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  1. You can book interpreters through the Gangnam Medical Tour Center, or through Seoul City Office, but if you use these places. The clinic has to be registered with them, sometimes small local clinics are not. Some people have also had some luck using My Seoul Secret. They are an agency, but they also have a plan for people only want to use interpreters and not have them guide or plan their treatments (i.e, get a fee). Using in house vs independent interpreters (nice summary) https://myseoulsecret.com/korean-medical-interpreter-translators/
  2. You can usually scoop some up at airport kiosks when you exit baggage claim, but if you can't do this it's best to get in the city. You can also pre-oder ones for pick-up at the airport here: https://www.klook.com/en-US/ I have some information I wrote to a similar question here:
  3. It was good, they felt like friends and family and were very honest. They didn't force my decision and looked up information that I needed. Not all agencies are created equal, so you want to pick a good one just like you would pick a clinic. Usually the ones ran by foreigners are better. The ones that sponsor influencers tend to be the most scammy and shady in my opinion and are more interested in quantity and not quality. This is a podcast interview I saw on my youtube feed. It's good to listen to in general. This gal they interviewed did facial contouring, nose, eyes and body work.
  4. A lot of people have gone through agencies, but many (especially the research & adventurous crowd) have also done things on their own. Best to do what feels right and comfortable. There's nothing wrong with asking for or getting professional help. But sometimes clinics and agencies alike can be sketchy, and may tend to run their companies in a stereotypical Asian way. This is where they tout expertise and experience when in reality they're newbies and just a gimmicky startup, broker looking to make a buck. Check out My Seoul Secret (I'm biased since I've used them). These guys a
  5. http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20151214001179 This article here references some Korean Fair Trade Commission guidelines. It says you may be entitled to some partial refund if no guidelines were stipulated. I noticed you reposted on PF. I don't know if you seen the disclaimers, but that place may be monitored by the clinic you are trying to get a deposit from just FYI. BeautyHacker is blocked in Korea. Email the following for more specific clarification: [email protected]
  6. The law specifically states that a clinic can create its own deposit refund policy, it can be time based or a percentage based refund that corresponds to certain periods of advanced notice (2 weeks, 1 week, 3 days, 72 hours, 24 hours, same day, etc...), or be non-refundable whatsoever. But they must have provided you with some reasonable informed consent (email, signed document, detailed text) about the cancellation policy and its penalties. If they did not do this, then you are entitled to the full refund.
  7. One of the aspects of square jaw reduction is reducing the mandibular angle, but there are other parts of the jaw bone that can be contributing to the square shape. The best way to know what's possible or not would be to get CT-scans and face to face exam, and then mention your goal and preference. It really comes down to your anatomy, and the technique the surgeon uses to try to get to your goal.
  8. Fresh is known for doing facial liposuction and a lot of people have gone there in the past. Are you in Korea now? You might not be able to see this message if you are.
  9. Usually the ones ran by Koreans are shady, but there are some agencies ran by westerners and even ex foreign patients who are more honest and can make your trip easier. Some people have recommended My Seoul Secret. They have a support plan for $99 (no commission) where they can provide virtual assistance or they can research and pick clinics for you that has a commission built into the price. You can use them to book interpreters from the government too. I just message them on Kakao with random questions and they usually help answer a lot of basic stuff for free too. https://myseoul
  10. Mango Plate is one that has reviews. https://www.mangoplate.com/en/
  11. Purse forum was once a reliable source of information, but it's just a bunch of junk now. You can look into reviews there, but you have to view them with some skepticism. If you have the time to go there, and consult, might be worth it.
  12. Hi @Alyani, Welcome to the community Clinics Dream Plastic Surgery is a large clinic similar in size and departments to ones like Banobagi, View, ID, BK, etc... that has been around for a long time. It's brand has also has or has had overseas branches in Los Angeles and Singapore. This is going to be a larger clinic who is familiar with handling foreign patients. ITEM Plastic Surgery is a mid sized clinic similar to size and departments like Namu, Hyundai, Girin, Dessse etc.. that is also setup to handle foreign patients and will have English speaking staff. If you w
  13. You can assume that Christmas and New Year's Day for sure, but other than that they'll be open because December is a popular month for surgery. Dec 15 is a Sunday, so let's assume you have surgery on 16th Monday, 7 to 8 days later will be Christmas eve, and clinic will be closed Christmas.
  14. Hi Janet, Dr Park is pretty skilled and amicable, one of our experienced veterans has gone there for her treatment. Other places worth checking out if you are looking to go for smaller clinics would be Bong Bong, Mool Bang Wool, UBA Plastic Surgery. But for bigger places, Banobagi, Hershe, View, and TL.
  15. @Beautysecret don't be afraid to think of it as a two step process. You might have to do the bone contouring and then wait to see if there is any sagging and then do a lift later.
  16. Here is one easy trick (not fool proof) for plastic surgery clinics. In Korea, any medical doctor can perform surgery, but by law they cannot call their clinic a "Plastic Surgery Clinic" in Korean without being a board certified plastic surgeon. There are 3 plastic surgeon boards in Korea, and they require rigorous requirements and residency for membership. Once they have membership then they are allowed to write this string of text next to their clinic's Korean name: ___________ 성형외과의원 (Plastic Surgery Hospital/Clinic in the Korean language) ___________ 치과 (Dental Surgery Clinic
  17. Best is going to vary from person to person, you have to first develop your own criteria and standards and then go from there. What type of clinic you prefer? Small, big, zero english or fluent in english, etc... Budget Style or preference for your nose Surgeon. Experienced & senior or open to newer surgeon All these things can help you narrow down things better.
  18. Wow this is really nice and detailed break down! Thank you for posting
  19. The first step would be visiting a local surgeon in your area, it would be good to see at least 2 or 3 if you can. It may cost some money (consulting fee), but even if they charge $100 per consultation for a total of $300. That may be a good investment because you could save a whole trip to Korea if you find the right person, and even if you don't, then you can look at it like $300 worth of education and less research you have to do now because you have a better idea about what to do and options for you nose, if you decide to start searching in Korea.
  20. If you keep hearing the same recommendation, it's probably because those are most viable options, even though they may not be options you like. You want to avoid "doctor shopping" which is looking for the surgeon who will just say yes because that may not be what's best for you. The surgeon has to work with the current state or anatomy of your nose and the quality of your cartilage, and these can expand or limit options in terms of what cartilage to use. Basics on Cartilage Grafts COSTAL CARTILAGE = Rib CONCHAL CARTILAGE = Ear SEPTAL CARTILAGE = Nasal Septum
  21. Clinics have different preferences in how they handle their payments. It would be good to ask them about their payment policies up front, so you know what to expect. Some clinics have taxes built into their prices and offer a tax refund with no difference in credit card or cash prices. These clinics tend to eat the fees and taxes. Other clinics may not like to absorb these fees and taxes and will have a preference for cash or pass fees like credit card or taxes (3% to 10%) onto you if you request credit card payment and or tax refund documents. Cash is very easy to hide, label and move around
  22. Here are couple of options: 1) Pre-order SIM with unlimited data plans (BEFORE GOING TO KOREA) http://www.egsimcard.co.kr/ You have to order this before you arrive to Korea it can be delivered to your accommodation or you can pick it up at the airport. Good for short and long stays. 2) Get SIM / Pocket WiFi at the airport (ALREADY IN KOREA, but at Airport) There are SIM card and pocket Wifi eggs available for rental. This is convenient for short stays under 15 days. 3) Pre-paid SIM in the City - KT Olleh Shop (Left the airport, but in the city) https://global.olleh.com:444/eng/conte
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