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  1. Thank you so much for your detailed advise! that is really helpful. shall make an appointment for face-to-face consultation and take it from there. thanks!
  2. Hi everyone. I am travelling to korea soon for my first surgery. After contacting some clinics for now my online consultation, I realised that some clinics offer significant discount off their quoted price if i were to fix an appointment now and pay a deposit. Is it advisable to do so? Will i have to pay much higher fees if i were to walk in? Is the "usual" procedure to have an online consultation, book a face to face consultation, then schedule for surgery? My schedule will be pretty tight in Korea, wondering if its possible to have a face to face consultation on my first day there, and do
  3. generally is it more expensive to do multiple surgeries with different clinic compared to doing all in 1 clinic?
  4. anyone knows if this is the site where i can check if surgeons are certified? http://www.prskorea.co.kr/english/
  5. Hi everyone. New here and will be travelling to korea soon. trying to do some research. Felt really lost until i found this forum Thankfully
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