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  1. Thank you for the info girl. When are you going to get your rhino? i am thinking about consulting in April and hopefully I could find one i like and get the surgery on the same trip.
  2. I see i see! I didn't know DES would be a contributing factor. Are you going to get rhino at the same time? I was checking out naturalism. Their price seems to be more than other clinics. Do you know who is the head doctor for rhino?
  3. Yes Kino! This is going to be my first rhino. I will post what I want. I prefer natural style. The second and third pictures are from myself. I would love to have a list so I could restart the research process. Thank you!
  4. Hello everyone, I was once thought I would go to 101ps for sure. I heard that Dr. Paik is leaving Korea and he will no longer operate. I hate to say, but I have to start the research process all over again, quite frustrating! I am looking for recommendations for rhino doctors. I would be so happy if you could share with me ones you think they are worth checking out of. Thank you!!
  5. Thank Jabba! These are very helpful! I am very open minded regarding what to use for my bridge and I will go with what the doctor suggests. The only thing I won't get is rib cartilage. I also prefer using less artificial implants like silicon if possible. I am not looking to have a dramatic lift for my nose bridge so I am hoping to find a surgeon who use septal cartilage often and potentially with more experience. Through consulting online, I was suggested with silicon implants most of the time and only a few cases mentioned about septum. I want to get opinion from a doctor who uses septal cartilage often.
  6. Hello everyone! I am wondering if septum cartilage is normally used for the nose tip only? Can it be use for the bridge as well? I asked some places and most of them told me to get silicon for bridge than ear cartilage for tip. Do you guys know any good surgeon that use septum cartilage often? I am not considering using rib cartilage. Thanks!
  7. Thank you for sharing girl! Did you have to book the appointments with the consultant online? I am looking to get rhino and seems like they quoted you much lower than what I got from online.
  8. Hello sisters! I am planning a trip to Korea for a primary rhino possibly after the winter. I didn't start looking for information and reviews until about a month ago. Right now I have contacted just five clinics, but I received various treatment plans/suggestions. When I first contacted them, I talked about I wanted a rhino surgery and would prefer not to have too much artificial implant. I also sent them pictures of my own face and the nose of my preference. Namu recommended silicon implant at the beginning and I said i would prefer not to have artificial implant if possible. After a while, the consultant said my mid face is sunken and my mouth is protruded so these should be my main concerns. She said that a rhino alone would only make my nose looked nice but not the whole facial view, because of my sunken mid face. She also claimed that sunken face would make the nose looking flat from the side view. In another word, a tall nose might not seem as prominent due to a sunken mid face. Therefore, I was recommended with mid face augmentation and a rhino. ps101 said to have tip plasty using ear cartilage and if I would like a taller bridge, they suggested silicon implant or dermal fat. The other clinics all suggested both bridge and tip surgery and all of them recommended artificial implant for nose bridge. I have read about various pros and cons among different types of implants (artificial and analogous) for nose bridge and it seems like there is no such ideal materiel available. Please share you thoughts if you don't mind. Before, I tended to think the opposite of Namu so I was very surprised when they told me about my face and how it affects the looking of my nose. I thought a nose would look more prominent on flatter cheeks/faces. Wouldn't the prominent cheeks block the view of the nose looking from the side? I wasn't aware of face's sunken at all in the past, and I only thought about my flat nose. I heard 101 is quite conservative, which I am fine with, as long as they are able to achieve my desire look from what I have, but I am unsure about this part, since there is no picture available to see. I am not sure if what I want is fitting their frame. I am looking for suggestions on other clinics too, so I would really appreciate if someone could share their thoughts. Pictures of myself and the nose of my preference are attached. Thank you for you time, Good day.
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