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  1. Hallo ... I am sorry beforehand if my questions are a little too much (maybe wrong place). First of all, hi I am a newbie in the PS groups too... Second, anyone know something about Dream PS, Item, TFD, UVOM and 365 mc? I am planing to have facial contouring (asymmetry and face looks wide), rhinoplasty (I have low nose Bridge + asymmetrical + big alar), DES + ptosis (had already DES but its not symmetrical and look tired ) and liposuction (had one in the past ).I am doing my best to do my research on internet through forums and blogging and I couldn’t tell them the difference between
  2. I do not know but I still can’t change my ID in my Group... I have Iphone with me
  3. I am looking for one too. However I have contacted one of the clinic in SK and the could find one however they do not know / not sure if the nurse can speak English. I believe you can ask the clinic you are planing to go and ask this question again. I am actually also looking for Travel RN for helping me go through the process.
  4. Hi, I believe better in SK. Please do it outside the Airport. Because their exchange rates is normaly outrage
  5. Hi everyone its me Alyani. I am 23 years old girls who like pretty things in life. Be brave is my biggest motto, however I don’t mind to cry for my feelings. English is not my mother language so I hope everyone here understand and can connect with me. Be happy to share my Kakao ID however I do not know whether I can share in this Post. I am planing to do my Surgeries this year 2019, the month I am still couldn’t decided yet because I haven’t go to embassy yet ( still in DE ) and haven’t enough information about the clinics in SK itself. Surgery I am planning to take Facial C
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