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  1. Do you need anyone to talk to on Kakao? I'm looking for some people to chat with about surgeries, I'd be happy to support you while you're there my kakao is lizlizgnocci as welll
  2. You look great! This is the kind of natural difference I'm looking for. Do you use Kakao to talk w people about your experience? I'm interested in Wannabe as well so I'll add you on Kakao if I can ^^
  3. Have the people recently trying to get into the kakao groups managed? I really want to find some people to talk with about plastic surgery bc I don't have anyone in my day-to-day life other than my therapist who i discuss it with. I want to find some friends and maybe plan our trips for around the same time. Hope to hear from the admin soon.
  4. Hi! I'm Liz and am planning my surgeries in Korea a year or so in advance. I'm going to be getting ptosis correction done and zygoma reduction. Probably some fat grafting as well. I do have a clinic in mind already so I hope to see ppl talking about their experience there & maybe find some people traveling around the same time & staying in nearby hostels who I can begin to plan my trip with. I'm really looking for a couple good friends to go through this with since it's such an intensive thing. Plus I would like to have a chance to enjoy South Korea a bit. I'm just beginning to use Duo
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