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  1. Rosie, how about consumption of Troxerutin supplement after surgery? Recently in the kakao chats and on Discord, a couple of people have been recommended this oral supplement called ELAS-A solution by some pharmacists in Korea, supposwd to help with deswelling (and maybe anti-inflammatory?). Its active ingredient is Troxerutin 3500mg per liquid ampoule (to be added to a drink). According to what i managed to Google translate about it, it is supposed to help veinous issues and swelling/edema. Do you know anything about this ingredient and is it safe to consume?
  2. Hey all, is anyone going to Seoul in April for surgery/consults etc? I am going in early to mid April. Looking for people to hangout with. And is there a kakao Groupchat for April?
  3. Hi justdimples, TBH i don't regret the primary surgery with Dr Seo becasue of his fine stitchwork. Apart from the scar on my right eye which I blame on my skin's tendency to develop hypertrophic scars scars, the rest of the incision line is not that visible. Only regret is not going ahead with a slightly higher crease (despite Dr Seo's warning of sausage lids), cause I discussed with Dr Seo and went for natural creases, and Korean drs really do take the "Natural" look seriously.
  4. Hi everyone. Since there isn't an official list of clinics or association/board of doctors to locate ENT (Ear, nose, throat) specialist surgeons, AKA Otolarygologists who also perform rhinoplasty for aesthetic changes besides or while also fixing functional issues, I have searched and organized this list of ENT surgeons whose clinics are located in Gangnam-gu area. The doctors/clinics in this list have been filtered out from quite a number of ENT clinics in Gangnam-gu area, as some are solely focusing on functional issues and do not do rhinoplasty. Apart from ENT clinics, I have also list
  5. Since you mentioned your bridge width seems wide to you, maybe you could look at osteotomy too? Depends on how the doctors assess as well. I think they may recommend osteotomy to you if they feel your nasal bone is wide.
  6. CSH, Dr Jin's clinic is actually not the same as Koko PS clinic. His clinic is just dr jin premium nose clinic. Just a bit of correction there. Nice list of lesser known recommedations you got there. BTW, when you mention bulbous nose, are you just looking to do tip plasty? Cuz I am also considering tip plasty (but still on the fence about getting it) , and i consulted a few clinics in Nov.
  7. Yeah, i didn't know too because most of the plastic surgeons i asked (even the one i went to in my country for transconjunctival undereye bag removal subsequently) told me there is no correlation between the two. Yup naturalism is kinda higher priced. Not the most expensive clinic out there but not super affordable like places like Namu or Opera etc. Their head doctor for rhino is Dr Kim Deok Jung, the one i had my last minute f2f consult with. He's pretty nice.
  8. Not too sure about their specialty although I've read they are popular among the Chinese. (Maybe from marketing and apps like Soyoung?)
  9. Hey Nikki, I only went for consults. Have not done any nose surgery yet, still abit chicken and deciding wether to touch my nose or not. For eyes, I am thinking of revision next year (hopefully!), depending on my work schedule, and condition of my eyes because i just got an eye check appointment by an ophthalmologist this week, and she told me I have very dry eyes, DES could have been a contributing factor. So i may have to see if my eye dryness improves before deciding when to do revision.
  10. Hi guys. Just thought I'd make a thread to share some resources about the many PS clinics in Seoul. I understand many of us who are foreigners and/or don't have korean contacts and friends to give us some insider info on clinics find it hard to look for clinics other than the common few "tried and tested" places mentioned in the kakao chats and forums like PF. So I'll share two lists of clinic names for everyone's reference and research purposes. Those who are seeking out lesser known clinics or clinics that do less marketing to foreign patients can make use of this list to do your research.
  11. Hi Nikki, Yup, i booked all my consult appointments beforehand. It's best to book before your trip to Korea, especially if you are short on time, so you don't waste time waiting in queue to see the doctor if you do a walk-in consult. Plus, there's no guarantee you can consult with the doctor of your choice, or even getting a chance to consult (especially during peak PS seasons or for certain clinics where you meed to book months in advance) if you do a walk-in. For Naturalism, i had to get the help of my translator after I hired her service, to book an appointment with the clinic, as
  12. Now I'll talk about my eye surgery consults. I went to MVP, Namu and Naturalism in that order. 1) MVP MVP (Dr Seo) Consult duration coupled with nose consult: about 25mins MVP is where I did my primary DES hence I went back for a review since I am 6 months post op, and also to ask Dr Seo about revision since I felt my crease is hooded over. Dr Seo assessed my eyes and told me that if i wanted revision to make my crease more obvious while still maintaining a tapered crease, he will remove a but more skin to reveal more of my crease. This will be done by re-opening my ex
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