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  1. Hi! I'm a bit late to the promised 3 month update, but here we go. My eyes are a lot more natural now. I had an issue where the inner part of my incision line was raised, but it went away on its own. However, the eye that took longer to work on is still more swollen than the other eye, so I can notice the unevenness. It's not bothering me TOO much right now, as I'm still early on in the healing process (roughly 4 months), but it is still annoying. Overall, I'm really happy with the actual line: I got the in out line I wanted! I still have some mild ptosis (I can feel myself u
  2. Hi! I’m glad you enjoyed the update. The clinic was called Point Up Clinic (right next to Pop) and it was an event on Gangnam Unni that was called 더불붓기케어, or Double Swelling Care. It was advertised specifically as a service to help with post OP swelling, so the lymphatic drainage massage, etc all helped. They didn’t really say anything about GU or having to leave a review for them, but I still left one (literally one sentence lmao) as Gangnam Unni kind of encourages you to do so when you sign up for an event. The cost of the service was 123,000 won if I remember correctly, and it was a b
  3. Firstly, I will note that I am relatively fluent in Korean. However, here are some things that I compiled to make your trip easier, both surgery related and other random tidbits that I personally didn't see online! Note that some of these things are COVID/quarantine specific, so some advice may seem/become outdated. Note that I haven't had any bone shaving/cutting surgery, so I can't give tips regarding those things. Some people have reached out to me thinking I got zygoma or vline, etc, and I just want to state that I have not gotten any of those procedures and will not get them in the future
  4. Hi everyone, I have gotten my procedures done at Luho and posted a very extensive 2 week diary. I will not be sharing B&A photos, and prices stated in this thread are accurate to what I paid. I will state that I most likely got these prices because I was able to communicate with the consultant (who is the person you initially negotiate with) in full Korean, and my nose and eyes were relatively straight forward. As you can see, I was initially looking to do my nose and eyes at separate clinics. However, I was thrown off by JT's consultants as they were pushy and not willin
  5. If you want to know my reasoning for going to Luho as well as other clinics I have consulted, please feel free to check out my other post. I have finally come back from Korea and thought I’d post my VERY detailed 2 week post op journey. I will check back in for a 3 month update, and hopefully 6 month and 1 year! Procedures Received - Eyes: Primary Incisional DES + Ptosis Correction (in-out line) - Nose: Primary rhinoplasty (silicone implant, alarplasty, tipplasty with ear and septal cartilage) - Forehead: Fat Grafting to forehead only - Etc: Masseter botox (got a
  6. Hi everyone, Here is my final post for all my consultations! I will post a comprehensive review on 1) quarantine and the quarantine process and 2) my eyes and nose after 3 months post op. I consulted with JT (formerly Item). They were slightly slower than usual, but I heard it is due to them still setting up their clinic at the time. I stated that they quoted me 4 million when they were still Item, but that was a mistake due to my blurry memory. If you read my first post, you can see that Item actually quoted me 4.6 million won. For silicone and septal cartilage for ti
  7. Hello everyone! This will probably be one of my last updates for this particular thread, unless I discover a clinic I really like. I will be going to Korea during late spring - early summer, and will be compiling my thoughts and journey as well as tips once I have gone and come back in a new thread as this thread was strictly for consultation purposes! I have finalized my decision to go to Luho for my double eyelid surgery. We have agreed to do incisional DES with ptosis correction with Dr. Kim. They said that epicanthoplasty seems unnecessary from my pictures, but they
  8. A reviewer said that she was partially awake during her rhinoplasty and could feel the knife and cuts. She also disclosed that they pushed her very much to write a review, and so warned that many others may have also been encouraged to write a review, questioning the validity of the reviews. Of course, it doesn't change the actual picture results I've seen (which have been fairly good), so it is up to your own discretion.
  9. Hi everyone! 2020 was crazy and it seems as though my surgery may be slated for late winter next year, seeing as how things are getting worse. Please stay safe! Here are some thoughts I've had while away lol. I've become more interested in buccal fat removal. At first I was worried as a lot of people say my chubby cheeks are part of my charm, but my entire family has chubby cheeks so I know it's something that won't go away with age, and I'm not sure if I want to live looking like a full moon for the rest of my life lol. However, I did get masseter botox very recently for the first time (
  10. Hey @stciv, Sorry for the late reply! Actually, after reading more ITEM posts, I think I want to try going to ITEM for an in person consultation and seeing how I feel. I haven't read too many English reviews about Mate at the moment, but I saw bunch of reviews on Gangnam Unni and I did like the reviews so far.
  11. Hey @ChubbyBun! I love your results. We have sort of similar jaws -- do you recommend getting the threadlift/accusculpt? i have very chubby cheeks and i definitely plan on getting masseter botox. I heard some cons about getting a threadlift, but I was wondering if you thought personally a combination of the three procedures went well for you.
  12. Consultations on this update: Nana Hospital (ENG) Mind Clinic (ENG NANA (Eng) I reached out because I saw some girl get her surgery and it looked super natural. I reached out to the channel to ask where she got it done, and they privately messaged me and told me it was Nana. I reached out in English and there were some delays, but it was fine. They recommended ptosis correction and epicanthoplasty, and for my rhinoplasty, suggested full open rhinoplasty + alar base reduction. Other clinics told me that that they thought I wouldn’t need epi or that the rhino would h
  13. Consultations on this list: DA Plastic Surgery (Eyes + Nose) ++) Updates from Luho, Marble DA PS (DREAM AESTHETICS) (Eng) I will start off by saying they took a long time to get back to me (2 days), and I think this could be because I contacted them when it was the weekend. However, they were VERY thorough. They drew on my photo and gave me two options with the drawings of roughly how high I could augment my nose: either super high or pretty natural. It would be an open rhinoplasty with silicone for the nose bridge and they gave me options: rib/ear+septal for the tip, with
  14. Thanks @ChubbyBun! Your review and the google site you put up was massively helpful. Would it be possible to Kakao you for questions?
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