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  1. Hello! I was wondering what clinics were good with handling noses that are a bit bulbous and have a wide alar base? Thanks!
  2. @kino do you know what type of doctor I should see specifically?
  3. Hello! I have been wanting to get a v line surgery and rhinoplasty done for a while now, but I was wondering what minimum age requirement was to get these procedures done? Or what age these procedures are usually done by.
  4. Hello! I have a pretty square face but a sharp jawline that my friends call "90 degrees". I was interested in getting square jaw reduction to improve the look for the front of my face, but noticed that most surgeons in Korea shave off that angled part for a rounder jaw. I was wondering if there were any doctors, or if it was even possible to have a square jaw reduction surgery but still keep an angled jawline? An example of what I want is how Jung Chaeyeon's jaw is shaped, as her face isn't too wide from the front but she has a prominent "90 degree" angled jawline from her side profile. Thanks
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