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  1. Hi everyone, I know this has been brought up a million and one times but I wasn't able to find any threads about it. I'm considering going back to Korea for surgery during Christmas/New Years (probably ~dec 15th) time. I assume I'll need to put down a deposit for a surgery date but does anyone know which days clinics are actually closed?
  2. I used Citymapper and found it to be incredibly useful and easy to use.
  3. Hi all, would you recommend renting a pocket WiFi or sim card in Korea? Are there pros and cons to each?
  4. Hi all, I have quite a few flat moles on my face that I would like to remove. Are there any clinics you would recommend? Is it safe to do this a few days prior to facial contouring and rhinoplasty?
  5. Where are the best spots to exchange money in Seoul?
  6. Hi all, traveling to Korea next month. Will I need a power adapter for my appliances?
  7. For how long should eye cream be avoided around the crease area?
  8. Hi all! Nice to meet you. I’m a long time lurker in the kk chats (almost a year now). However I try to jump in and participate when I can. I am a female in my mid 20s. I am going to Korea in November for the first time. I will be getting: vline, maybe zygoma, rhino with osteotomy, incisional des, epi, lateral cantho, ptosis correction. I’m really excited and can’t wait to share my experience and photos with the community!
  9. There's a fear that they will be ousted for having plastic surgery, which in many countries is still frowned upon. I've noticed that some folks who have been brave enough to share their photos have been attacked and accused of being a promoter.
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