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  1. I have not tried those treatments but am also very curious about their effectiveness. Would be glad if those with experience could chime in
  2. Hi in2eeyor, fraxel did improved my skin condition much more than rejuran. Erased my acne scars (not indented) and open pores but it did not last long for me, new acne scars and open pores (same area) were back after 6 months. So a good and proper skincare routine would be highly advised after fraxel treatment.
  3. Hi Ainokiseki, I did co2 fraxel laser at Pitangui for 200,000krw. Helps with my acne scars and open pores however my scars aren't bad, small ones, not deep or dented. One session is good enough for me. You will be red the next day and peeling off dead skin for about a week. I did it with other surgeries so I was already bruising and swelling, can't say how it'll affect if only doing fraxel. Remember to stay out of the sun and always use sunblock when you need to be out. I did mine in Feb, when I enquired about fraxel for my hubby in July, I was told doctor doesn't do fraxel during the summer.
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