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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I'm interested in getting my eyelid, rhinoplasty, and contour V shaped . Can anybody , who has done any of these procedures, recommends good ethic clinic that is well known for it and any clinics I need avoid ? Thanks
  2. I am hoping to share my primary DES and rhinoplasty (nose tip) experience, and hope that all queries can be consolidated here to serve as future reference for others. Please add your query as a reply to this thread, and I will address them as best / as soon as I can. Eye Research & Shortlist I consulted about 35 clinics online (via KKT), and shortlisted 3 for face-to-face consultation. Please note that I shortlisted the following clinics for f2f consultations based on the following criteria: Doctors’ aesthetics sense for DES - high dramatic parallel crease
  3. Hey all, is anyone going to Seoul in April for surgery/consults etc? I am going in early to mid April. Looking for people to hangout with. And is there a kakao Groupchat for April?
  4. Hello, does anybody has any good resources that outline the risks associated with lateral canthplasty? And lateral canthopexy (lowering of outer corner, not extending the outer corner like lateral canthoplasty) - I've been told that it's a seperate procdure from lateral canthoplasty, and I'm going to get it alongside. From a purely aesthetic point of view I do want both these procedures.. but lately there's more talk about the risks of lateral. And canthopexy - theres literally no medical literature I can find - the Korean procedure seems to me modified version of the western one which is actu
  5. Hi. Anybody having eyelid surgery in 5-18 Aug? It would be great if we can take this journey together and share info.
  6. Hi. I'll be flying to Seoul this weekend and done some research and narrowed down my list to Banobagi, Shinseum and Dream. With Banobagi I wanted Dr. Park who is specialized in eye but the clinic imposed Dr.Lee who does both nose and eye, which is a little offputting. They say Dr. Park only does non incisional and locals while my eyes need incision. There is only 1 doctor at Shinseum and the clinic is not very quick with responses and not detailed enough. Any experience or thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks. Bamba
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