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  1. Hi all, I had a bunch of procedures done in late February and early March of 2020, and will be writing about it in this thread! Some of you might've followed my journey through KKT, Discord, or my blog, but I thought I'd post it here too for accessibility. Procedures done at Wannabe: EYES: incisional double eyelid surgery, ptosis correction, medial epicanthoplasty FAT GRAFT: forehead, temples, frontal cheek, chin UNDEREYE: fat repositioning JOWLS/JAW LINE: Accusculpt, threadlift (8 Mint threads), masseter muscle botox Dr. Jin Premium Nose Clinic: rhinoplasty with dorsum augmentation and tip projection using autologous rib cartilage Even though all of my surgeries were primaries, I knew that I wanted rib cartilage for my nose because of the long-term complication rate with alloplastic implants and donor cartilage, which made it seem inevitable that I'd need a revision surgery within a decade. I ended up picking Dr. Jin of Premium Nose Clinic without ever having an in-person consultation due to his experience with using autologous rib cartilage, natural aesthetic, and hearing positive things by word-of-mouth. For the other procedures, my short list was the following: JK Topface Namu Wannabe CWCMC (eye specialist only) I had scheduled Wannabe, Namu, and CWCMC for the first day, and then JK and Topface for the second day. Here are how the consultations went: WANNABE Alice is basically the most personable English speaking consultant ever- incredibly responsive and friendly. We'd corresponded over Kakao for about a month or so before I traveled to Seoul. The clinic was pretty easy to find and it was quiet when I arrived- one other client in the waiting room when I arrived, with 5 staff members at the front desk. I filled out some paperwork and they checked my passport to ensure that I hadn't visited China recently. I met with Alice for about 20 minutes and we continued our discussion now that I was actually in front of her. She assessed the thickness of my eyelid skin since I was interested in DES and medial epicanthoplasty- and she noted that I needed ptosis correction, which wasn't obvious from the pictures that I'd sent her. She also assessed the tissue around my jaw by touching my jaw and asking me to clench my teeth, since I'm pursuing non-invasive jaw contouring, and noted that it was a combination of muscle and fat that contributed to my square jaw, and suggested botox with Acculift and threadlifting. We then talked about my fat grafting aspirations- I'd already wanted fat grafting for my forehead and nasolabial lines, and she suggested that since I was already doing two areas, which counted as "full face" fat grafting, to also graft my frontal cheek area since that was sunken. After we had decided on the procedures, I met with Dr. Chang (also spelled as Jang), who agreed with the suggested procedures, and also suggested chin and undereye fat repositioning (I later learned that this was a specialty of his, and apparently he had invented a specialized needle for this procedure). Dr. Chang used that eye pokey tool to simulate folds for my eye- I wanted a slightly higher crease that would balance out the medial epicanthoplasty Overall, good experience with the clinic staff, Dr. Chang spoke English and was easy to talk to, seemed attentive and knowledgeable. Quoted prices were on the higher end, and I ended up with ALOT of procedures: incision DES, ptosis correction, medial epicanthoplasty, botox, accusculpt for jaw, threadlift (8 mint threads), undereye fat repositioning, full face fat injection and tear trough fat injection NAMU I'd been corresponding with Claire and she was very helpful but not always responsive- I get the impression that she's very busy. She seemed to forget that I was scheduled to consult today until I asked to confirm in the morning, and I think they had to squeeze me in even though the appointment had been made a month ago. The clinic was very busy with locals, and I spent about 10 minutes waiting before seeing Linda, the English speaking consultant. THEY DIDN'T CHECK MY PASSPORT and even though I'm American, I'm ethnically Chinese and definitely look it, so they don't seem to be taking Coronavirus precautions... Linda and I had a brief consultation and honestly I don't think anything interesting or important was said except that she suggested laser lifting instead of acculift, but also with threadlifting. I was to consult with Dr. Kirk, but he was in surgery, and I spent about an hour in the office twiddling my thumbs and taking photos of their B&A book. I also had the chance to observe the clinic hallway a bit, and it seemed pretty chaotic and frantic, which is a totally subjective opinion, but Eventually Dr. Kirk arrived and I think he just agreed with everything that I said, and I left feeling like nothing had really happened. I learned that Ulthera, the more expensive of the laser lifting options, was "stronger" and normally they would recommend 2 sessions of Doublo Gold for someone like me, but since I would probably only do one session, that I should go with Ulthera.(edited) NAMU overall: clinic felt very busy and chaotic, not sure I would receive any attention after the surgery lol, but quoted very low prices (about 50% of what WANNABE quoted me for roughly the same procedures). Possibly a good option if I weren't doing something as finicky as eyes. The price was definitely right. I might be concerned if I were visiting at a later date since they don't seem to be taking precautions against corona virus. CWCMC I was referred to Dr. Choi by Dr. Jin of Premier Nose, and I believe that Dr. Choi is an eye specialist in the same way that Dr. Jin is a nose specialist- they prioritize functionality over all else, which I think tends to result in a natural look. Dr. Choi was extremely warm and friendly, his English was good, and he was the only one who shook my hand lol (he knew I was American and I had been talking with him personally over KKT). I didn't even speak to any of his staff (I don't think they spoke English?). He took alot of time to ask what I wanted and explain the technical aspects of the procedures. We never talked about price. I feel very confident that he is an extremely technically talented surgeon, as well as generally a really nice and considerate person, but I didn't feel confident about whether he would achieve the aesthetic results that I wanted. His before and afters were very natural, but when he was using the pokey stick tool to shape my eye crease, he never seemed to get a shape that I wanted. I don't think I was able to properly convey to him the shape that I wanted, whereas with Dr. Chang of WANNABE, he was very quickly able to make the eye shape configuration that I was hoping for. CWCMC overall: I wish I had picked Dr. Choi just because he's so nice, but he only does eyes, and I wanted other procedures, and I didn't feel like he and I were on the same page about the results I hope to achieve I ended up picking Wannabe due to a few factors So outside of a few hard objective factors, like being licensed, accessible, seeing before and afters that seemed realistic and also aligned with my own personal ideal, etc., alot of my decision was based on "feel" or my "gut". It's entirely possible that I could've been just as happy or even more satisfied at Namu, but I picked Wannabe because of how they made me feel: Alice - honestly, she was a huge factor in my decision. The fact that I could communicate clearly with her and that I felt like I had her full attention whenever it was warranted made me feel comfortable and safe Dr. Chang - he very quickly and deftly manipulated my eyelids to the shape that I wanted to achieve, and I think that inspired confidence in me that he and I had similar aesthetic ideals. He also seemed calm (not stressed or overworked) and capable clinic staff - the staff were polite and helpful. call me superstitious but I think that if the staff are rude and stressed, that says something about the work environment only 2 doctors, and each doctor does a maximum of 4 surgeries a day, according to Alice I'll post more as I finish writing about the surgeries and recovery process
  2. I looking for korea plastic surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty. Safe, no case dropped, no blacklist. I want to reduce the size of my nose. Help me please. Everyone's advice is very important to me. Ask for real information.
  3. I waited months before writing this review because I wanted to give myself time to heal. But time hasn’t made my nose any better so I can finally review the rhinoplasty and DES surgery I got at View this past June. I’m trying not to feel so angry as I write this but it’s hard because after spending so much time, money, and effort and coming out less than satisfied with the poor job View did it’s very disheartening. I scheduled a consult the same day I landed in Korea with View and met with Dr. Lee Dong Chan. He seemed pleasant enough. During our consult I showed him photos of what I was hoping to achieve. My makeup artist had contoured my nose in some photos which I really liked and asked him for the same outcome. He said it was doable and talked about the implant material and height. Not once during the consult did he mention any talk about deviation. Since he was the expert. I trusted his judgement. Next I met with Dr. Kim Jeong Min for my eyes. My main concern was that I had one double lid and one monolid. I asked him to make them even. He recommended incisional which I agreed with. After speaking with Lena over pricing I was then ushered to the lab and got my blood drawn and my photos taken. Surgery was the next day in the morning. My labs were fine so I was cleared to proceed. I started with my eyes first. This one you had to stay awake for. The surgery went fine for that part. However I got upset with the nurse that was poking me with the needle for the general anesthesia bc she had difficulty finding a vein and she hurt me several times as she tried to find one that would work. I was knocked out before I could see Dr. Lee again. I woke up to pain in my throat and was told it was bc of the intubation. I felt like my whole throat was on fire and I started coughing too. I stayed one night in the View suite and then a couple more nights at a hotel nearby so I could do my check ups. Most of this went fine. It wasnt until they took the cast off that things went drastically downhill. On cast removal day I HATED my nose on sight. For one it looked horribly off center. I was told it was “swelling.” But I hated it and was crying at how bad it looked. My kids were saying that I resembled “Doby” from Harry Potter! Dr. Lee and the staff at View kept saying it was fine. I won’t bore you with the details of the excruciating wait. But as the swelling came down my nose looked even more off center and there was a dark red/purple discoloration at the top of my bridge that wasn’t going away. I kept sending messages to View about this but again I was told it was “fine” About 4 months post op the redness still hadnt gone away and I could feel how thin the skin on my bridge had gotten. It was starting to scare me so I decided to get a second option. I went to a double board certified ENT plastic surgeon (Dr. Carlos Hornado in Beverly Hills) for a consultation. Dr. Hornado looked at my face and after checking me thoroughly asked “why didn’t they fix your deviation?” I didn’t know what to say. The deviation was NEVER even brought up during my consultation! Then he said what I had feared. The Goretex bridge used was was too high and narrow for my face. It gave me an unflattering pinched look. He said he couldn’t understand why such a high and narrow implant was used with NO consideration to the integrity of the nose. He said my skin had thinned out a lot and I definitely needed a revision. I got home and texted View right away. Immediately Sam rude in insisting that I was also to blame? What the hell? View refused to take any responsibility for the poor job they did on my nose! At one point Sam was saying I “should have known” about my deviation? I couldn’t believe it. I am not a medical doctor, nor do I work in the medical field. How the heck was I supposed to”know” isn’t that why I was paying View? So they could tell me what needed to be done? Fixing a deviation is one of the most basic procedures for an ENT surgeon! I can’t even talk to Sam bc she’s rude and despite telling me that Lena (head of their department) would contact me she never did and still hasn’t! This tells me that once View has your money they fail to care about their patients after the fact and DONT take any responsibility for their mistakes. I can’t even begin to express how disappointing, pissed, and stressed I have been since my rhinoplasty. On top of this my eyes went back to being uneven! So both my surgeries were failures. I reached out to other girls on Kakao forums and it turns out there are a lot of girls out there who are DISSATISFIED with their surgeries from View. In summary I would NOT recommend, refer, or even consider View if you are thinking of getting surgery in Korea. I am now forced to look at my options which will again cost me more time, money, and effort to FIX what View should have done correctly to begin with! I would also caution anyone going on the View Kakao forums where there are obvious promoters on there. Below I have attached a link with an in depth article about Views questionable sales tactics. I seriously REGRET getting surgery at View and if I had a chance to do it over knowing the things I know now I would NEVER have gone there. https://telegra.ph/MEET-KOREAS-1-PLASTIC-SURGERY-INTERNET-SCAMMER-PREDATOR--TROLL-09-12
  4. Opera Plastic Surgery Ruined My Face Opera messed up my face! Do not go here. Trust me. Don’t make the same mistake I did because they’re cheap. Here’s how my experience at Opera went. I got surgery in 2020. (If you don’t believe me I have a document below proving I got surgery there) I did have to quarantine for 2 weeks beforehand because it was COVID but I’m just going to start at the first meeting with Opera. TLDR; Rushed me into surgery without even listening to me, kicked me out of the clinic when I was still extremely drugged up and couldn’t even find the door, nose is crooked, eye won’t fully open and is asymmetrical, didn’t do the alarplasty I paid for and refuses to refund me, doctor denies all issues and refuses to take responsibility for any of it and refuses to refund me. I feel like it’s been sufficient time for everything to settle and make a judgment. I got double eyelid surgery with incision, epicanthoplasty, lateral canthoplasty, medial canthoplasty, ptosis correction, rhinoplasty with silicone implant and ear cartilage tip, alarplasty, liposuction, fat grafting, Zygoma and jaw reduction, buccal fat removal, and love band filler 1. My Consultation I met with the English translator and she ushered me into the office to meet with the eye surgeon. He poked and prodded my eye and left. Then, the nose surgeon came in and looked at my nose. I tried asking him a few questions but he just nodded and left. He was in such a hurry and didn’t take the time to listen to me. Then I met with the jaw surgeon and he actually did talk to me and understood what I wanted. Then I met with a few other people for the other procedures (My memory’s a little fuzzy here). They rushed me so much and were just trying to get me in and out. I signed a bunch of papers. Then, a tailor came to take my measurements for the compression garment for liposuction. I went to an outside clinic to get my vitals checked to make sure I was okay for surgery. After that, I left and would come back the next day for the first half of my surgeries. I would complete the second half at a later date (because I was getting so many). 2. Surgery Day I fasted for several hours and arrived at the clinic in the morning the next day. I changed into a surgery gown and washed my face and everything. I kept my possessions in a locker. Then, I went to the operating room and laid down for them to prep me. They couldn’t find my vein and punctured me in weird places and it hurt a lot. They put me under anesthesia and I was knocked out. I was awake for the eye surgery because they had me do things with my eye and respond to them. After that, I knocked out again. I woke up briefly because I was awake again and I told them I was aware so they drugged me up some more. I don’t know how long I was out. 3. Immediately Post-Surgery I woke up in a bed next to some other people and realized my surgery was complete. I believe some of them were the eyes and rhinoplasty but it’s hard to remember. I was still really disoriented. I fell asleep. I woke to the English translator shaking me and telling me I had to leave. I was still super drugged up but I had to get up because they were kicking me out. I was still so drugged up I literally couldn’t see where I was going and couldn’t even find the door. The translator had to hold my arm to get me down to the lobby. There, I was left to fend for myself. It was so hard to get home. My sight was extremely blurry. I couldn’t breathe. I don’t even remember how I got back. 4. Second Surgery I went through the same prep. It’s hard to remember which surgeries I got this time but I know one of them was the jaw surgery. The second surgery was fine but my face blew up like a pufferfish but I think that’s normal. 5. Post-surgery Over the course of 2 weeks I went in for some treatments to de-swell. They removed the bandages from my nose and I remember thinking it looked kind of crooked. I expressed these concerns to them but they said to let it settle because it can change. Then, I noticed there were no incisions anywhere at my alar. Not inside, not outside. I realized they didn’t do the alarplasty even though I paid for it! I told them and at first they denied it, but finally admitted they didn’t do it. They gave me an IOU to come back and get it but wouldn’t give me back my money. I didn’t have time for that because I had to go back to America soon. So I sucked it up and figured I would have to waste more money coming back to Korea to get it sometime in the future. 6. Back in America I let a year pass and my nose was still crooked. It leans to the left side. Furthermore, my right eye wouldn’t fully open and was asymmetrical. Another thing, they left a thread in my left nostril. You can’t see it, but you can feel it with your finger. I tried pulling it out and it wouldn’t budge. This is just sloppy. I contacted them through Kakaotalk multiple times but they never responded to me. I still had hopes that the nose was still settling so I waited some more. After another year passed, I realized nothing was going to change and it was just crooked and my eye was going to stay asymmetrical. I posted a scathing review of how they ruined my nose and eyes in the comments section of one of their instagram posts and then I finally got a message from a representative from Opera. 7. Talking to the Opera Representative She acted shocked that this happened to me. She asked for more details about my concerns and relayed them to the doctor. I sent them pictures of my face and pointed out the issues. I told them about the alarplasty situation. Then the doctor responded by saying that he didn’t see any crookedness in my nose. He said my face just looks like that. He also said that my eyes were slightly asymmetrical before surgery and that surgery can’t fix that. I was able to open both my eyes fully before the surgery. Look below to see what happened. He fails to address the fact that my right eye won’t fully open. He also said that I didn’t need alarplasty. He admits to not doing it. He says he just removed fat in my nostril instead. That isn’t what alarplasty is. If he felt like I didn’t need alarplasty, why didn’t he say anything at the consultation? He took my money even though I didn’t need to do it? I asked for my money back because they didn’t do what I paid for. They refused to refund me for anything and denied everything. It made me furious because my eye is clearly asymmetrical and they said the problem was not worse after surgery. Anybody with eyes could see the difference. TLDR; Rushed me into surgery without even listening to me, kicked me out of the clinic when I was still extremely drugged up and couldn’t even find the door, nose is crooked, eye won’t fully open and is asymmetrical, didn’t do the alarplasty I paid for and refuses to refund me, doctor denies all issues and refuses to take responsibility for any of it and refuses to refund me. I’ve planned my revision surgery at different clinics and am going back to Korea in March 2023. This time, I have to shell out $14,000 to get everything fixed. I learned my lesson and will not get something just because it’s cheap. You get what you pay for. Save yourself the heartache and go somewhere else that’s not Opera. Crying right now because my face is messed up. :’(
  5. Im looking to get DES and rhino in Korea sometime this May, but I am worried about the language barrier. I've seen a lot of advertising from different medical tourism companies (like Seoul Guide Medical and Eunogo) and wanted to see if anyone on here has had any experience with it and maybe suggest some more companies that I could look into? Thanks so much in advance:)
  6. I'm considering going to TFD for rhinoplasty and vline. If anybody has had any real life experiences with TFD both good and bad, and before, during, and after having surgeries with this clinic, please reply to this post and/or send me a direct message. Much appreciated and thanks in advance!
  7. Hi all, I have been thinking about plastic surgery since October 2019 and been researching for a few months now. Originally, my plan was to go in May 2020 but things changed and now I have 3.5 weeks left before my trip. By the way, I dont get any discount for writing this because my trip not even start yet and I haven't talked to any clinic in person yet, so, plz don't. Today, I decided to write this post to begin sharing my journey and hopefully it can help some people. I know there are fake reviews everywhere, thats why I decided to start this topic early and will update frequently. This is also my one and only review on the Internet. I am in a few Kakaotalk group chats and I use my Kakao ID as my display name here, so feel free to add me in Kakaotalk if you want. Also looking for PS buddies as I will be travel alone and may be we can support each other through the tough healing process. In October, when I got so hype about the idea of getting PS, I watched shit load of PS reviews on Youtube and as a result I ended up to contact a medical tour agency through email. They replied me, suggested 4 big names that I believe everyone knows : Banobagi, ID, View, Cinderella. None of them ended up in my shortlist though and main reasons are: big factory type of hospitals, rumors of shadow doctors, botches stories or just being expensive. After few days of researches I decided not to go with a medical tour agency or any agent because: I ve been to SK twice, it is easy to travel around with subway system, many clinics got English translators/consultants, and simply I can get cheaper quote if i go direct to clinics plus going with agent will limited your choice. Later on, I went on Purse Forum, Kakao, Realself etc.. and online consulted with over 30 clinics. I changed my mind a lot in the first month of researching because everyday I will discover more reviews (both fake and real lol) and more clinics. I think talking with people on Kakao and seeing their real results day by day had the most impact on my shortlisted clinics. Also get a lot of tips to prepare for consults, surgeries and recover from people there so I suggest if you dont have Kakaotalk yet, install it and join some of these group chats. A bit about me, I never have any PS before so this will be my first trip. I have a slight hump on my nose, bulbous tip and my alar a bit wide. My eyelids are thin line and not even, left side drop a bit over my lashes. Face wise, I dont have super big cheekbone but my lower jaw is a bit square, nerves seem to be low, also have double chin and lot of fat on my face. I was supposed to lose some weight before the trip in May but now I have only 3 weeks so chin lipo is a must. What kind of procedures Im looking at and aesthetic style: - Eyes: double eyelids, dolly and outline style, want permenant result, dont want epi but lower cantho and may be lateral if dr said ok. - Nose: prefer no silicone, natural style with a slight curve on the bridge, dont want osteotomy if possible but might need hump removal. - FC: dont want zygoma, want natural result, no pointy chin, prefer less aggressive method if possible, chin lipo. Now let's get to the main point of today - my shortlisted clinics, their specialities and quotes. 1- The Face Dental (10% VAT not included): Speclised in Double Jaw, V-line, Genio, Zygoma. Aesthetic style: Natural Reasons I consider TFD : 1.Haven't heard of any botch from dr Lee yet. 2. Price for V-line is very reasonable. 3. Dr. Lee is high skilled and ethical at the same time = safe. 4. 1 doctor : 1 in house anesthesiologist = safe. Online quotes: 4.4 - 6.6mil V-line, 2mil dissolvable pin, 2mil chin lipo and muscles reduction. Note: He doesnt do eyes and nose, only face contour. He runs his own Kakao chat and you can consult with him directly there. Some of his media platforms and his website might be run by a lady name Olivia and don't go through her, she is a bit not clear about the price since she will take commision. 2- Wannabe ( 10% VAT not included): Specialised: not sure Aesthetic style: Natural Reasons I consider : 1. Havent seen any botch. 2. Price in general is reasonable. 3. Small clinic, seems to be popular among locals Online quotes: - Mini V-line 6mil, Full V-line 6.5mil - Primary DES start from 2.1mil, Ptosis 0.6mil, Lateral Cantho 1mil, Loweing Cantho 1.3mil - Primary Rhino 3.3mil, currently has promotion for 2.65mil on Instagram - Accusculpting per area 1.5mil Note: Alice is the English consultant, she is quite nice. Claimed that they use Resorbable screw for all V-line. 3- Braun: Specialised in FC ( Dr. Kim Tae Gyu) and Rhino/revision rhino (Dr. Kim Gui Rak) Aesthetic style: I dont know Reasons I consider: 1. Real review - One person on Kakao had a revision rhino there after a big infection from previous rhino, result came out nicely. 2. Their FC techniques. Online quotes: - DES incision 3.5mil, Epi Cantho 1.5mil - Primary Rhino 7mil - Jaw reduction 6.5mil, zyg 6.2mil, mandiblar angle 6.5mil or 17mill full FC or 11mil V-line - Accusculpt laser 3mil Note: quotes are very expensive but they offered me 50% off if reservation in Oct since these quotes are from Oct. 4- Item Specialised in Eyes (Dr. Kim Jin Sung for dolly, Dr Jung for natural) Aesthetic style: depends on dr. Reasons I consider: 1. Real review - been watching someone review since consult day till now which is 3 months post op, result is on point, dr gave what she wanted. 2. B&A look a bit photoshop but look like they fix many asymetrical eyes, and my eyes are not even. Online quotes: - Incision des + ptosis + epi + lateral cantho = 4.8mil - Rhino bridge + tip + alar = 6.3mil - Jaw reduction 4.6mil - Chin implant 2.6mil, Thread lift 3.2mil Note: I didnt ask for V-line quote, only long curve mandiblar cut. Sally is the English consultant and she wont break down the price, everything price wise jsut have to discuss in f2f consult. 5- Premier: Specialised in Eyes (Dr Jang), Nose (Dr. Choi) Aesthetic style: dramatic Reasons I consider: 1. Keep hearing about dr Jang work and love their B&A eyes. 2. Found 1 patient had same nose like me and her result is what i want too . Online quotes: - someone got quote 5.5mil for primary rhino from f2f consult Note: They don't have English consultant so cannot consult online, therefore, no quote. You have to bring your own translator for f2f consult. Clinic is known among locals. 6- Naturalism: Specialised in Eyes (Dr.Go), Nose (Dr. Kim) Aesthetic style : Probably natural Reason I consider: 1. People in Kakao keep talking about it and how hard to get an appointment so I assume they are worth a try. 2. I like their natural nose style as Premier is too dramatic when Wannabe is too little change from front profile, I feel Naturalism can balance between the two. Online quotes: - the same person got quote in Premier I mentioned above came here and get 4.5mil quoted for her primary rhino Note: Same as Premier, they dont have an English consultant. I am trying to organise my consultation booking at the moment, my translator is helping with appointments at Premier and Naturalism. Flight tickets and accomodation booked and paid. Currently I am focusing on making my own questions list for consultation plus collecting photos to show doctors. I will try to update this topic after all the consultations. Thanks.
  8. I am hoping to share my primary DES and rhinoplasty (nose tip) experience, and hope that all queries can be consolidated here to serve as future reference for others. Please add your query as a reply to this thread, and I will address them as best / as soon as I can. Eye Research & Shortlist I consulted about 35 clinics online (via KKT), and shortlisted 3 for face-to-face consultation. Please note that I shortlisted the following clinics for f2f consultations based on the following criteria: Doctors’ aesthetics sense for DES - high dramatic parallel crease style Doctors' specialty - must include eyes, and not primarily rhino or facial contouring or breast augmentation Doctors' stitching style - should be neat and consistent (i.e. no messy lines, sausage lids, hooded eyes etc) Doctor should ideally be from Korea's top 3 universities (Seoul National University, Yonsei University or Korea University) Plastic Surgery Board-certified (or if suspended, only non-renewal of fees accepted) (to check if a doctor is certified, please refer to my other post https://beautyhacker.com/topic/1012254-checking-if-a-doctor-is-certified-by-the-korean-association-of-plastic-surgeons/) Need not be on VAT refund list Sources that I based my research on include: KKT group chats (please only join the moderated chats and not those set up by clinic promoters), Beauty Hacker, Plastic Surgery apps for B/A photos (Babitalk (Korean), Gangnam Unnie (Korean and requires Korean phone number), Soyoung (Chinese)), Purseforum 1) Mate Plastic Surgery 메이트성형외과 Dr Kim Geun-Sik 김근식 Plastic Surgery Board-Certified Clinic not yet on VAT refund list (staff said that they are in the process of applying to be on the list) (Former Top Class – left in Aug 2019; Cinderella, Izien, Grand) Korea University graduate Nearest subway: Sinnonhyeon Website: http://mateps.co.kr/ 2) PR Plastic Surgery 피알성형외과 Dr. Rho Kyoung Hwan 노경환 Plastic Surgery Board license suspended, did not pay renewal fees Clinic not on VAT refund list (Former Jewellery, Banobagi) Nearest subway: Sinsa Korea University graduate Website: http://www.prprs.co.kr 3) Item 아이템 성형외과 Dr. Lee Jun Woo 이준우 Plastic Surgery Board-Certified Clinic on VAT refund list (Former BK) Nearest subway: Sinsa Website: http://www.itemclinic.com/ Consultation Experience *Please note that i have indicated an indicative price as price varies from person to person. For a list of sample consultation questions to ask, please refer to my other post. (https://beautyhacker.com/topic/1015406-pre-surgery-pointers-list-of-consultation-questions/). Please note that for Mate and PR, I went with a translator from Gangnam Medical Centre. She charges 30,000 KRW per hour, minimum 2 hours. I find her to be very professional and impartial. If anyone would like her contact, I have listed it below: Name: JJ (tell her you were recommended by Lee) Email: [email protected] 1) Mate Plastic Surgery - Dr Kim Geun-Sik 1st discussion with consultant: 10 minutes Waiting time to see doctor: 5 minutes Consultation with doctor: 25 minutes 2nd discussion with consultant: 15 minutes Recommended procedures & price: $2.2 - $2.7 mil (including tax) for Incisional DES + Epi canthoplasty + Lateral canthoplasty My personal take on consultant: Consultant was professional (read not friendly) and not pushy. She speaks only very basic English. My personal take on doctor I was specifically looking for Dr Kim and messaged TopClass but they said he was leaving in end Jul and did not share where he was leaving to. I searched the Korean apps and found out that he was starting his own clinic. Managed to book a slot right before I left for Korea as his clinic only opened in 3rd week Aug. Doctor seemed shy but confident. He did not seem to have a fixed aesthetics sense that he favoured. In my opinion, he also did not over-recommend unnecessary procedures. 2) PR Plastic Surgery - Dr Rho Kyoung Hwan 1st discussion with consultant: 15 minutes Waiting time to see doctor: 30 minutes Consultation with doctor: 15 minutes 2nd discussion with consultant: 15 minutes Recommended procedures & price: $4 - $4.5 mil (including tax) for Incisional DES + Epi canthoplasty + Upper canthoplasty + Ptosis (and you have to give them permission to use your pictures for marketing purposes) My personal take on consultant: Consultant seemed insincere and started quoting at $6.2 mil before lowering it down to $4.2 mil. My personal take on doctor Doctor was very friendly and spoke intermediate English. Doctor seemed confident. 3) Item Plastic Surgery - Dr Lee Jun Woo 1st discussion with consultant: 15 minutes Waiting time to see doctor: 30 minutes Consultation with doctor: 10 minutes 2nd discussion with consultant: 10 minutes Recommended procedures & price: $3.5 - $4 mil (including tax) for Incisional DES ($1.7 mil) + Upper canthoplasty ($950k) + Upper fat grafting ($950k) (price for cash payment) My personal take on consultant: Consultant’s English is good. She is also friendly and prompt in replies. Although I eventually did not select them, she followed up to offer assistance during my stay at any time - I found this to be a very nice gesture and thanked her for her kind hospitality. My personal take on doctor Doctor was very friendly and spoke good English. Doctor seemed confident. Choice I personally based my choice more on my research (I tried to sieve out real reviews rather than planted reviews) than f2f consultations. In my view, even if the doctor is friendly or confident during the consultation, there is no correlation to the doctor's surgical skills. I also highly suggest researching on doctors rather than clinics. I personally do not place much emphasis on clinics' reputation unless clinics' past reputation suggest unhygienic/unethical practices. Clinics do not train the doctors. If anything, the doctors' past experience, educational background and accreditation would be more relevant. I eventually chose Dr Kim (from Mate) for the following reasons: Based on my research, both Dr Rho (PR) and Dr Kim (Mate) specialised in dramatic high parallel crease. Dr Lee's specialty was more of overall transformation rather than eyes. While all three doctors seemed confident that they could achieve the parallel look I wanted, and shared that epi would be required to achieve the desired crease, Dr. Kim (Mate) was the only one that pointed out that epi would be risky for me given that there is already a large amount of pink at the inner corner of my eye to begin with. Dr Rho (PR) was the only doctor that recommended ptosis. He also initially suggested doing Lateral / Lower canthoplasty but the consultant dropped it from the quotes (after realising the other procedures already added up to $6.2 mil). Dr Lee (Item) had an ideal crease height (which leaned towards being conservative) based on proportion, which I respected but I really wanted a more dramatic transformation. Also, mixed reviews of Item clinic swayed my decision. During the consultation, Dr Kim (Mate) seemed to be more meticulous in designing the crease height and balance with my other facial features Surgery Morning of Surgery Wake up early & wash your face Make sure you are not wearing any accessories or nail polish Bring your contact lens case to store your contact lens (if applicable) NO breakfast (not even a small biscuit or a cup of water) Wear comfortable clothes (button down shirt) and bring cover-ups like caps or sunglasses to protect your eyes after surgery Prepare your appointment card including fees for the operation in advance so that you are on time for the surgery. Go over to clinic early to check in Bring socks - The surgery room can be a bit cold and socks can keep you warm thus calming you down before the surgery. Make sure that in the contract you sign with the clinic before your surgery, it is clearly stated what the full name is of the doctor that is operating on you. The clinic is legally obliged to put this in the contract. This is to avoid a clinic using another doctor for your surgery. Pre-Surgery Process Change into your surgery clothes. Take everything off except for your underwear. Tie your hair back Wash hands first, then your entire face. Make sure it’s completely cleaned. Wait in patient waiting room Consultant brief you about the risk, liability, warranty (in my case, for the 1st year it's free revision, and in the 2nd year it's free revision but you have to pay anesthesia and consultation fees). Sign the waiver of liability form. Go into another room to take a photo of you pre-surgery Doctor comes in and analyses you for the second time (the first time should be at your consultation). He will make small notations on your face and discuss the shape again. This process for me took about an hour. Go into surgery (mine took about 2 hours). Rest in recovery room (I requested to leave immediately since I was super hungry; almost 24 hours since my last meal). The consultant helped me book a taxi and on my way back, she called the driver to check if I reached my Airbnb (the driver took the call on speaker mode). Recovery Day 0 / 1: I was tearing non-stop for the 1st 24 hours and most were tears with diluted blood. There was also a fair bit of bruising at my undereye area (which I religiously used Auriderm and found it to work like a charm). I did not ice much but should get down to being more diligent on icing my eyes. The recovery process has taught me the importance of patience; and the reassurances from the KKT chats were really helpful. Day 2: My eyes still seem very swollen after 40 hours. Will be following up with the doctor later in the day and hopefully, I can return to the clinic to remove the stitches on Day 5. Day 3: The swelling in my eyes has gone down a bit but still significantly swollen. Day 4: Much more bruising at the under area of my eye to my cheeks area but excited for stitch removal tomorrow. Day 5: Stitches are finally off. Stitch removal did not hurt at all. Hopefully my crease height doesn't drop too much from now on. Day 12: Eyes are still significantly swollen - I haven't been icing the past few days and when I visited Hanabi for a nose consult, the doctor said my eyes are still swollen because I did incisional and asked for high crease. I shall be patient and start working on icing and applying the ointment to bring down the swelling. Week 2: Eyes are still swollen and I noticed some small cysts. I went to the pharmacist and he prescribed me antibiotics. He said could be an infection since I did not take the antibiotics right after my surgery that I was prescribed. Week 3: My left eye is still significantly more swollen (even more swollen than Week 2). I contacted clinic and they requested for me to go down to see Dr Kim. Dr Kim said that I had an infection (I didn't tell him that I didn't take the antibiotics earlier prescribed) and asked the nurses to give me two shots of different antibiotics. The swelling subsided after but the left eye remains more swollen than the right as of writing. Week 4: The swelling on both eyes has gone down significantly, although the swelling on my left eye (which was earlier infected) is still slightly more than the right. I am liking the crease height now and I hope it only falls slightly more and not significantly more. Nose I separately decided to proceed with nose tip surgery. Both doctors (my DES doctor Dr Kim and Dr Chang from Hanabi) recommended slight hump reduction on my nose bridge and to adjust the nose tip using ear cartilage for a more refined nose tip. I eventually went with Dr Kim as I did not quite identify with Hanabi's recommendation of raising my nose tip significantly. Price quotation wise, Hanabi's quote was in the range of $5-5.5 mil and Mate's quote was in the range of $1.5-$1.8 mil (hump reduction was free but I opted out of it as I felt it would make my nose bridge appear flatter from the front profile) Day 0: Had a rough night with slight fever and vomitting, and a runny nose with blood trickling down. Woke up with a blocked nose from the dried blood. Day 1: Had cleanup for the dried blood done at the clinic. To return to the clinic on Day 6 for removal of external stitches for nose. (Day 8 for ear stitches removal and Day 10 for removal of internal stitches for nose). I managed to get my hair washed and blow-dried at the salon for 10,000 KRW. Day 2: The fever has gone down and hopefully there is no infection. Day 3: I did not have much bruising but I noticed some swelling on my left cheek. Day 4: I woke up to even more swelling on my left cheek and some swelling on my right cheek. I am still having a low-grade fever that gets better after I take my medicine but comes back again every few hours. Will get it checked when I return to the clinic on Day 6. Day 7: Splint and stitches removed. My nose and the area around it became really oily for the next few days after. Day 12: Left Korea despite there being a slight infection for one of the inner stitch site within the nose. To continue leaving the 3M steri-strip on for another week. Also, the bruising behind my ear was really bad at around Day 10 but has now changed to a yellow/green colour. Week 4: The bulk of the swelling went down by Week 2 and I could resume my daily activities without looking strange or odd. There is faint scarring which I hope it will fade eventually but nothing obvious unless I point it out to others. I have shared my before and after on the KKT group chats. Please do not re-upload or circulate my photos without my permission. Thank you! Here's wishing all with upcoming surgeries all the best.
  9. Hi all! I'm hopefully travelling to SK in mid-July from the UK -- subject to how restrictions are by that point ofc -- to undergo rhino, FC, and BA with DAPRS! As I'm going solo, I'd love to chat with those on this forum a little more before + during. Unfortunately the admin(s) have not given me access to BeautyHacker's Discord or Kakao groups (not entirely sure if they are active on this forum now), so perhaps we could start a new one?
  10. Hello everyone, I'm new in this forum and planning to have a rhinoplasty to narrow my bulbous nose and add some height to my bridge (I'm half Asian). I've actually been to one consultation IRL in the US and two via Kakaotalk (with UVOM and Opera in Korea) but I am very skeptical whether the "experiences" I've read about are real or fake since it's from a certain purse-related site... Also, I am interested in getting a chin augmentation, but with fat transfer and NOT through implant or genioplasty. Do any of you have any real experiences with the two mentioned clinics? Or any recommendations? The most important part for me is safety and longevity of the results; for example I am not sure whether I want to do rhinoplasty with silicone or with septum/ear cartilage – I'm generally hesitant about using foreign materials. One of the clinics recommended alarplasty, even though another doctor from the IRL consultation said it's not needed. I want to avoid going to a clinic who will recommend me procedures (to earn more money) that I don't really need to get the results I desire. Do you guys happen to know any clinics who are great at both rhinoplasty and facial fat transfers? If I've understood it correctly, it's easier to get discounts if you do the procedures all at one place. But I do not want to risk doing a chin augmentation with fat transfer at a place that's really only experienced with rhinoplasty. Sorry for all the questions, I'm new at this and am so nervous about doing a procedure in a foreign country! That being said, I've been to Korea before on vacation so it's not completely foreign to me. Just don't want to get ripped off or doing something obviously dangerous. Thanks a bunch! /Ari
  11. Hi all! I only discovered beautyhacker.com tonight from the purseforum! I am booked in for my surgery with Item Clinic for January 2020. I believe I have a bulbous nose that I would like a natural enhancement for, to look more defined and feminine. I've been quoted about 3.5 million krw and I will be doing my surgery with Dr. Kim. If anyone has any advice or experiences they would like to share, please let me know! I would like to mention that the reason why I am satisfied with Item or feel confident about it is because I have read through other people's experience with Dr. Kim. He appears to be someone who is compatible with my vision to have a natural result instead of a dolly or drastic change over. Initially I was set on Marble because they also had a very natural based results. But their consultant was unreliable and after almost being trapped to put down a deposit for a sudden 7 mil krw procedure, I decided to drop them.
  12. Hello! I would like to get full face fat grat/alarplasty and V line surgery for less than 10,000 USD. Do you think it's realistic? I feel interested by Item/TopFace and Cincerella but i'll kindly listen to your recommendations
  13. Hallo ... I am sorry beforehand if my questions are a little too much (maybe wrong place). First of all, hi I am a newbie in the PS groups too... Second, anyone know something about Dream PS, Item, TFD, UVOM and 365 mc? I am planing to have facial contouring (asymmetry and face looks wide), rhinoplasty (I have low nose Bridge + asymmetrical + big alar), DES + ptosis (had already DES but its not symmetrical and look tired ) and liposuction (had one in the past ).I am doing my best to do my research on internet through forums and blogging and I couldn’t tell them the difference between the "honest“ review and "paid“ review. I know you can’t give reviews before doing the surgery, however its better if it was from un-paid“ one. Third, are there any lawyers in Korea who can speak English with foreigners like me? Fourth, I am planing to go to Korea with my partner, however he will left soon after the surgery is over because he have something to do. Does anybody know where I can ask for helps such home nurse who can speak English? (I am sorry if my English was so bad) If you guys don’t mind to share your opinions as it might be a big help for me. Thank you
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