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Rhinoplasty in Seoul SK for Male

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I was wondering if anyone has had any experiences as a male with rhinoplasty in South Korea ?

I am a 31 year old male from Australia and considering Rhinoplasty and have been in touch with some clinics but not sure which one to go with and prices seem to vary (some vary greatly) -

- Hanabi
- Answer
- The Line

Has anyone used any of these or know of anyone (even within the forum) that has used them as a male ?

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I (male) recently perform my surgery at GNG and quite happy with results. All the clinics you listed above will give you the results you are looking for.
One word of advice, absolutely do not use any quotations that was sent to you via online consultation. Those numbers are just to give you an idea of the range $$ for each type of surgery.
The real cost is after face to face consultation, and you will realized after these visits, that the prices do not fluctuate very greatly.
As a foreigner, you can expect to a pay a minimum of US$5000 for any rhinoplasty.... from that price it get higher for any additional requirements (rib cartilage, harmony package, etc)
Anyone Korea clinic that list a price below $5k for a foreigner, I would be very cautious.... like the old chinese proverb (good thing, no cheap,......... cheap thing, no good)
In summary, if your budget is lower than $5k for surgery in Korea, don't waste your effort..... maybe head to Bangkok which might match your budget and give ok results.
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i consulted the followings:
view, hyundai, opera, atop, nana, wannabe.
waiting for hyundai result.

u can bargain, most of those clinics offered me less than $5000 for REVISION surgery, (2-4 surgeries on nose),
if its your first surgery, it should be even lower than that.
just bargain.
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Agree, you can bargain, but how low are we talking, another $500 off. If they come close to $4000, take it with your eyes close, but insure you check with doctor's history......
Keep asking yourself, why would a clinic offer a discount so low:
1. Is it because they want your business, so you can advertise ?.... they don't need it and your feedback will not boost local clients.
2. Is it because you sound like a nice person and they feel sorry for you?.... out of the question
3. Is it because business is slow and most patients prefer the safe way and go with more reputable clinics..... very logical
4. Is it that have gotten a bad review within the local network?...... quite possible
5. Is it they are offering a deal to keep operating expense running, waiting for business to pick back up? .... remote possibility.

In summary, if few answers of the above points are correct.... then why take the risk, not saying the more reputable ones cannot screw up, but the risk is lower.
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Also, I have been to most of these clinics, and the operating cost to keep clinics operating are very high, and they number of foreigner flying into Korea for surgery is ridiculous (especially from China), why would they offer any great discount unless there is something that scares some patients away. Only the local clients get a reasonable discount.
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that's your assumption that "they won't do their job well if you refuse to be cashcow",
if you wanna tell yourself that you spent your money wisely, i'm not gonna stop you.

feel free to check the average price in this thread:
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Firstly, nobody is saying poor workmanship will occur if the price is lower. All I was saying was that cost of rhinoplasty averages around $4,500 and $5,000 us , in most “good” clinics.
Your link on “average” cost confirms that the cost ranges between $4,000 and $5,000 us and you never denied or say my numbers are wrong , did you?
I am wondering why would you reference that link, are you trying to redirect readers on a certain clinic or something? Hmmm!!
Why don’t you reply and tell readers which clinic you had the surgery and which ones do you recommended.
On the subject of “cashcows”..... isn’t all foreigners visiting Korea viewed as cash cows ...... if we are not!!!.... then why Foreigners are charged a lot more?
Hmmmm.... food for thought.
It can’t be that a foreigner’s surgery will take longer or the medicine cost more.... or the nurses and surgeon charges more.... same doctors, same nurses, same bed, same medicine.
Will be waiting a reply .... immmm69..... let see what sales pitch you reply with.... or you will try to insult me..... please do.... as a lawyer.... I cherish the challenge.
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so u now admit the average price is between 4000 - 5000, which means your statement "As a foreigner, you can expect to a pay a minimum of US$5000 for any rhinoplasty...." is not true.
"Anyone Korea clinic that list a price below $5k for a foreigner, I would be very cautious",
4000-4999 is below 5k, so you gotta be very cautious about the average price, well said.

bla bla bla drama queen who cares if u're a "lawyer" or not lol.
simply correcting your wrong information, call it "insult" if u wish.
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So far, ... all you comments is just trying to say I am wrong.... so how much did you pay for your surgery? as a foreigner or whatever friends told you that they paid? You haven't respond to my past request. (do not quote from other past comments from other people in this forum... I want to know "YOUR" direct experience as I am quoting from "My" experience while I was in Gangnam, Korea)
So, unless you quote direct cost on this forum, I assume you are either are one of those so called "marketing specialist" for clinics that thinks all foreigners are fools and gullible, or just a person who likes to stir controversy and see honest, hardworking people waste their money and left with hardship later for revision surgery. Which one are you?
fyi... it is Mr. Drama Queen!!!!... show some respect!!!
As for "lawyer" statement, I am have certificates/degrees in law and engineering, as an engineer, I am direct and straightforward in my statements, I give information that is relevant and logical... so when I read your comments, it makes me wonder if I am communicating with an adult or a 12 years child who cannot answer difficult questions and instead resort to childish statements on the precipice of throwing mental tantrums.
But, will do you a favor... you can respond to this, but I will not respond again. There are alot of good hardworking people who just want to better their lives by improving their looks, and looking for straightforward, honest opinions from real time experiences.... not from people who only "talk the talk" and never "walk the walk"
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i had surgery as a foreigner.
(copy & paste from my other post)
REVISION surgery (more expensive than primary surgery, but still lower than your "minimum"):
view: bridge removal & lower nose tip 5.5 mil
opera: bridge removal & lower nose tip, around 4 mil
atop: bridge removal, lower nose tip & insert ear tissue at upper nose wings 4.6 mil
Hyundai: bridge removal, lower nose tip, insert ear tissue at upper nose wings, cut nose wings, 5.7 mil.
Went with Hyundai.

everyone's numbers prove your statement is wrong, there's no "difficult question".
even a five years old kid knows 4000 to 4999 is below 5000 lol.
you don't need a engineering degree to figure that out lol.

lmfao its a plastic surgery forum, who cares what degree you get lol.

ps: stop brainwashing others to make them think they must pay high price.
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lol i guess there's no need to educate a "lawyer" who can't even read
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5 million won isn't a super low price for a standard rhinoplasty (which is around $4100). Korean people usually only pay 2-4 million won so it's not like 5 million is the same as what Koreans would pay.
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