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  1. This clinic has been starting to get mentioned frequently, and like a few other clinics, it could likely be by design and not organic or natural rise like Everm or TFD. Meaning people are getting incentivized or creative clinic marketing staff are increasing the mentions of the clinic artificially on other forums.
  2. Canthopexy vs Canthoplasty Sometimes the terms Canthopexy and Canthoplasty get used interchangeably. Technically these are two different procedures. These two basically work on the outer corner of the eye (lateral canthal tendon / lateral commissure/canthus). Canthopexy is repositioning the tendon without cutting it. Canthoplasty is cutting the tendon. Both techniques can be done in combination, which some surgeons for simplicity sake will then just call a canthoplasty. These procedures have been done for years to correct malposition of the eyelid corner. To create wider and brighter eyes, it's usually correcting "Mulan" eyes, where the outter corner slants higher than the inner corner, so the outer corner needs to be brought down (canthopexy) and moved out (canthoplasty). Canthoplasty = makes eyes appear longer. Canthopexy = corrects slant Cantoplasty + Canthopexy = improves length + slant and has synergy of making eyes look bigger when combined together. This photo shows how positioning the outer corner, out and down creates larger or brighter eyes. Risks: All surgeries carry risks, for canthoplasty and canthopexy common complications include deformity of the outer corner (lateral commissure/canthus), recurrence (going back to how it was before), mucosal exposure (exposing too much of the pink tissue in your eye), and ectropion (the inside of your lower eyelid sagging and skin rolling out exposing too much pink soft tissue). Sources: Cosmetic Lateral Canthoplasty: Lateral Canthoplasty to Lengthen the Lateral Canthal Angle and Correct the Outer Tail of the Eye Cosmetic Lateral Canthoplasty: Preserving the Lateral Canthal Angle
  3. Hi Rey, some people in the Eyes and Nose group have had lipo. People usually cover general topics in there too.
  4. Esther you are having analysis paralysis. Right now you're at 10 picks, and you should really think about getting this down to 3 to 5 max for face to face consults. Having 10 face to face consults is too much. It will become confusing and all the recommendations, prices, schedules and doctors will become a blur. Based on this list, the ones you have responses from so far are essentially 5, I took out DAPS because it did not supply a quote. Eyelid surgery is one the more straight forward surgeries in Korea, so the clinics below should be competent in this procedure, especially from my own knowledge and experience. Ruby Pop Gylumhan Marble Top Face Your next step now is to go out into the field and consult and begin the process of elimination. Write down what are the most important factors for you and at the face to face consultation start to narrow down: Your goals: Wider and brighter (dolly) eyes and appearance Under eye and dark circle / bag correction Assess the clinic / doctor Recommendation & method Doctors understanding of your goal & feasibility Staff & overall vibes (listen to your gut) Pricing and schedule
  5. @ohwon01 Thanks for sharing these thoughts. I think a lot of people have been in this boat in terms of being satisfied with their results and contemplating a revision or just learning to accept their results, even if they felt it fell below their expectations. Sometimes we are our own worst critics, and can hyper focus on our perceived flaws. I'm reminded of that Dove "Real Beauty" commercial where an ex-law enforcement sketch artist makes two sketches of women without seeing them. He only listens to how they are described by the women themselves, and then by a random stranger who had casual chat with them. The random stranger gave a more accurate portrayal, and the women describing themselves were more critical on their perceived flaws, and less flattering in the details. Inside-Out vs Outside-In It seems like your eyes are affecting the quality of your life, and if it's persistent and keeps making you feel self-conscious. Then you're on the right path by trying to make a reasonable inside-out attempt to alleviate an emotional complex about a physical flaw through inner-work. Things like self-dialog, journaling and even speaking with trusted advisors, groups and counselors will help. But after that, if you feel the approach should be surgical, or correcting the issue from outside-in (alleviate an emotional complex caused by a physical flaw through surgery) then it would be best to to understand the feasibility of those options. Anxiety comes from fear of the unknown, so you have to make the unknown known as much as possible, and that comes from speaking to revision experts. Revision Anxiety Contemplating revision can be nerve wracking since you don't want it to be worse, and it's the idea of taking another risk. But it's best to understand your options so you can either eliminate surgery, or have plausible reasons to explore it as option. You will only get this from having a good consultations with experienced surgeons. Plastic surgery is as much mental as it is physical, so if you decide to have revision. You have to put yourself in a good headspace and make well thought out plans, and be optimistic. This is going to sound contradictory to being optimistic, but one thought exercise I recommend is something called "Negative Visualization." It is a technique philosophers would use to make them appreciate and enjoy life. Imagine a worst case scenario for your eyes now. Imagine if your first surgery damaged their function, made them uneven, or worse off then they are now. Imagine how you would feel, and how you would still be OK and survive this. Also imagine if you had revision and it turned out worse. And how you could still be OK and survive. This exercise will help you to be appreciative what you have now, and might not want to have surgery, or if you do can show you that you will still be OK if things don't work out. Be gentle with yourself, and know you're not alone in having these thoughts and its OK to have, but important to manage them or have a plan to address their concern. Dove Real Beauty: The one on left is women describing themselves, the image on the right is a stranger describing them to the sketch artist.
  6. @zippuli Welcome to Beauty Hacker. Two weeks should be enough time to do to both the skin treatments and lower blepharoplasty. In terms of order of operations it might be advantageous to go to a clinic that has both plastic surgery and a dermatology department. Deciding which do do first may be best to ask the respective clinics's doctor or consultant, but people have done both skin treatment and facial surgery in the past in one trip.
  7. Entering public Kakao group chats can be helpful and make the journey of PS seem less lonely. You may want to break off into 1:1 discussions with people in the group. This is a method to do that while protecting your anonymity. Tip: Try to avoid sharing your Kakao Talk IDs in public or using the same ID for clinic communications in public group communications. You can get spammed or traced by a Korean clinic staff member you have engaged in the past who may begin stalking you in group chats and manipulating conversations around you in order to lure you into their clinic (Yes, this is a sad reality that happens in a very cut throat industry located in a young Asian country). Method 1: Kakao PMs It's not recommended to enter Kakao group chats with your default Kakao ID that you also use to chat with very popular and frequently mentioned clinics on forums, this is because the clinic staff may monitor these discussions. Note: Beauty Hacker is blocked in Korea, so conversations here are secure. Instead, it's good to create a seperate chat "Profile" and use this to enter public group chats. This will allow for 1:1 chat ability and protect your anonymity at the same time. This tutorial will show you how to do that: On Kakao Talk: Go to General Settings Click - Chats Click - My Open Chatrooms Click - Create Click - Profile Create a profile name and make the photo something random, make things like the URL random On the chat type below - "Allow KakaoTalk Profile Only" should be white or unchecked (respect other's anonymity) Enable public search unchecked Go back to the chat rooms you are in, click on your profile on the chat members list. Click edit and choose your new profile. Now people will be able to PM you. Warning: 3 years ago some group chats may force you to use your Kakao ID and not provide options to stay anonymous. These might be "trap chats," or promotional echo chambers ran by sponsored patients. They operate the chat to lure prospects and send and receive back channel information to and from clinic coordinators to manipulate participants and discussions. Method 2: TappaTalk and Forums (Beauty Hacker, Purse, Soompi) You need either a Beauty Hacker account or a purse bag forum account and to download the app TappaTalk and search and add beauty hacker or the purse community forum. TappaTalk is an app to easily manage your forum accounts and PMs (works with Beauty Hacker and some other PS forums). It will allow you to send and receive personal messages (PMs) from the app on your phone. You can make an account on Beauty Hacker or a handbag forum known for PS (plastic surgery) that uses TapaTalk. Tell people your forum username and they can log-in and message you there. iphone app android app Photo Tutorial Method 1: Go to General Settings Click My Open Chatrooms Click Create Create Profile GO BACK TO CHATROOMS Click Edit Profile PICK YOUR NEW PROFILE
  8. I think this is a unique aspect since Korean clinics can have 2 and as many as 10 or more surgeons working at one clinic, whereas in the US they are mostly 1 surgeon private practices.
  9. Researching Plastic Surgery in Korea? Welcome to Beauty Hacker. We are a community of rational and informed decision makers. We are a drama free community that promotes sound and reasonable thinking for complex financial and medical decisions in Korea. Join our forum and get advice from past & current patients going to Korea We made this forum because other forums are not managed or focussed on surgery have have too many fake accounts / reviews We also have some chat groups below Our forum does not work or load in Korea. This is done to block disinformation spread by aggressive clinics. THERE IS A LOT OF FAKE INFORMATION OUT THERE ESPECIALLY ON FORUMS ABOUT PURSES One important thing you need to understand is if you are basing your research on a forum about purses, then you need to know that most of that information there is fake. Korean clinics and PR agencies employ armies of English speaking Koreans to fabricate 1000's of fake reviews and online personas about plastic surgery. This is why we made Beauty Hacker Beauty Hacker is 100% Blocked in Korea, and we are a community of experienced foreign patients who seek real information and our admin group is composed of programmers, research analysts, language experts, hackers, doctors, nurses, lawyers, artists and psychologists. This is so we develop a community that is well rounded in both information and security. These are chat groups where we share information and support for others planning to go to Korea for surgery. Download Kakao App: iOS | Android Kakao CHAT LINK: Eyes & Nose Kakao CHAT LINK: Facial Contouring To get the chat password / code: Step 1: Make an account on Beauty Hacker (this forum) Step 2: Sign into the forum click the below link and PM the admin to request chat pass code: https://beautyhacker.com/messenger/compose/?to=1 YOU MUST MAKE A MINMUM OF 3 POSTS ON OUR FORUM TO JOIN CHATS EXAMPLES: Introducing yourself and your goals Asking or answering questions travel, beauty, etc... Responding to some else's posts
  10. Are you planning to go back for revision? Sorry to hear that, hopefully it will get corrected.
  11. Were you able to find it a buddy? Would it be helpful to make a calendar on here?
  12. Any Korean resident or non-resident who carries in less than USD10,000 into Korea doesn't need to declare it with the customs. If the amount exceeds USD10,000, you are required to declare it when entering Korea. But no customs duties, taxes or fees will be imposed. Customs officials may request to see the entire money for verification. Let's say you brought in $18,000 USD, declared it, but you only spend $4,000 in Korea. If you carry out USD14,000 after bringing in USD18,000, you don't have to get approval from or declare with the Bank of Korea. (under the Foreign Exchange Transactions Regulation Article 6-2) What happens if I am bringing in more than $10,000 USD and I don't declare it to just skip the paperwork and fuss. You may be subject to less than 1 year of imprisonment or less than 100 million won of fine under the provisions of Article 28 of the Foreign Exchange Transactions Act of Korea. Source: Korea Customs
  13. If i bring more than $10,000 cash, must I declare it to customs? (REPOSTED from Kakao Chats)
  14. I recommend using Uber Eats. You can have it delivered right to your hotel. The tricky part is inputting the address correctly into the app. If you are staying in a hotel ask the lobby staff do it for you. Make sure you know the correct English form for inputting your address, usually the app will auto correct it for you.
  15. Thanks for posting and welcome. If you are planning to get facial bone contouring only, then you may want to consider places that specialize in maxillofacial surgery: EverM Dental - Dr Yoon The Face Dental - Dr. Lee EU Dental - Dr. Kim Zeah Dental - Dr Kang Jum Dental - Dr Lee
  16. It would be easier to do a homestay or stay at an airbnb ran by some caring hosts or Korean parents who have empty nest syndrome since there kids moved away. A word of advice for doing airbnb or homestay is to not mention a clinic's name before your surgery, and if a host is insistent about taking you to the clinic themselves for consultation that's not a good sign. Sometimes they can be doing something know as secret referrals and trying to get a cut of your fees. There are really nice places out there though. I will try to dig up some worth exploring, but I am not endorsing them.
  17. Thanks for posting this. I will come back with thoughts and suggestions.
  18. Thanks for posting, we'll look into organizing this into a better table as well. Some good finds.
  19. Yes, for the most part they will maintain patient privacy. However, their data handling is not as strict as say the US or advanced European nations.
  20. Some people wonder if their lips will change after genioplasty, and the short answer is yes, this will be a tradeoff. A genioplasty, especially one that moves the chin forward will make lips appear thinner, especially the lower lip by curling it slightly inward. This is due to the pull of the soft tissue by the advanced bone. Also the mentalis muscle that controls the lower lip is cut and needs to be reattached after the surgery. How precisely and where it's re-attached will effect the lower lips appearance. Further Reading Evaluation of Lip changes and Smile Aesthetics following Genioplasty: A Retrospective Study
  21. Welcome! there are a lot of experienced folks here, so feel free to post any topics and questions in the forums, and people can help or give feedback.
  22. Hi Nikki, that's a bummer, but we'll help you get a new short list. What are some of your goals for your nose? Is it first time nose surgery?
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