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  1. For liposuction, any doctor can perform lipo, its not a big surgery, doctors in the states offer it when they are not a board certified plastic surgeon, for their photos I am not considering fresh because of that, two friends did facial and full body lipo this sept hence I am considering them because of their results. Thanks for your advice but that's my take on it. Truthfully, Liposuction is still tricky as if the doctor takes out too much fat at the end of the day you will be left with bumps, I am currently considering fat melting injections and dieting instead of lipo.
  2. Yes Sangsu's place. Uhm don't mention to him you already booked on airbnb the price on there is so high may amount to more than $500 a month, just tell him I referred you instead it will be about $333 a month I believe or $400 at most. hope this helps, I DM'd you. I will also be there dec- jan perhaps we will get to meet. safe travels
  3. If you had surgery in S korea and your results ended up really bad. For instance, after rhinoplasty you have breathing issues, facial asymmetry or worse you got skin treatment but your face gets ruined. I searched a lot and was told it is hard to sue korean doctors and I just want to let you know that is not true, they have consumer policies and the below websites should help you get compensation. The Korea Medical Dispute Mediation and Arbitration Agency is available by calling (02) 1670-3545 or visiting www.k-medi.or.kr, while the Korea Consumer Agency can be reached by dialing 1372 or visiting www.kca.go.kr.
  4. I stayed there earlier this year, from February to end of March, at pineville in yeoksam station very clean. I liked it, I partied a lot and got back to the hostel at like 3am a lot and the area it is at, is kind of a mid bougie area, so safe, that no one bothered tipsy me, any who if you want the owners kkt I can dm it to you, but I'm sure you can find the place website online. I just always talk to him directly, I am also going back this dec to jan.
  5. Each clinic has their own refund rule, however do you have it in writing when they asked you to make a deposit, an email or anything. I argued to get my deposit back, but I had to go physically to the clinic. I would advice going face to face and requesting it back. However, it needs to be written legibly and clearly what the deposit rules are so if they did not provide this you have a right legally to refute and request your money back, hope this helps.
  6. I would not go to Cinderella clinic. I had surgery there and I got an infection post surgery and my osteorhinoplasty came out uneven basically my nose bridge sides were not evenly reduced so my nose looks curved even though the implant is straight and fine. I am now going back to Korea for a revision.
  7. Has anyone done teeth whitening in Korea. I am looking for online options however I am not sure which clinic will be affordable have an English speaking consultant and be cheap, like around 300k won and under same price as the states, I am going for mini surgery and thought it is about time to get my teeth whitened as well.
  8. I for one went with doc finder Korea, I do not recommend going with a medical tourism company, it is not worth it, I wish I listened to people comments online in regards to that, they really don't give a jack about the patients truthfully, my consultant barely talked during consultation it was more like she was just there to sit. They do get commission so know your surgery price will get higher to and they won't contribute much rather than give you free rides to the consultation which of course they get back from the commission fee. Hope this helps
  9. Hey there, I recommend Muse clinic, I will provide the link below. It is my go to place when I am in Korea. They do a variety of stuff, they have skin care, treatments and even offer botox and filler. The prices are pretty affordable they have multiple branches but I mostly got to the one in Gangnam. http://gangnam.museclinic.co.kr/index.php/price/price_view/?middleId=145 Skin Regeneration Care Focus on skin regeneration on the irritated skin & Relaxation Treatment: Facial cleansing, Laser treatment and face mask at the end, plus sunscreen. 42,900 krwon Bubble Therapy Removing activated oxygen in the skin to make youthful skin! 71,500 krwon Vitamin Treatment Whitening + Softening Fine Lines Double Treatment 42,900 kwon Honey Propolis Skin Care 95% of Propolis ampoule skin care 60,500 krwon Moisture Bomb Care Strengthen skin to reduce moisture loss with highly enriched ampoule 31,900 kwon V Magic Therapy Skin Tightening Treatment 75,900 kwon Premium Vitamin Whitening Care Double effect on vitamin penetration Whitening effect UP! 27,500 Krw Gold Therapy Pure Gold Detox, Skin resilience & moisturize skin care 86,900 Krwon Oxygen Therapy Recovery of damage skin & Premium skin regeneration skin car 108,900 Krwon LDM Basic care/ Water Drop Lifting 49,500 Krwon I also recommend Evita Clinic and Me Clinic but they are mostly for skin treatments such as aqua peeling and acne treatment. Also good for botox and filler. Hope this helps.
  10. My friend went to Fresh ps. They charged her 3 mil krw. She looked horrible for two weeks, final results were visible after 3 months. Facial lipo is not as bad as vline or any other contouring procedure so take my next words with a grain of salt, pain level is not bad, however you will look bad for a couple of days and need to wear a face mask, to cover most of it. Hope this helps good luck.
  11. I agree with the comment above, airbnb is your best choice. However, if you do not enough money for accommodation, I would also suggest looking into a hostel that provides a private room and bath, I know two, one in Gangnam station another in Yeoksam station, names Pineville, the one in Yeoksam is for females only. They are clean and safe, I found the pineville one via airbnb but I choose to contact the owner directly as its like 100 dollars cheaper for a month stay. For hostels, I do advice bringing your own pillow and bedsheet, and lots of trash bags. If you want to splurge, then Hotels is not a bad thing.Try using an app like MOMONDO or KAYAK to get the best cheapest deals. Korea makes you pay for trash bags, even at the store, so carrying a bunch will help you throw out stuff from your small room. Bringing a sturdy one will aid while shopping for food.
  12. After line, I bought cerelac, I made sweet potatoes boiled and mashed them, I brought protein shakes from the states, I bought bibigo (a brand) soft food, didn't like there rice porridge with abalone much. drunk more milk, and bought smoothies from coffee shops. I bought baby food (buddy fruits), I also bought hunger suppressant jellies I found in korea called dr moon diet jelly since liquids dont really fill me up. I mashed up rice by overcooking it in water and cut meat into very tiny pieces where I could just swallow the mashed up rice with meat sauce. I also ate a lot of eggs, they are soft enough
  13. I would advice to get your own room through airbnb, it is cheaper than hotel. if you don't mind small room, they have private room and private bath kind of rooms in a female or male dormitory kind of setting. The place I stayed was pretty cheap. hotels are about 70000won a day.
  14. truthfully, it's best to ask your own bank to exchange foreign currency, big banks like Bank of America in the US have this. They give you the best rate, with no hidden fees or extra fees that exchange places do. you can preorder and get it from them at a physical bank location.to pay for surgery I would use a credit card that does not charge foreign transaction fees and carry enough exchanged foreign currency for shopping, food, transport and facials and other small procedures. hope this helps
  15. Greetings everyone, I am planning on getting upper body liposuction in south Korea this December. I am considering fresh plastic surgery and evita clinic, they both only have one doctor, at least I am sure the results are from them. I wanted to go to 365mc, but I could not figure out which doctor did what, so to be safe I chose the two clinics above to do consultations with. Has anyone here gone to Evita Clinic for body liposuction or Fresh, if so please comment below in regards to your experience. So far from my little research I found out that Evita: Price is really cheap, about half off fresh ps estimated quote Evita has good reviews not many before and afters available Fresh PS before and after pictures are insanely good a bit expensive spoke to one person that went to each hospital, for fresh she is glad the doctor took out more fat and gave her sline stomach lines, for Evita doc didn't take out a lot but he contoured body well. Any comments, experiences, concerns will be appreciated. Thank you in advance
  16. So far I only know that ID hospital does forehead reduction/move hairline down. But they are blacklisted does anyone else know what are other hospitals that do the same. Also if their is another clinic other than Regen that does lip reduction. thank you in advance for your time
  17. Mary thank you for your response, I will check them out. Sounds fairly priced way cheaper than 365mc and pretty body my jaw dropped.
  18. Greetings everyone, any recommendations on what clinics to go to woth good resukts for upper boddy liposuction. i wanted to go to pretty body cause they had a speacial, however they said the speacial is only for locals and gave me a price that was high. So i scratched them off my list i got a consultation at mc365 but felt rushed. has anyone gotten liposuction in korea and would recommend the place, preferably one that is nice to foreigners, noticed the consultants can be pretty rude i dont wish to spend money at a place where ill be treated like shit. Looking forward to the responses.
  19. Is anyone going to Skorea for plastic surgery anytime after February 18, looking for a PS battle buddy. I thought I could do it alone, but it would be nice to be with someone.
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