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  1. Oh he's here in the stated today? How did you know that? Wonder if I can have him come by and do my nose lol
  2. I don't want to accuse you of lying, this post is just confusing to me and I don't see many before and after pics at opera. But I did see people with faces from the blog post reviews here so please understand my skepticism. And if you are a spokesperson for opera or spokesperson is reading this, I would to recommend that you not market this way. Even if you do have the best surgeons there, that kind of marketing is counterintuitive. As I've said a million times on this forum already, I worked at a plastic surgery clinic and spokespersons did no good even when they did reviews on our site. Patients mainly wanted to see before and after photos. Honest ones, and actually if less than absolute perfection is there it is better, that establishes trust. I know however patient privacy is difficult to work with. Word of mouth from friends and relatives, and not strangers, is probably the best way to advertise, if you have people willing to speak on your behalf to personal family and friends that will exponentially increase your buisness.
  3. Thank you for sharing its good to know opera can do white girl eyes. These are the only white girl eye pics I have seen anywhere from Korea. But I am getting my upper lid done too so nervous about looking like a bug eyed catlady That being said I have seen your face on the opera blog. Sorry :/ I don't mean to be rude.
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