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  1. Hey all~ Is there any app for food/restaurant list and reviews? Something similar to Yelp in the US.
  2. Hey Esther! Thanks for posting this! I am still working on compiling my top 3 or 5 clinics that I'll do f2f consultation with. I have 6 clinics on my list right now. Did you schedule the f2f consultations with all 5 clinics before you come to Korea? How do you make sure you can get the surgery scheduled in time while you're there if you didn't book the surgery time beforehand? I'm also not from Korea, so I want to know what other people do. Thanks and have a great time in Korea!
  3. Hi everyone~ Thanks for creating this forum! I'm planning to go to Korea in May 2020 for DES. Looking forward to learning more from everyone here and hopefully sharing info about my experience back to this group
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