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  1. I waited months before writing this review because I wanted to give myself time to heal. But time hasn’t made my nose any better so I can finally review the rhinoplasty and DES surgery I got at View this past June. I’m trying not to feel so angry as I write this but it’s hard because after spending so much time, money, and effort and coming out less than satisfied with the poor job View did it’s very disheartening. I scheduled a consult the same day I landed in Korea with View and met with Dr. Lee Dong Chan. He seemed pleasant enough. During our consult I showed him photos of what I was
  2. Hi all, I had a bunch of procedures done in late February and early March of 2020, and will be writing about it in this thread! Some of you might've followed my journey through KKT, Discord, or my blog, but I thought I'd post it here too for accessibility. Procedures done at Wannabe: EYES: incisional double eyelid surgery, ptosis correction, medial epicanthoplasty FAT GRAFT: forehead, temples, frontal cheek, chin UNDEREYE: fat repositioning JOWLS/JAW LINE: Accusculpt, threadlift (8 Mint threads), masseter muscle botox Dr. Jin Premium Nose Clinic: rhinoplasty w
  3. I'm considering going to TFD for rhinoplasty and vline. If anybody has had any real life experiences with TFD both good and bad, and before, during, and after having surgeries with this clinic, please reply to this post and/or send me a direct message. Much appreciated and thanks in advance!
  4. Hi all, I have been thinking about plastic surgery since October 2019 and been researching for a few months now. Originally, my plan was to go in May 2020 but things changed and now I have 3.5 weeks left before my trip. By the way, I dont get any discount for writing this because my trip not even start yet and I haven't talked to any clinic in person yet, so, plz don't. Today, I decided to write this post to begin sharing my journey and hopefully it can help some people. I know there are fake reviews everywhere, thats why I decided to start this topic early and will update frequently
  5. I am hoping to share my primary DES and rhinoplasty (nose tip) experience, and hope that all queries can be consolidated here to serve as future reference for others. Please add your query as a reply to this thread, and I will address them as best / as soon as I can. Eye Research & Shortlist I consulted about 35 clinics online (via KKT), and shortlisted 3 for face-to-face consultation. Please note that I shortlisted the following clinics for f2f consultations based on the following criteria: Doctors’ aesthetics sense for DES - high dramatic parallel crease
  6. Hi all! I'm hopefully travelling to SK in mid-July from the UK -- subject to how restrictions are by that point ofc -- to undergo rhino, FC, and BA with DAPRS! As I'm going solo, I'd love to chat with those on this forum a little more before + during. Unfortunately the admin(s) have not given me access to BeautyHacker's Discord or Kakao groups (not entirely sure if they are active on this forum now), so perhaps we could start a new one?
  7. Hello everyone, I'm new in this forum and planning to have a rhinoplasty to narrow my bulbous nose and add some height to my bridge (I'm half Asian). I've actually been to one consultation IRL in the US and two via Kakaotalk (with UVOM and Opera in Korea) but I am very skeptical whether the "experiences" I've read about are real or fake since it's from a certain purse-related site... Also, I am interested in getting a chin augmentation, but with fat transfer and NOT through implant or genioplasty. Do any of you have any real experiences with the two mentioned clinics? Or any recommen
  8. Hi all! I only discovered beautyhacker.com tonight from the purseforum! I am booked in for my surgery with Item Clinic for January 2020. I believe I have a bulbous nose that I would like a natural enhancement for, to look more defined and feminine. I've been quoted about 3.5 million krw and I will be doing my surgery with Dr. Kim. If anyone has any advice or experiences they would like to share, please let me know! I would like to mention that the reason why I am satisfied with Item or feel confident about it is because I have read through other people's experience
  9. Hello! I would like to get full face fat grat/alarplasty and V line surgery for less than 10,000 USD. Do you think it's realistic? I feel interested by Item/TopFace and Cincerella but i'll kindly listen to your recommendations
  10. Hallo ... I am sorry beforehand if my questions are a little too much (maybe wrong place). First of all, hi I am a newbie in the PS groups too... Second, anyone know something about Dream PS, Item, TFD, UVOM and 365 mc? I am planing to have facial contouring (asymmetry and face looks wide), rhinoplasty (I have low nose Bridge + asymmetrical + big alar), DES + ptosis (had already DES but its not symmetrical and look tired ) and liposuction (had one in the past ).I am doing my best to do my research on internet through forums and blogging and I couldn’t tell them the difference between
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