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  1. So far I only know that ID hospital does forehead reduction/move hairline down. But they are blacklisted does anyone else know what are other hospitals that do the same. Also if their is another clinic other than Regen that does lip reduction. thank you in advance for your time
  2. Mary thank you for your response, I will check them out. Sounds fairly priced way cheaper than 365mc and pretty body my jaw dropped.
  3. Greetings everyone, any recommendations on what clinics to go to woth good resukts for upper boddy liposuction. i wanted to go to pretty body cause they had a speacial, however they said the speacial is only for locals and gave me a price that was high. So i scratched them off my list i got a consultation at mc365 but felt rushed. has anyone gotten liposuction in korea and would recommend the place, preferably one that is nice to foreigners, noticed the consultants can be pretty rude i dont wish to spend money at a place where ill be treated like shit. Looking forward to the responses.
  4. Is anyone going to Skorea for plastic surgery anytime after February 18, looking for a PS battle buddy. I thought I could do it alone, but it would be nice to be with someone.
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