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  1. Our Beauty Hacker Kakao group chat is currently at 20+ members! This is a general plastic surgery group which was formed due to the inactivity of BH's admins. For those wanting to join, please drop your Kakao ID and/or QR code here so I can add you (Ideally, quote this message when you do so I can get notified)
  2. As per the title, we now have a new Kakao group chat up and running! Just comment your Kakao ID below or message me for access — I’ll contact you on the app just to make sure I have the right person :))
  3. Anyone set this up yet? If not dm me your kakao IDs and I’ll try and make one!
  4. That sounds like a great idea! I'll go add you now @alessi19 feel free to dm me your kakao and we can make a group!
  5. Exciting! I was hoping that the need to quarantine in a government facility for two weeks would have relaxed, but since it's still a requirement I'm likely going to wait it out till August/September time, sadly
  6. I'd love to join the new Kakaotalk group if/when it's sorted out!
  7. That's unfortunate but understandable I can't help you I'm afraid! I'm going with DA as their "DA Angel", which is basically a fancy way of saying I'm sponsored.
  8. Hi all! I'm hopefully travelling to SK in mid-July from the UK -- subject to how restrictions are by that point ofc -- to undergo rhino, FC, and BA with DAPRS! As I'm going solo, I'd love to chat with those on this forum a little more before + during. Unfortunately the admin(s) have not given me access to BeautyHacker's Discord or Kakao groups (not entirely sure if they are active on this forum now), so perhaps we could start a new one?
  9. Hello, I would love to be added to the Eyes & Nose and Facial Contouring groups and, if there is one, the DAPRS group
  10. I'm also planning on going to DA! Their B&A results look amazing but I'm not sure how much of that is edited
  11. Hi, I'm hachi -- a 21 y/o student hoping to go to SK in July for primary rhino, FC, and BA + minor cosmetic adjustments (if it fits in the budget)! So happy to find a community for this journey
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