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  1. Thank you!!! Yes I'm all healed now and dying to fix my nose and do other surgeries but i can't travel to Korea atm so it's going to be a while before I can do more surgeries best of luck to you!!
  2. If you read one of my replies above, you'll see that I was still recovering from double jaw surgery and BA haha. My face was literally a balloon and the 2 major surgeries I just had made me easily out of breath. With double jaw surgery I wasn't able to open my mouth for any tubing (when in surgery) for a good 3+ months. So since I can't open mouth to insert any tubing then I couldn't have surgery
  3. Hey yea I've heard about it a lot in chat groups. I think Naturalism is very popular for natural results as their name haha. I personally never considered them because you need to hire a translator yourself. So I worry there may be miscommunication or after surgery I may not be able to communicate with them. But if you can hire a translator then Naturalism is a very locally popular clinic.
  4. Hey, this was in January. I just never ended up posting any reviews. I'm currently not in Korea so looking into rhinoplasty in US and researching doctors here. I did DJS at The Face Dental and BA at Nana in Jan.
  5. Hello, I'm Schadenfreude in Kakaotalk. I've done in-person consultations at 13 clinics (that's all I can remember at the moment. I will update if I remember more) I apologize in advance that I'll be writing short reviews as there are many clinics and I don't want to write essays lol Disclaimer: These are my personal experiences based on my tastes in nose and eyes style which maybe different from yours. The nose style I like is similar to Angelababy's nose (round tip, not short nose, high bridge but in between natural and dolly or dramatic) and I prefer outfold, parallel crease for ey
  6. Nothing is free.. and do you know most countries now need a visa under new rule, except US and one other country.
  7. I wouldn't say free food. It's 2.1 mil won after all.
  8. I think you need to do more research. You don't know that TFD is a dental clinic and you also don't know you cannot do any Rhinoplasty with 2 jaw. You have to wait 6 months after 2 jaw for the bones to settle and do Rhinoplasty. I strongly suggest you do some googling, reading and research.
  9. Hi, may I know the Dr you're thinking for rhino at DA? I can't go until December because the Korean Embassy here is no longer giving tourist visas.
  10. Hi, I'm Schadenfreude in KakaoTalk. I had double jaw surgery at The Face Dental (TFD) on Jan 28th 2020. A little bit of background on me.. Naturally, I have a very pointy or protruding chin and long face. I have a bit of gummy smile and my bite is off laterally a bit. I already had braces for a year and half and already removed them for a year before this surgery but I have permanent retainers. So so far at 4.5 months post op, I don't need to wear braces again after surgery. FYI usually your nose shape will CHANGE depending on how much you move your upper jaw, after two jaw surgery. So, i
  11. Probably. Dr Jin is quite expensive after all. Are you only looking for rib cartilage rhino?
  12. Please let me know if you have done double jaw surgery. I was recommended by most clinics i consulted with online. Thank you!!!!
  13. One more question~ based on online consultations, I've been recommended Double Jaw Surgery but since I am actually fine with chewing and biting now, and just took off my braces a few months ago, I'm planning to do FC instead of Double Jaw to balance out my asymmetry. Has anyone ever done FC to cover up jaw assymetry? If so, please help!! Thank you so much
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