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  1. Thank you for the post! This is exactly what I need to know too. I’m really concern travel alone & after surgery.
  2. Thank you so much for your responding I miggt be consider acculift too (if I have money left because there’s a chance I could get saggy skin after because of my age. What would you suggest? Should I do separate or find hospital that I can do it all once?
  3. Hi guys I’m looking to get my FC contour done. I need to get jawline, cheekbone & chin reduction. I only have 2 places in my mind is View & Namu but now i’m Starting to hesitate to go those places... Some hospital recommend to use Dissolvable Pin for cheekbone but other recommend Titanium. I honestly prefer to use dissolvable Pin so I don’t have to take to out like Titanium in the future. The problem is I get mix opinion. Some people say Dissolvable Pin is not as strong as Titanium & could cause a problem. Some say human bone can heal in 2-3 months & Dissolvable Pin will stay for 6 months before dissolve. I’m like.... who to believe! I want to be safe & get good result (just like everyone wants). It doesn’t matter which hospital I look for. There always be good/bad reviews..... I do not wanna wound up & believe some promoter or fake reviews. It’s not fair for us. We work so hard to make money for this & those fake people just don’t care as long as they can get commission or what they want. anyone can recommend me? Please.....Thank you so much (sorry my English is not good)
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