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  1. I waited months before writing this review because I wanted to give myself time to heal. But time hasn’t made my nose any better so I can finally review the rhinoplasty and DES surgery I got at View this past June. I’m trying not to feel so angry as I write this but it’s hard because after spending so much time, money, and effort and coming out less than satisfied with the poor job View did it’s very disheartening. I scheduled a consult the same day I landed in Korea with View and met with Dr. Lee Dong Chan. He seemed pleasant enough. During our consult I showed him photos of what I was hoping to achieve. My makeup artist had contoured my nose in some photos which I really liked and asked him for the same outcome. He said it was doable and talked about the implant material and height. Not once during the consult did he mention any talk about deviation. Since he was the expert. I trusted his judgement. Next I met with Dr. Kim Jeong Min for my eyes. My main concern was that I had one double lid and one monolid. I asked him to make them even. He recommended incisional which I agreed with. After speaking with Lena over pricing I was then ushered to the lab and got my blood drawn and my photos taken. Surgery was the next day in the morning. My labs were fine so I was cleared to proceed. I started with my eyes first. This one you had to stay awake for. The surgery went fine for that part. However I got upset with the nurse that was poking me with the needle for the general anesthesia bc she had difficulty finding a vein and she hurt me several times as she tried to find one that would work. I was knocked out before I could see Dr. Lee again. I woke up to pain in my throat and was told it was bc of the intubation. I felt like my whole throat was on fire and I started coughing too. I stayed one night in the View suite and then a couple more nights at a hotel nearby so I could do my check ups. Most of this went fine. It wasnt until they took the cast off that things went drastically downhill. On cast removal day I HATED my nose on sight. For one it looked horribly off center. I was told it was “swelling.” But I hated it and was crying at how bad it looked. My kids were saying that I resembled “Doby” from Harry Potter! Dr. Lee and the staff at View kept saying it was fine. I won’t bore you with the details of the excruciating wait. But as the swelling came down my nose looked even more off center and there was a dark red/purple discoloration at the top of my bridge that wasn’t going away. I kept sending messages to View about this but again I was told it was “fine” About 4 months post op the redness still hadnt gone away and I could feel how thin the skin on my bridge had gotten. It was starting to scare me so I decided to get a second option. I went to a double board certified ENT plastic surgeon (Dr. Carlos Hornado in Beverly Hills) for a consultation. Dr. Hornado looked at my face and after checking me thoroughly asked “why didn’t they fix your deviation?” I didn’t know what to say. The deviation was NEVER even brought up during my consultation! Then he said what I had feared. The Goretex bridge used was was too high and narrow for my face. It gave me an unflattering pinched look. He said he couldn’t understand why such a high and narrow implant was used with NO consideration to the integrity of the nose. He said my skin had thinned out a lot and I definitely needed a revision. I got home and texted View right away. Immediately Sam rude in insisting that I was also to blame? What the hell? View refused to take any responsibility for the poor job they did on my nose! At one point Sam was saying I “should have known” about my deviation? I couldn’t believe it. I am not a medical doctor, nor do I work in the medical field. How the heck was I supposed to”know” isn’t that why I was paying View? So they could tell me what needed to be done? Fixing a deviation is one of the most basic procedures for an ENT surgeon! I can’t even talk to Sam bc she’s rude and despite telling me that Lena (head of their department) would contact me she never did and still hasn’t! This tells me that once View has your money they fail to care about their patients after the fact and DONT take any responsibility for their mistakes. I can’t even begin to express how disappointing, pissed, and stressed I have been since my rhinoplasty. On top of this my eyes went back to being uneven! So both my surgeries were failures. I reached out to other girls on Kakao forums and it turns out there are a lot of girls out there who are DISSATISFIED with their surgeries from View. In summary I would NOT recommend, refer, or even consider View if you are thinking of getting surgery in Korea. I am now forced to look at my options which will again cost me more time, money, and effort to FIX what View should have done correctly to begin with! I would also caution anyone going on the View Kakao forums where there are obvious promoters on there. Below I have attached a link with an in depth article about Views questionable sales tactics. I seriously REGRET getting surgery at View and if I had a chance to do it over knowing the things I know now I would NEVER have gone there. https://telegra.ph/MEET-KOREAS-1-PLASTIC-SURGERY-INTERNET-SCAMMER-PREDATOR--TROLL-09-12
  2. Hi all, I have been thinking about plastic surgery since October 2019 and been researching for a few months now. Originally, my plan was to go in May 2020 but things changed and now I have 3.5 weeks left before my trip. By the way, I dont get any discount for writing this because my trip not even start yet and I haven't talked to any clinic in person yet, so, plz don't. Today, I decided to write this post to begin sharing my journey and hopefully it can help some people. I know there are fake reviews everywhere, thats why I decided to start this topic early and will update frequently. This is also my one and only review on the Internet. I am in a few Kakaotalk group chats and I use my Kakao ID as my display name here, so feel free to add me in Kakaotalk if you want. Also looking for PS buddies as I will be travel alone and may be we can support each other through the tough healing process. In October, when I got so hype about the idea of getting PS, I watched shit load of PS reviews on Youtube and as a result I ended up to contact a medical tour agency through email. They replied me, suggested 4 big names that I believe everyone knows : Banobagi, ID, View, Cinderella. None of them ended up in my shortlist though and main reasons are: big factory type of hospitals, rumors of shadow doctors, botches stories or just being expensive. After few days of researches I decided not to go with a medical tour agency or any agent because: I ve been to SK twice, it is easy to travel around with subway system, many clinics got English translators/consultants, and simply I can get cheaper quote if i go direct to clinics plus going with agent will limited your choice. Later on, I went on Purse Forum, Kakao, Realself etc.. and online consulted with over 30 clinics. I changed my mind a lot in the first month of researching because everyday I will discover more reviews (both fake and real lol) and more clinics. I think talking with people on Kakao and seeing their real results day by day had the most impact on my shortlisted clinics. Also get a lot of tips to prepare for consults, surgeries and recover from people there so I suggest if you dont have Kakaotalk yet, install it and join some of these group chats. A bit about me, I never have any PS before so this will be my first trip. I have a slight hump on my nose, bulbous tip and my alar a bit wide. My eyelids are thin line and not even, left side drop a bit over my lashes. Face wise, I dont have super big cheekbone but my lower jaw is a bit square, nerves seem to be low, also have double chin and lot of fat on my face. I was supposed to lose some weight before the trip in May but now I have only 3 weeks so chin lipo is a must. What kind of procedures Im looking at and aesthetic style: - Eyes: double eyelids, dolly and outline style, want permenant result, dont want epi but lower cantho and may be lateral if dr said ok. - Nose: prefer no silicone, natural style with a slight curve on the bridge, dont want osteotomy if possible but might need hump removal. - FC: dont want zygoma, want natural result, no pointy chin, prefer less aggressive method if possible, chin lipo. Now let's get to the main point of today - my shortlisted clinics, their specialities and quotes. 1- The Face Dental (10% VAT not included): Speclised in Double Jaw, V-line, Genio, Zygoma. Aesthetic style: Natural Reasons I consider TFD : 1.Haven't heard of any botch from dr Lee yet. 2. Price for V-line is very reasonable. 3. Dr. Lee is high skilled and ethical at the same time = safe. 4. 1 doctor : 1 in house anesthesiologist = safe. Online quotes: 4.4 - 6.6mil V-line, 2mil dissolvable pin, 2mil chin lipo and muscles reduction. Note: He doesnt do eyes and nose, only face contour. He runs his own Kakao chat and you can consult with him directly there. Some of his media platforms and his website might be run by a lady name Olivia and don't go through her, she is a bit not clear about the price since she will take commision. 2- Wannabe ( 10% VAT not included): Specialised: not sure Aesthetic style: Natural Reasons I consider : 1. Havent seen any botch. 2. Price in general is reasonable. 3. Small clinic, seems to be popular among locals Online quotes: - Mini V-line 6mil, Full V-line 6.5mil - Primary DES start from 2.1mil, Ptosis 0.6mil, Lateral Cantho 1mil, Loweing Cantho 1.3mil - Primary Rhino 3.3mil, currently has promotion for 2.65mil on Instagram - Accusculpting per area 1.5mil Note: Alice is the English consultant, she is quite nice. Claimed that they use Resorbable screw for all V-line. 3- Braun: Specialised in FC ( Dr. Kim Tae Gyu) and Rhino/revision rhino (Dr. Kim Gui Rak) Aesthetic style: I dont know Reasons I consider: 1. Real review - One person on Kakao had a revision rhino there after a big infection from previous rhino, result came out nicely. 2. Their FC techniques. Online quotes: - DES incision 3.5mil, Epi Cantho 1.5mil - Primary Rhino 7mil - Jaw reduction 6.5mil, zyg 6.2mil, mandiblar angle 6.5mil or 17mill full FC or 11mil V-line - Accusculpt laser 3mil Note: quotes are very expensive but they offered me 50% off if reservation in Oct since these quotes are from Oct. 4- Item Specialised in Eyes (Dr. Kim Jin Sung for dolly, Dr Jung for natural) Aesthetic style: depends on dr. Reasons I consider: 1. Real review - been watching someone review since consult day till now which is 3 months post op, result is on point, dr gave what she wanted. 2. B&A look a bit photoshop but look like they fix many asymetrical eyes, and my eyes are not even. Online quotes: - Incision des + ptosis + epi + lateral cantho = 4.8mil - Rhino bridge + tip + alar = 6.3mil - Jaw reduction 4.6mil - Chin implant 2.6mil, Thread lift 3.2mil Note: I didnt ask for V-line quote, only long curve mandiblar cut. Sally is the English consultant and she wont break down the price, everything price wise jsut have to discuss in f2f consult. 5- Premier: Specialised in Eyes (Dr Jang), Nose (Dr. Choi) Aesthetic style: dramatic Reasons I consider: 1. Keep hearing about dr Jang work and love their B&A eyes. 2. Found 1 patient had same nose like me and her result is what i want too . Online quotes: - someone got quote 5.5mil for primary rhino from f2f consult Note: They don't have English consultant so cannot consult online, therefore, no quote. You have to bring your own translator for f2f consult. Clinic is known among locals. 6- Naturalism: Specialised in Eyes (Dr.Go), Nose (Dr. Kim) Aesthetic style : Probably natural Reason I consider: 1. People in Kakao keep talking about it and how hard to get an appointment so I assume they are worth a try. 2. I like their natural nose style as Premier is too dramatic when Wannabe is too little change from front profile, I feel Naturalism can balance between the two. Online quotes: - the same person got quote in Premier I mentioned above came here and get 4.5mil quoted for her primary rhino Note: Same as Premier, they dont have an English consultant. I am trying to organise my consultation booking at the moment, my translator is helping with appointments at Premier and Naturalism. Flight tickets and accomodation booked and paid. Currently I am focusing on making my own questions list for consultation plus collecting photos to show doctors. I will try to update this topic after all the consultations. Thanks.
  3. Hey guys Estheryuki/Esther from the Kakao chat. I would have used my kakao handle but Estheryuki was taken already so I just used a nickname my irl friends call me lol. I’ve never had that handle taken before since it’s a name ID I’ve used since middle school lmao Situation: Ive been researching ps stuff since last year, dipped out for a several months bc school and work and now I’m back at it but it’s more confusing now for some reason. Background: For background, I’m 27 years old, Work in the healthcare field, and am Korean American who has about 50% ish grasp of Korean. So I chat with clinics via English and Korean but still what info I get feels very....shadowed since I’m not technically a local lol. I’m trying to get primary double eyelid surgery with the goal of dolly eyes that can make my eyes more awake and brighter 초롱초롱 but I’m befuddled by my long ass list I’m having trouble narrowing down. Please help me out as I’m set to go to Korea 7/14-7/29! I’ll attach my document here if that’s ok. Assessment: I already have double eyelids but uneven and I’d like to further or enhance it ^^ my eyebags are a problem too bc nightshift work ruined me lol Plan: narrow down five clinics, consult them ASAP during my visit...or just pick a clinic, pay deposit and plan surgery date so I can focus on healing my eyes for two weeks! Help please? Ruby Plastic Surgery Double Eyelid Surgery = 1,650,000 KRW Premier No quote given POP Plastic Surgery Double Eyelid Surgery + upper eye fix = 400,000 KRW Gyalumhan Ptosis correction+ undereye fat = 6,000,000 KRW DAPS Ptosis correction + undereye fat reposition= no quote Marble Ptosis correction + Double Eyelid Surgery + epicanthoplasty + lat epicanthoplasty + undereye fat reposition= 6,300,000 - 9,000,000 KRW Ilumi No quote given. TOPFACE DES (natural adhesion) + med epicanthoplasty = 3,500,000 -4,000,000 KRW TL Plastic Surgery PR Plastic Surgery
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