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  1. hello i am going alonw to korea on 22 September for cosmetic surgery i would like if anyone for same reason there at this time i ll stay couple of weeks
  2. hi i have joined here time ago and sent you msg about the kakao group chat you haven't responded me
  3. hello i am going doon tp korea i want so double jaw surgery and vline surgery do recommend me good skilled surgeons thanks
  4. hello i am also vking soon to korea and i know none over there i need korean friends or someone going to surgery to communicate with please do add me
  5. hello i am new member here and i am aiming for plastic surgery in korea soon i want gather with same people who are gking into this journey please do join my link Join my group on Messenger by visiting: https://m.me/join/AbZK3iv_W0rggEit
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