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Found 3 results

  1. As per the title, we now have a new Kakao group chat up and running! Just comment your Kakao ID below or message me for access — I’ll contact you on the app just to make sure I have the right person :))
  2. Hi, so it seems like the admin for the previous kakao group is inactive, so I decided to create one. Please join if you're interested in having PS in Korea in 2021, or if already had plastic surgery so you can share your results with us https://open.kakao.com/o/go4hXjTc
  3. Entering public Kakao group chats can be helpful and make the journey of PS seem less lonely. You may want to break off into 1:1 discussions with people in the group. This is a method to do that while protecting your anonymity. Tip: Try to avoid sharing your Kakao Talk IDs in public or using the same ID for clinic communications in public group communications. You can get spammed or traced by a Korean clinic staff member you have engaged in the past who may begin stalking you in group chats and manipulating conversations around you in order to lure you into their clinic (Yes, this is
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