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  1. I came across a few of these companies who say they are government approved. https://www.beautemedix.com/aboutus https://medicalpackage.visitmedicalkorea.com/eng/cmm/main/mainPage.do http://www.kmhglobal.com/all-about-kmh https://eunogo.com/ Has anyone considered using a medical concierge? The thing is I don't need any help with transport/translation. I just want a second opinion on the surgeon I end up picking, know my rights as a patient, and enforce better documents gathering in case something goes wrong. These concierge centers say they charge the hospital b
  2. May I ask why you didn't go with Dr. Cho at BIO? He seems to be most well known for eyelid surgery. I consulted BIO through WeChat and was told there is a 1.5 month wait for surgery after consultant. Did you get the same message?
  3. I have done some research and have short listed the following: Douhan Plastic BIO D&A Soon Plus Eve I prefer to go to one who is board certified even if there are ones like Dr.Shin who has good reviews but not board certified.
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