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  1. Who's face are you using as your inspiration picture (Either attach a picture of them or list their name/instagram ID) The nose I would like to achieve would either be like Cindy Kimberly (instagram handle Wolfiecidy) OR Irina Shayk (instagram handle IrinaShayk)
  2. I would choose Korean doctors. If you are able to find a good surgeon then you can get overall facial harmony. A skilled Korean doctor looks at all angles of the face and is able to determine your lacking points. US doctors are brilliant at doing one specific thing. Unlike Korean clinics which have teams of people to give you the best results. In the end both are skilled but you must find the one that can enhance your looks. Right?
  3. @BlossomPetal2019 Yes, but online consult only.
  4. @honeyjello and @kino Thank you both for interacting with my post. Both of y'all have a great deal of experience and terminology. What would you two think about maybe doing a post with common PS terms/words and maybe with like definitions next to them(for us newbies?) I would think something like that would be helpful and I'm sure there's probably already something out there like that but Idk I'd love to hear from you all about it too. Also, @honeyjello Hey girl Hey!!!! I just realized you're Cherie from the chats. (you mentioned it in Welcome Post). I was about to ask you where you were considering and where you visited in November but then I realized. So I didn't want to make you have to repeat yourself.
  5. @honeyjelloAnd to answer the 2nd half of your question I am unsure what it is exactly I am trying to achieve with my nose job. I am satisfied with my bridge height but the bridge width is burdensome. Also, I feel that my tip is a little under projected (my nose tip will literally curve a little downward when I smile/laugh hard). My other consern is my nose bridge is wide so obviously bulbous tip and wide bridge make my nose look HUGE/SPREAD across my face whenever I smile it's such a pain. Ultimately I want to be conservative I think??? I might look into shaving down the dorsum, fixing the tip with cartilage graft maybe move some fatty tissues from nose and lastly I might get the alar reduced ever so slightly.
  6. Heya! So sorry for not making that distinction more clear. I found Dr. Jin Hong-Ryul and Dr. Cho Bae-Jung on a website called Rhinoplasty Korea ( rhinoplastykorea.com ) if anyone reading this is interested in these two doctors they have their b&a pictures at rhinoplastykorea.com the photos are in tab titled before and after. This is like a blog or something from what I gathered and under surgeons it list only Dr. Jin and Dr. Choi Bae. I guess I lumped the two doctors into the same clinic falsely but you're absolutely right it is very confusing the way I wrote it. So right now I'm going to clarify it for other readers. Thanks for pointing that out for me @honeyjello Dr. Jin= Premium nose of Premium Nose Clinic https://dr-jins-premium-nose-clinic.business.site Dr. Cho Bae-Jung of Koko Clinic www.kokops.modoo.at
  7. Hi, @Tammi426 Welcome to the forum!!! Would you mind explaining what you didn't like about Dr. Yoo's work? I'm shocked to see his name here as your primary but even more shocked that you're seeking a revision. If it's not too much trouble would you be okay sharing what you didn't like/want to change?
  8. So for Nano I'm not sure what happened to the last English consultant but they are like short staff or something when it comes to English consultants. I resorted to asking a Korean friend to help with communication because the response times were becoming slower if I used English. I'm thinking they are now using the new KakaoTalk ID for foreign patients and the old one for locals. (that's just my personal theory because the old KakaoTalk ID they still reply from IF you use Korean) So about your second question Nano is definitely a place for locals they are not even that popular among Chinese patients it was so shocking because most places will at least try and market to them as well. The head Doctor is a bit older but not so old that it should be concerning he's very thorough from what I gathered. They also don't have b&a online but after I contacted the doctor he was kind enough to give access to his Naver Blog so that I could view also he shows you his work on his computer on a slide show during the in person consultation. Each slide was impressive and I'm heavily considering them but I still need to thinking everything through before I decide. Especially since in my opinion the price I was quoted was absolutely ridiculous. (I won't say the number just yet however if I do decide to go with this clinic I'll be sure to say the prices in my post-op review) Now on to your question about ThePlus. I actually listed two separate clinics on here and forgot to add the second link for NPlus clinic. NPlus link is http://nplusclinic.com/mobile/ ThePlus link is http://theplusps.com/2017/ So for the ThePlus which is the one you asked about I know they are really popular among locals who want a natural look. I think you have to bring your own translator but I'm not sure because I didn't visit this one this yet. It was only a recommendation from my Korean friend who found this clinic for me through a Naver search. I said I have good vibes about this place because the doctors look trustworthy and pleasant in the picture which isn't really a reliable nor scientific way to choose a surgeon. Thank you for your reply as well and I hope my response helped in some way. Cheers!
  9. So I saw awhile back Kino recommended that people in the chat should list their clinic considerations on BH. I felt like that was a good idea so here's mine. I'm hoping that anyone who is either looking or is more of plastic surgery veteran than I am will feel moved to respond. Thank you all. P.S~ After much consideration the following clinics were chosen based on my personal needs, which are: Ideally ENT, Ideally has worked with bulbous noses, Ideally can/has performed rhinos without the use of an implant, Ideally these clinics are easy to contact and have decent aftercare, Ideally they are lesser known or small-medium sized clinics. Listed in no particular order. 1. Dr.Jin (Premium Nose Clinic/ Koko clinic) https://dr-jins-premium-nose-clinic.business.site 2.Cocoline Clinic (I love these guys) http://www.cocoline.co.kr/eng/coco02/index1.php 3. Seoulista (Only have heard a review from one other person about this) http://seoulista-ps.com/m/ 4. JJ Plastic Surgery (This is not JK, JW or any other J named clinic lol there are a lot) http://m.jjps.co.kr/mobile/index.php 5. Nano Aesthetics Plastic Surgery (These guys are legends so awesome. Just don't try to KakaoTalk them it doesn't work idk why they changed) http://nanoesc.co.kr/new_mobile// 6. The Plus/Nplus (I get good vibes from these guys. They seem chill lol not that that actually matters it's plastic surgery for f*ck sake not speed dating but Idk good vibes.) http://theplusps.com/2017/ 7. Dream (Obviously well known but I just listed it as a safety choice.) http://www.e-dream.co.kr 8. GNG (I'm ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED at the amount of hate this places gets I just wonder if it's legit or just bullsht...if there's smoke maybe there's fire???) http://www.gnghospital.com/en/ Thank you for coming to my TedTalk
  10. As always Kino you are the bestest admin both in KakaoTalk and here on Beauty Hacker. I've always appreciated your neutral and pleasant view point/insight. (also lowkey I love when you spill the tea on these fakes!!!) Thanks for everything.
  11. Choosing the correct surgeon for your needs is such a hassle because when you've lived with a certain level of facial dissatisfaction it becomes hard to stay patient and wait for that gut feeling to tell you which one clinic you should go with. As someone who has thought about having this surgery for most of my teenage years and now I'm finally old enough I question whether or not I'm actually going to go through with it. Also in the beginning of this journey I only had one surgeon and he was in America and I was hundred percent that I would go with him but then I discovered surgery in Korea and what the possibilities are in Korea. Now I feel like I'm back at square one. My list grew longer upon considering Korean plastic surgeons. Thankfully I narrowed down most of my searches. However the places that I picked as my short list places I'm always hearing new information steering me away from them or I'm seeing some results from others that I'm less than pleased with. It's like for every before and after that I like/love there are two reviews saying don't go and one before and after that is just okay not amazing. I know this forum is meant for reviews only but I didn't know where else to write this so thank you for reading.
  12. Hello. I'm C.S.H, I was a lurker on both Purseforum, Real Self and KakaoTalk. However this is my first time making an account any PS forum. I hope to report and support this forum with the information I find as well as my own personal plastic surgery experience when the time comes. I am looking into having my Primary Rhino and potentially a Fat Graft. (Spring/Summer 2019) Bless.
  13. Yeah I think like the previous commenter stated "best" is a very subjective idea. Often best among these PS forums "best" can translate to simply the most "well known clinics". This type of question often garners the same few clinic responses. Rather than list those clinics I think you should first begin with a taking pictures of your nose from all angles and really determining what you dislike about it. Then you should look at noses of people you think are most ideal and then zoom in so that you are ONLY viewing their nose. Use any app that will allow you to make a side by side comparison of your nose and your ideal nose. When I did this I often found that some of the noses I liked from celebrities looked really good on them but would be dang near impossible to achieve with my current anatomy. Once you're sure of what aspects you like and what aspects you don't like and you're also sure that your ideal nose is possible given your current anatomy, this is when you can narrow clinics down by who's surgery style will give you your desired outcome. I hope this helps in some way for your journey. Thank you for your time.
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