommended this oral supplement called ELAS-A solution by some pharmacists in Korea, supposwd to help with deswelling (and maybe anti-inflammatory?). Its active ingredient is Troxerutin 3500mg per liquid ampoule (to be added to a drink). According to what i managed to Google translate about it, it is supposed to help veinous issues and swelling/edema. Do you know anything about this ingredient and is it safe to consume?
  2. Hey all, is anyone going to Seoul in April for surgery/consults etc? I am going in early to mid April. Looking for people to hangout with. And is there a kakao Groupchat for April?
  3. Hi justdimples, TBH i don't regret the primary surgery with Dr Seo becasue of his fine stitchwork. Apart from the scar on my right eye which I blame on my skin's tendency to develop hypertrophic scars scars, the rest of the incision line is not that visible. Only regret is not going ahead with a slightly higher crease (despite Dr Seo's warning of sausage lids), cause I discussed with Dr Seo and went for natural creases, and Korean drs really do take the "Natural" look seriously.
  4. Hi everyone. Since there isn't an official list of clinics or association/board of doctors to locate ENT (Ear, nose, throat) specialist surgeons, AKA Otolarygologists who also perform rhinoplasty for aesthetic changes besides or while also fixing functional issues, I have searched and organized this list of ENT surgeons whose clinics are located in Gangnam-gu area. The doctors/clinics in this list have been filtered out from quite a number of ENT clinics in Gangnam-gu area, as some are solely focusing on functional issues and do not do rhinoplasty. Apart from ENT clinics, I have also listed 2 plastic surgery clinics that have ENT surgeons. For clinics with korean-only websites, please use a browser like Google and use translate the website to navigate, this should work for most of the websites. As I know some of you may be conscious of which medical college/school that doctors graduate from, I've listed where possible which school some of the drs have graduated from (as long as their website profile states it, if not too bad, not sure where to dig up such info). I'm kinda lazy to type out College of Medicine, so for short I just put "Med school". i have also listed the doctors names with last name first, followed by their given name/name, since this is Asia where we go by family/last names in front of our names. Many of these clinics are more catered to locals so apart from the ones where I mention there are English speaking staff or doctors, and the 2 plastic surgery clinics which have translators on site, the rest may or may not have someone who speaks English so it would be best to hire a translator. ENT Clinics 1) Samsung Dream ENT clinic 삼성드림이비인후과의원 https://www.ssdream.co.kr Korean and Chinese website. Samsung dream has 2 clinics in the Gangnam-gu area - near Gangnam station and Samseong station. The other branches are elsewhere in Seoul and ine in Gyeonggi-do. Gangnam branch has 4 ENT doctors, and Samseong branch has 2 ENT doctors. Gangnam branch: Fine Tower (화인타워) Level 5. Located near Gangnam Station Exit 4. Samseong branch: Samheung Building (삼흥빌딩) Level 5 (building is across the road from hyundai dept store). Located within walking distance from Samseong station Exit 4. 2) Fresh Rhinoplasty and Aesthetic surgery clinic 상쾌한이비인후과의원 http://magicnose.co.kr This is another ENT clinic that does rhino as well. Also has branches in other parts of Korea. Main branch is somewhere near Yangjae station in Gangnam-gu. They have an English and Chinese website, so view it on a PC browser as it requires Flash player to work. Click on "rough map" under the "medical information" tab on their english website to find their exact location. Main branch at Yangjae has 6 ENT doctors (head dr is Dr Ahn Tae Hwan), and one dermatologist. They've got quite a lot of B&As on their website too. Main location: Starclass Building (극동스타클래스빌딩) Level 2, 3. Walking distance from Yangjae Station Exit 4. 3) Barroco Nose Clinic 바로코의원 http://baroko.co.kr Only korean website It's a 1 doctor ENT clinic, located near Gangnam station Exit 10 (should be short walk down from where Namu is located). Dr's name is Kim Jun, profile stated he was previously at O&Young PS, with 16 years of experience. This ENT doctor seems to do a bit more dramatic results compared to others. Location: Daedong Building (대동빌딩/大同빌딩) Level 12. Short walk from Gangnam station Exit 10. Building has an Espoir and The Face Shop outlet on the 1st level. 4) Nplus clinic 앤플러스의원 http://wwww.nplusclinic.com Korean and Chinese website available. It's a 1 doctor ENT clinic, near Apgujeong station Exit 4. Dr Yoon Hyun Cheol here is also an ENT surgeon who used to be at Navi PS (for nose surgery) and Severance hopsital ENT dept. Graduated from Yonsei University Med school. One unusual thing about this clinic is that Dr Yoon also does double eyelid surgeries and aesthetic surgeries like botox, paranasal implants, fillers and facial fat grafting. Location: NEOS Building (NEOS/네오스빌딩) Level 6. Short walk down from Apgujeong station Exit 4. Building is located 2 blocks after passing JK Plastic surgery's golden building; NEOS Building has a Vietnamese restaurant Văn Lang on the first level. 5) It's B plastic surgery otolarygology clinic (잇츠비 성형외과 이비인후과) http://www.its-b.co.kr Korean website only 1 doctor ENT clinic, located near Sinnonhyeon Station exit 6. Dr Jang Hyeong jun was previously from Shimmian, Wonjin and Conopi ENT nose surgery departments. Location: 강남 태영 데시양루브 Level 2 (no idea how to translate the builidng name to proper English, it's something like Gangnam Taeyong Desiang Lubeu?). Building is short walk down from Sinnonhyeon station exit 6, and has a Magnum Seoul and Minigold shop on Level 1. 6) Conopi clinic (코노피의원) http://www.conopi.co.kr Korean and Chinese website 1-doctor ENT clinic, located in Sinsa-dong Apgujeong area. Dr Jung Taeyong is an ENT specialist at Sinchon Severance hospital, and alumni of Yonsei Uni med school. Ex-Apgujeong Seoul PS surgeon and Ex-ID Hospital surgeon (probably a long time ago when it was known by Park Sang Hoon [head director at ID] Plastic Surgery before renaming to ID hospital). Location: 136 Apgujeong-ro, Gangnam-gu, Level 5. (강남구 압구정로 136) Building has shop/petshop called Cherry Cat on level 1. 10 mins walking distance along Apgujeong-ro main road from Apgujeong station Exit 5. 7) Yonsei Coen ENT Clinic/Coen Clinic (연세코앤 이비인후과) http://www.coenclinic.com 3 doctors, all ENT trained (2 of which graduated from Yonsei Uni med school, head dr is from Ajou Uni med school) Location: Changlim Building (창림빌딩) Level 3. Building has a Tous les Jours cafe on level 1. Walking distance from Gangnam Station exit 11. 8)Dr Jin's Premium nose clinic (닥터진 이비인후과 의원) https://doctorjinent.modoo.at Korean website but has English descriptions as well. 2 ENT surgeons, head surgeon Dr Jin Hong-Ryul and Dr Yi Jongsook (lady dr). Dr Jin is alumni of Seoul National Uni (SNU) med school, visiting scholar of University of Virginia, renown ENT professor. Based on my prior visit to his clinic in May (for mum's bad flu and not rhinoplasty, his clinic was recommended by our hotel concierge staff), Dr Jin is also very fluent in English and friendly. Dr Yi was from University of Ulsan's Med school, also visiting scholar at 2 US hospitals. She is friendly but does not speak English well (from my memory). Location: K Tower Level 2. Short walk from Sinsa station Exit 5. Building is a glassy building has a dal.komm coffee cafe on level 1, and is just beside a building with a huge Panasonic billboard. 9) Cocoline clinic (코코리인의원) http://www.cocoline.co.kr Korean, English and Chinese website 2 ENT surgeons here, Dr Kim Tae Hwan and Dr Kim Seon Gu, both were previously from ID Hospital, and are Yonsei University med sch alumni. Based on my consult experience with Dr Kim Tae Hwan, he can speak some English but is not so fluent and appears more comfortable speaking Korean. I'm not sure about Dr Kim Seon Gu. Location: 579 Sinsa-dong Level 5. About 5 mins walk down along main road (Apgujeong-ro) from Apgujeong Station Exit 5. Building location is quite discreet, on the main road, walk till zebra crossing just before Hyundai Oilbank gas station, and turn left. Building is just behind the one with Hana bank and some Udon takeout eatery. 10) Hanabi rhinoplasty clinic (하나비의원) http://hanabiclinic.com Multiple languages available on website 1-doctor ENT clinic, located just outside Sinnonhyeon Station Exit 5. Dr Chang Geun-Uck, was previously at Shimmian Rhinoplasty Clinic. Dr Chang speaks fluent English (although not as fluent as Dr Jin but good enough to have a smooth consultation with him). In-house English translator available. Location: Chunglim Building (충림빌딩) Level 9. Just outside Sinnonhyeon station Exit 5. Building has Shinhan bank signboard on it. Plastic surgery clinics with ENT surgeons (non-ENT based clinics) The 2 clinics I list here currently do not have a very positive reputation among some people due to past scandals or some beef that some ex-patients had with them (Google it and you will find out). However, since they have ENT surgeons in their list of doctors, I shall still include them here. 1) GNG Plastic surgery hospital (지앤지병원) http://www.gnghospital.com/en/ Website has multiple languages. Plastic surgery hospital that started out as ENT hospital. Multiple doctors, with a few ENT surgeons. Most notable doctors for rhino among foreign patients are Dr Hong Seong-Mun and Dr Seong Yong-Hae. Dr Hong was previously from Cinderella PS and Dr Seong was from Wonjin. Both are ENT surgeons. Location: 626, Yeongdong-daero, Gangnam-gu. GNG has its own building, located beside Lamborghini building. Short walk from Bongeunsa station Exit 3. 2) Cinderella Plastic Surgery (신데렐라 성형외과) http://globalcindy.com http://cindyclinic.com (korean website) Website has multiple languages. Cinderella has 3 ENT surgeons (strangely 1 dr on the korean website does not appear on the list of drs on the global site, I think he's a new hire) - Dr Park Shin hong, Dr Kim Taeman, Dr Hong Seok Jung. Dr Park is alumni of Sungkyunkwan University Med School, and was formerly from Regen PS. Dr Kim is alumni of Yonsei University Med school, and Dr Hong is alumni of Seoul National Uni (SNU) med school. Location: ARA Tower (아라타워) Level 4. Short walk from Gangnam Station Exit 9. Building has a MegaBox theatre signboard.
  5. Since you mentioned your bridge width seems wide to you, maybe you could look at osteotomy too? Depends on how the doctors assess as well. I think they may recommend osteotomy to you if they feel your nasal bone is wide.
  6. CSH, Dr Jin's clinic is actually not the same as Koko PS clinic. His clinic is just dr jin premium nose clinic. Just a bit of correction there. Nice list of lesser known recommedations you got there. BTW, when you mention bulbous nose, are you just looking to do tip plasty? Cuz I am also considering tip plasty (but still on the fence about getting it) , and i consulted a few clinics in Nov.
  7. Yeah, i didn't know too because most of the plastic surgeons i asked (even the one i went to in my country for transconjunctival undereye bag removal subsequently) told me there is no correlation between the two. Yup naturalism is kinda higher priced. Not the most expensive clinic out there but not super affordable like places like Namu or Opera etc. Their head doctor for rhino is Dr Kim Deok Jung, the one i had my last minute f2f consult with. He's pretty nice.
  8. Not too sure about their specialty although I've read they are popular among the Chinese. (Maybe from marketing and apps like Soyoung?)
  9. Hey Nikki, I only went for consults. Have not done any nose surgery yet, still abit chicken and deciding wether to touch my nose or not. For eyes, I am thinking of revision next year (hopefully!), depending on my work schedule, and condition of my eyes because i just got an eye check appointment by an ophthalmologist this week, and she told me I have very dry eyes, DES could have been a contributing factor. So i may have to see if my eye dryness improves before deciding when to do revision.
  10. Hi guys. Just thought I'd make a thread to share some resources about the many PS clinics in Seoul. I understand many of us who are foreigners and/or don't have korean contacts and friends to give us some insider info on clinics find it hard to look for clinics other than the common few "tried and tested" places mentioned in the kakao chats and forums like PF. So I'll share two lists of clinic names for everyone's reference and research purposes. Those who are seeking out lesser known clinics or clinics that do less marketing to foreign patients can make use of this list to do your research. Please note this is just a list for reference and researching. Your ultimate choice of clinic still boils down to face to face consultation with the doctors. Credit goes to Esther from the kakao chats who shared the Google docs link that she found/someone shared with her and she posted on the chats. I'm just passing this on. Google docs list: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vR9uH4MbUMXQT0IgLv9BPSv7tekoRjeN6nk9OwZzTqsz304raTdh3Cj1HzLeYJhNXEmGGwl8sKfmRng/pubhtml?gid=0&single=true The 2nd list is a very long list of all medical institutions for cosmetic surgery in Korea where VAT refund is available. Besides plastic surgery clinics, the list includes skin clinics, dental clinics and clinics outside of Seoul as well. There are about 500 clinic names on the list, so be sure to sieve through those in Seoul if you only want to look for clinics located in Seoul. Clinic names and addresses in both English and Korean are listed in the document. It downloads as a PDF file from this website (download the "Available medical institution list for VAT refund" document): http://english.visitmedicalkorea.com/web/board/BD_board.view.do?domainCd=2&bbsCd=1001&seq=20160401141258262&pageType=&showSummaryYn=N&delDesc=&q_currPage=1&q_sortName=&q_sortOrder=&extColumn10=&q_ctgCd=&q_searchKeyType=TITLE___1002&q_searchVal= Here is also a link to the government website to check if your surgeon is a board certified plastic surgeon in korea. Note that some specialized surgeons like ENTs and maxillofacial surgeons will not appear in this database as they do not fall under the plastic surgeon category. http://www.prskorea.co.kr/English
  11. Hi Nikki, Yup, i booked all my consult appointments beforehand. It's best to book before your trip to Korea, especially if you are short on time, so you don't waste time waiting in queue to see the doctor if you do a walk-in consult. Plus, there's no guarantee you can consult with the doctor of your choice, or even getting a chance to consult (especially during peak PS seasons or for certain clinics where you meed to book months in advance) if you do a walk-in. For Naturalism, i had to get the help of my translator after I hired her service, to book an appointment with the clinic, as I was having difficulties communicating with the clinic to book a consultation slot via kakao due to the language barrier.
  12. Now I'll talk about my eye surgery consults. I went to MVP, Namu and Naturalism in that order. 1) MVP MVP (Dr Seo) Consult duration coupled with nose consult: about 25mins MVP is where I did my primary DES hence I went back for a review since I am 6 months post op, and also to ask Dr Seo about revision since I felt my crease is hooded over. Dr Seo assessed my eyes and told me that if i wanted revision to make my crease more obvious while still maintaining a tapered crease, he will remove a but more skin to reveal more of my crease. This will be done by re-opening my existing creaseline. He and my consultant Elizabeth did tell me that I cannot remove too much skin or else I won't be able to close my eyes fully, since pre-op I already did not have fully closed eyelids (there was a slight gap when I closed my eyes back pre-DES), and also due to my natural eye socket shape and low distance between my brows and eyes, too high a crease and too much skin removal is not suitable for me. If I wanted a higher crease line from the one I have currently, the new crease will end up parallel but a bit higher, and Dr also said he will cut along the same incision line to increase the size of crease. Dr did not mention i needed any ptosis correction nor epicanthoplasty, just skin removal. Dr Seo advised me to wait for longer before doing revision to see how much my eyelid skin has stretched out, which may help the scar on the inner corner of my right eye too. Since that was also my concern - whether the scar is a permanent keloid formation. He told me the scar will flatten and smoothen out with more time. Recovery time would be the same or a little bit longer from primary DES, which is about a week. Stitch removal done at 5 days post op. Like my primary surgery, incisional DES revision will be done under local anaesthesia and twilight sedation. Since I did my primary surgery at MVP, the revision would be done for free and I only have to pay for anaesthesia cost of 300,000 won. Medications, post op care of cleaning, deswelling laser and vitamin drips are included into the cost. And this revision period is valid for 2 years. 2) Namu Namu (Dr Joung Soo Woo) Consult duration coupled with nose consult: about 25mins Dr Joung advised that if I wanted a more obvious crease, he will redo my creaseline by cutting a bit higher and removing abit of skin. It'll also be done full incisional and he said my incision line from primary surgery will still remain but not be very obvious. The new crease will still be an in-out tapered fold. Epicanthoplasty was recommended to me to open up and remove abit of mongolian fold, and ptosis correction for both eyes to balance out my eyes. Dr says my right eye opening power is a bit weaker hence the inner corner eyelid scar seems obvious. I asked about the scar and he told me that it will soften, but my right eye crease seems a bit loosened due to the scar. Like Dr Seo at MVP, Dr Joung said I cannot remove too much skin or go too high a crease or else I cannot close my eyes, because structurally I don't have a lot of eyelid space between brows, and also because of my eye socket bone. A much higher crease will be too close to my socket bone which will look unnatural and ugly. Dr was frank with me and said that due to my eye structure, I will still have some skin covering over even with revision. In fact, Dr was very honest and told me that he didn't think my case is that bad that it seriously needs revision so he was just providing a neutral opinion about revision surgery and the choice to revise is up to me. Claire the consultant (Linda wasn't around when I went so they assigned me Claire instead) also told me that Dr Joung is a doctor who is very honest with patients about what he thinks they do and don't need for surgery. Stitch removal will be done 1 week post op. Cost for revision with all procedures (epi, ptosis and des) will be 3 mil won, and no need to pay tax, and some discount is possible in exchange for photos of my eyes. I didn't ask about aftercare provided but I suppose it should be the same that other girls who went to Namu have received, the deswelling laser/shots etc. As I earlier mentioned, I was surprised that my consult with Dr Joung for eyes lasted a bit longer than for nose. 3) Naturalism Naturalism (Dr Jung Minsoo) Consult duration: about 20mins, went with a translator I initially wanted to consult with Dr Go Eung Yeol, one of the head doctors who specializes in eyelid surgery but unfortunately he was on vacation. Hence, I decided to book an appointment to consult with Dr Jung after the clinic's recommendation for an alternative doctor for eyes, and also after I saw a korean girl's DES result in a korean Kakao chatroom, which was done by Dr Jung and looked good to me. Dr Jung was pretty quiet when he came to the consultation room and I guess he wasn't expecting to a foreign patient to book an appointment with him for consultation since he looked a bit puzzled at first. But he was nice enough and was honest and straight to the point about my options for revision. Even though he isn't a head doctor at the clinic and he was the youngest doctor out of all the surgeons I had consulted (perhaps in his mid 30s?), I felt he was very professional in his honest opinions regarding revision and he seemed to know his stuff really well. Dr Jung assessed my eyelids and told me that my eyelids have limitation as to how much bigger my crease can be, as I have thick skin. My hooded lids now is due to thick skin and not fat. In addition, I am also limited by the low eyelid space between my eyelids and brows, which echoes MVP and Namu's opinions. Dr Jung drew out on paper and presented me 2 options for revision surgery to get a more obvious crease. 1st option was to revise my crease by cutting a higher line above my existing one, but then I will have 2 scars visible after that. 2nd option was to reopen my existing crease and cut away a bit more skin but not too much because i don't have much to cut away or else I cannot close my eyes properly permanently (same as MVP's advice). Dr recommended me to go for the 2nd option as going for the 1st option may cause me to end up with sausage eyes or lids still hooding over due to my skin. Dr also suggest to do ptosis correction as he said I looked a bit sleepy eyed, and epicanthoplasty to remove the a bit of the mongolian fold and open up inner corner a bit so my crease appears a little more prominent as an in-out fold. During the revision, Dr said he will tighten up the right side where there is the scar as it appears loose due to the scar tissue, and remove the scar tissue a bit. Because I am prone to scarring, the same problem of raised scar could recur. Like what the other 2 clinics said, Dr Jung told me that even with revision to make the crease more visible, there is chance that my skin may hood over again in future due to my thick eyelid skin. Due to my natural eye shape, I also cannot have too high a crease because it will look unnatural and sausage-like on me. Stitches removal done at 1 week post op. Price was 5.17 mil won cash price for all procedures (epi, ptosis and revision DES). Price is inclusive of medications and aftercare of deswelling treatments. All in all, for eye consults, the doctors had the same opinion that I needed to remove a bit more skin to make my crease more visible, and that I cannot go for too high creases due to my eye socket limitations.
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