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  1. I heard pumpkin doesn't taste that great. I've started looking at some Wouldn't alternatives which I hear might be good post surgery.
  2. I was also originally considering Namu. I really liked my interactions with Claire, which goes to show that you can't decide on a clinic based on the consultant alone. I'm sorry this happened to you and your partner, even if they botched the surgery they should have done their best try to fix everything
  3. I imagine I'm going have to be on a liquid or soft food diet for some time, but I was hoping a better variety of food, rather than just pumpkin soup or mashed potatoes. Are there any complete options available in Seoul? Sorta like soylent?
  4. Hello! Long time lurker, first time poster. I've already had about 15 face to face consults with different doctors, about eight of them in Seoul recently. I'm looking at getting my jaw, nose and possibly eyes and lips done over about a year or so!, so looking at researching more about eyes and lips before I make a decision.
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