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  1. Hi Andy, ID hospital is one of the larger international hospitals. Also, influencer marketing for plastic surgery is technically illegal, but it appears many hospitals do it. And influencer testimonials are often scripted, contrived and contractually obligated (they have to say nice things or pay a penalty). I think if you have some doubts you should consult face to face and see it for yourself. Also, it's great you're assisting your girlfriend, but how does she feel about it? Also doing a contour surgery plus a face lift is a bit intense, some have recommended to separate the bone contouring and lifting by 6 months.
  2. Starting from Feb 4, 2022 it is 7 days regardless of vaccination status or nationality.
  3. It depends upon your carrier, but roaming can be very expensive no? You can probably get a roaming plan for $10 USD per day, but that's $100 already for 10 days. While you can get a local sim with a local number and data plan for around $30 to $40.
  4. You can book interpreters through the Gangnam Medical Tour Center, or through Seoul City Office, but if you use these places. The clinic has to be registered with them, sometimes small local clinics are not. Some people have also had some luck using My Seoul Secret. They are an agency, but they also have a plan for people only want to use interpreters and not have them guide or plan their treatments (i.e, get a fee). Using in house vs independent interpreters (nice summary) https://myseoulsecret.com/korean-medical-interpreter-translators/
  5. You can usually scoop some up at airport kiosks when you exit baggage claim, but if you can't do this it's best to get in the city. You can also pre-oder ones for pick-up at the airport here: https://www.klook.com/en-US/ I have some information I wrote to a similar question here:
  6. It was good, they felt like friends and family and were very honest. They didn't force my decision and looked up information that I needed. Not all agencies are created equal, so you want to pick a good one just like you would pick a clinic. Usually the ones ran by foreigners are better. The ones that sponsor influencers tend to be the most scammy and shady in my opinion and are more interested in quantity and not quality. This is a podcast interview I saw on my youtube feed. It's good to listen to in general. This gal they interviewed did facial contouring, nose, eyes and body work.
  7. A lot of people have gone through agencies, but many (especially the research & adventurous crowd) have also done things on their own. Best to do what feels right and comfortable. There's nothing wrong with asking for or getting professional help. But sometimes clinics and agencies alike can be sketchy, and may tend to run their companies in a stereotypical Asian way. This is where they tout expertise and experience when in reality they're newbies and just a gimmicky startup, broker looking to make a buck. Check out My Seoul Secret (I'm biased since I've used them). These guys are low key, underrated and have been around for awhile. They're small company ran by foreigners living in Korea who actually got PS themselves. They helped me pick a clinic when I first did PS years back. But now, after I got comfortable coming to Korea and researching on my own for subsequent trips, I was fine on my own. When I go back I just reach out to them for translation service, or just keeping in touch, they're quite funny and folksy. This a blog they wrote about the topic: https://myseoulsecret.com/how-to-screen-korean-plastic-surgery-medical-tour-companies-concierges-or-facilitators/
  8. http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20151214001179 This article here references some Korean Fair Trade Commission guidelines. It says you may be entitled to some partial refund if no guidelines were stipulated. I noticed you reposted on PF. I don't know if you seen the disclaimers, but that place may be monitored by the clinic you are trying to get a deposit from just FYI. BeautyHacker is blocked in Korea. Email the following for more specific clarification: [email protected]
  9. The law specifically states that a clinic can create its own deposit refund policy, it can be time based or a percentage based refund that corresponds to certain periods of advanced notice (2 weeks, 1 week, 3 days, 72 hours, 24 hours, same day, etc...), or be non-refundable whatsoever. But they must have provided you with some reasonable informed consent (email, signed document, detailed text) about the cancellation policy and its penalties. If they did not do this, then you are entitled to the full refund.
  10. One of the aspects of square jaw reduction is reducing the mandibular angle, but there are other parts of the jaw bone that can be contributing to the square shape. The best way to know what's possible or not would be to get CT-scans and face to face exam, and then mention your goal and preference. It really comes down to your anatomy, and the technique the surgeon uses to try to get to your goal.
  11. Fresh is known for doing facial liposuction and a lot of people have gone there in the past. Are you in Korea now? You might not be able to see this message if you are.
  12. Usually the ones ran by Koreans are shady, but there are some agencies ran by westerners and even ex foreign patients who are more honest and can make your trip easier. Some people have recommended My Seoul Secret. They have a support plan for $99 (no commission) where they can provide virtual assistance or they can research and pick clinics for you that has a commission built into the price. You can use them to book interpreters from the government too. I just message them on Kakao with random questions and they usually help answer a lot of basic stuff for free too.
  13. Mango Plate is one that has reviews. https://www.mangoplate.com/en/
  14. Purse forum was once a reliable source of information, but it's just a bunch of junk now. You can look into reviews there, but you have to view them with some skepticism. If you have the time to go there, and consult, might be worth it.
  15. Hi @Alyani, Welcome to the community Clinics Dream Plastic Surgery is a large clinic similar in size and departments to ones like Banobagi, View, ID, BK, etc... that has been around for a long time. It's brand has also has or has had overseas branches in Los Angeles and Singapore. This is going to be a larger clinic who is familiar with handling foreign patients. ITEM Plastic Surgery is a mid sized clinic similar to size and departments like Namu, Hyundai, Girin, Dessse etc.. that is also setup to handle foreign patients and will have English speaking staff. If you want to do face, bone and body work in one clinic, the above can do that. The Face Dental is a dental surgery similar to EverM, EU, Zeah, JUM, etc... that does jaw surgeries and facial bone contouring surgeries. 365 MC is a body contouring and liposuction hospital, they are a larger place that would be comparable to places like BK, View, etc, English Speaking Lawyers It's better to first use government resources if there is ever an issue or dispute. These can be free or at lower cost. https://www.k-medi.or.kr/eng/ Care Taker It might be better to do a homestay (stay with a Korean family who rents their house to tourists), or an airbnb host that is very helpful. Be careful about this though, sometimes these hosts are undercover illegal plastic surgery agents, so if you stay with a host and they start asking for details like which clinics are you going to, and they start offering a lot of opinions and advice about which clinics are good, and that they say they'll make appointments for you and personally escort you to the clinic etc.. that's a sign they are working as a secret illegal agent. It might be easier to just use an actual medical tour agency, and see if they have different service options for your budget. If you're comfortable with them managing your stuff, they might be able to help you with this, or you can try to ask a freelancer on job sites and job boards, but you should anticipate paying someone who come to check-in on you 20,000 to 40,000 Korean Won ($16 to $35 USD per hour).
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