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  1. Hallo ... I am sorry beforehand if my questions are a little too much (maybe wrong place). First of all, hi I am a newbie in the PS groups too... Second, anyone know something about Dream PS, Item, TFD, UVOM and 365 mc? I am planing to have facial contouring (asymmetry and face looks wide), rhinoplasty (I have low nose Bridge + asymmetrical + big alar), DES + ptosis (had already DES but its not symmetrical and look tired ) and liposuction (had one in the past ).I am doing my best to do my research on internet through forums and blogging and I couldn’t tell them the difference between the "honest“ review and "paid“ review. I know you can’t give reviews before doing the surgery, however its better if it was from un-paid“ one. Third, are there any lawyers in Korea who can speak English with foreigners like me? Fourth, I am planing to go to Korea with my partner, however he will left soon after the surgery is over because he have something to do. Does anybody know where I can ask for helps such home nurse who can speak English? (I am sorry if my English was so bad) If you guys don’t mind to share your opinions as it might be a big help for me. Thank you
  2. I do not know but I still can’t change my ID in my Group... I have Iphone with me
  3. I am looking for one too. However I have contacted one of the clinic in SK and the could find one however they do not know / not sure if the nurse can speak English. I believe you can ask the clinic you are planing to go and ask this question again. I am actually also looking for Travel RN for helping me go through the process.
  4. Hi, I believe better in SK. Please do it outside the Airport. Because their exchange rates is normaly outrage
  5. Hi everyone its me Alyani. I am 23 years old girls who like pretty things in life. Be brave is my biggest motto, however I don’t mind to cry for my feelings. English is not my mother language so I hope everyone here understand and can connect with me. Be happy to share my Kakao ID however I do not know whether I can share in this Post. I am planing to do my Surgeries this year 2019, the month I am still couldn’t decided yet because I haven’t go to embassy yet ( still in DE ) and haven’t enough information about the clinics in SK itself. Surgery I am planning to take Facial Contour Nose job Eyelid surgery ( pitosis + Soof muscle #sorry I forgot the complete name ) Liposuction ( maybe ) Past OP Liposuction ( Paris ) my daily Beauty stack Nivea Zart cream ( navy blue ) as my Makeup remover ( whole face !!) Shishedo Oil Clenser SK II pitera Dior Serums ( Glow + Plump ) Origins ginsing Eye cream ( Day ) Shishedo Eye serum ( Night ) Dior Age defense cream Nitrogena stick light pen ( fight acne ) Kora Face balm ( as my Lip balm ) Channels Parfums ( coco and original N5) True face, Channel, benefits, Dior, Estee Lauder etc 、Channel Pirate Mask I am using Bio products which is mean I made it myself ... once a week. ( white eggs, kaolin + matcha , curcuma etc ) Thank you for letting me join Alyani
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