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  1. So sorry to hear this. I hope you can find a good doctor. I've heard of some people doing face lipo to remove excess fat. But not sure if it can remove lumps. Good luck.
  2. I am not happy with my results and I am very UHAPPY with Dr. Kang at IOU. Per his request, I emailed him more photos a few weeks later at the one-year mark (March 2020). Dr. Kang suggested another surgery (forehead lifting) to fix my eyelids. This wouldn't even fully address the issues I have now (asymmetry, unnatural looking., fat and other issues). I have consulted with numerous drs (Prob more than 12 over the years). Not one dr. suggested forehead lifting to fix my eyelids. I also have very little eyelid skin left from my previous surgery in 2017, which would make forehead lifting surgery
  3. Just an update to anyone who is considering IOU for revision DES. I am not too happy with my results now. It has been almost a year since my surgery at IOU and now that I am fully de-swollen and can see my final results, I am less than happy. I am looking for yet another revision ! Just recently, I emailed Dr. Kang my pictures. He wasn't very responsive to my concerns and asked me to resend pictures in a months time when I am at the 1 year mark. WTF! Although Dr. Kang lowered my high crease, my eyelids are still asymmetrical, beyond my acceptance level. I am willing to accept less th
  4. When I was looking into BIO, I had no idea which dr was better than the other for revision DES. I think I just asked one of the consultants and she gave a general answer that they were all good, They wouldn't let me consult with more than one doctor for the same surgery (revision DES). I just chose Dr. Hong, because I thought he had alot of experience (he looked older). I wish I had known about Dr. Cho, or others, then I would've considered him or at least tried to find out more information about him.
  5. It took about a month to look"presentable", ie not like I just got into a fight and punched in the eye. Since Dr. Kang did scar revision without cutting out my eyelidskin, it caused a lot of bruising and swelling. At least for the first couple weeks, the bruising was pretty bad.
  6. sorry, I am not comfortable posting my pictures online. I hope you understand.
  7. Im healing ok, Although it is an improvement, there is still some "wrinkling" by the inner corner and some asymmetry. How is your recovery going?
  8. My experience consulting with the Doctors in SK for Revision Double Eyelid Surgery (DES) This is pretty long, please bear with it. I hope this will be helpful to some. I am trying to give back to the PS community and to pay it forward. Some background. This is my third DES. I had 2 previous DES in SK. I will not mention where I had my previous surgeries in this post. I wanted revision DES because my last surgery had left my crease too high, asymmetric, unnatural looking and scars. My last surgeon had removed too much skin, so it left my eyelids with very skin and also sunken lo
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