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  1. I recently did my vline + zygoma reduction at EU (9 days ago). It's too early to tell about the final result but I could feel my lip and chin normally after the surgery, maybe just a little less sensitive compared to normal on the 1st day. I think it's a good sign because many experienced numbness/temporary numbness due to nerve damage.
  2. Gyalumhan seems to be a famous one amongst local (I read a Korean's review and was also recommended by 1 Korean friend) but I'm not sure if they have body lipo. Dream is like a great option too. (research-based, I did not go to these 2 clinics).
  3. I'm sorry you're going through this. Please spread the word. I almost decided to go to View for my facial contouring surgery. Good luck with your next steps! If you're still considering Korea for revision, I can suggest the surgeon went to for my rhino. He's not at all popular or even mentioned anywhere on English online communities, however it was years since I did my rhino and didn't do online research at all. Luckily it turned out really well for me, improved my overall look however so natural that even people who had rhino can't really tell for sure if I had rhino or I was just born
  4. If you don't mind commuting for 20-30 mins, I've found great hotel options in Insadong area with reasonable prices (50-55 USD per night). I personally prefer hotels for a long stay because of the daily cleaning. I think I'll need it. It's the same subway line (line 3 - orange) so it's a straight way to my clinic, no subway or station change which is nice. Consider TOP hotel, Kuretakeso, Ibis,... They all looks great with a way better price compared to in Gangnam area. I stayed in Gangnam area during my time for consultation. It was quite pricey for a hotel of the same quality. Edit: Line
  5. I've reached out with the most polite and reasonable messages, sadly they just straight out ignore me (seen all my messages). Should I actually actually start filing complaints and all?
  6. Thank you SO SO much @kino and @Jabba. The information is extremely helpful. I'll try to escalate the issue and see the chances I have. @somedayskiesareblue, I'm not sure if you're referring to the correct clinic, but yes, my experience with them regarding this matter was not as pleasant as I expected.
  7. They did not do this, however, I feel like it's extremely hard to argue with them. Since we're foreigner they can just ignore our messages and emails, which suck. They finally sent me back my 50% today to a Korean friend's account after many days and a lot of troubles like asking for my friend's phone number to "identify", calling my friend to "confirm that the friend know about the refund" - my friend didn't know I was having surgery at first but I ended up letting them know so the clinic can call. After calling they also asked my friend to send an email to request for the refund?? While
  8. Hi Rey, thanks for your input. All communication was in Kakaotalk so I think it's quite in writing. They also didn't provide their deposit rules.They're sending me 50% back and I hope I can request the remaining back without going there physically.
  9. Did you do your surgery? Did you end up getting dissolvable pin or titanium pin? My dr says I can use dissolvable for vline but not zygoma. I really wanted to use dissolvable though.
  10. Kakaomap and Google map is a good combination. Google map is helpful with bus. Google map can't navigate walking but if you can just look at the Map and figure out, it's the most accurate one I think. Kakaomap is for subway. I personally don't like Naver because I can't type English addresses.
  11. It's best if you can just directly ask them about their holidays dates. It's more accurate that way.
  12. Is there any medical law about deposit? I put my deposit at a clinic for a surgery months away, they never mentioned anything about non-refundable. 2 days after I asked if I can get it back but they say cancellation fee is 50% and only 50% is refundable. This was not mentioned upfront. A lot of other clinics I know refund until 2 weeks or so before surgery. My friends mentioned that until 3 days before surgery you can get a refund up to 90%. I'm not sure about this rule and also don't want to make a scene. Edit: With help from @Rey, @Jabba and @kino, I've contacted the clinic again
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