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  1. Hello everyone, I'm new in this forum and planning to have a rhinoplasty to narrow my bulbous nose and add some height to my bridge (I'm half Asian). I've actually been to one consultation IRL in the US and two via Kakaotalk (with UVOM and Opera in Korea) but I am very skeptical whether the "experiences" I've read about are real or fake since it's from a certain purse-related site... Also, I am interested in getting a chin augmentation, but with fat transfer and NOT through implant or genioplasty. Do any of you have any real experiences with the two mentioned clinics? Or any recommendations? The most important part for me is safety and longevity of the results; for example I am not sure whether I want to do rhinoplasty with silicone or with septum/ear cartilage – I'm generally hesitant about using foreign materials. One of the clinics recommended alarplasty, even though another doctor from the IRL consultation said it's not needed. I want to avoid going to a clinic who will recommend me procedures (to earn more money) that I don't really need to get the results I desire. Do you guys happen to know any clinics who are great at both rhinoplasty and facial fat transfers? If I've understood it correctly, it's easier to get discounts if you do the procedures all at one place. But I do not want to risk doing a chin augmentation with fat transfer at a place that's really only experienced with rhinoplasty. Sorry for all the questions, I'm new at this and am so nervous about doing a procedure in a foreign country! That being said, I've been to Korea before on vacation so it's not completely foreign to me. Just don't want to get ripped off or doing something obviously dangerous. Thanks a bunch! /Ari
  2. Hi, Anyone have recommendations/had consultations with beauty clinics/ps clinics that does stemcell therapy/stem cell fat graft ? Is stemcell fat graft a fad? Have you tried it, how do you like it? Positive or negative experience are most welcome. Let me (and all of us here) know what you think. Cheers,
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