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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everyone, I'll be having des and some Fg. just wondering how long I should stay in Korea for to accommodate consultations, surgery and aftercare. Once a clinic has been decided, how long have people had to wait to get a surgery date? Is 1 week in South Korea to do everything sufficient?
  2. hi y’all! I am looking for a surgery travel buddy/gal and was hoping to find one here perhaps. I have no date as of yet, since am just researching and such for now, but feel free to send me msg ( KKT; cle0 ) if you’re interested and also are looking for someone to just join you in your journey!
  3. Hey all, I am sure many of us who don't speak much Korean or have very little knowledge of Korean would face this problem while trying to take a taxi in Korea. While we can have the option of showing the address of our destination written in Korean or try our luck telling the driver our destination in English with hopes that Mr Cab Driver understands a wee bit of English to know where to drive to, I was wondering what would be a polite way to tell a taxi driver to go to your destination in Korean when you board a taxi? Would it be 아저씨, (destination/address in korean) 가세요. - is this considered a polite way to ask (and won't get you kicked out of the cab)? Any help will be appreciated.
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