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Under Eye Hollow / Dark Circle Experience at Wannabe - AMA

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Hello / salut everyone, I hope everyone is safe and surviving during these crazy corona days. Like many of you, I am stuck at home, binging on Netflix, and have been meaning to update and post a review about my journey to Korea, and surgery at Wannabe Plastic Surgery so I'll kickstart it now.

I had my procedure in early Feb so will try to recall details and break things up into multiple posts to follow and will also reply to any questions in between.
  • POST 1: Pre-Planning and Consultation (this one)
  • POST 2: Operation date & follow-ups (coming next)
  • POST 3: Recovery and results (coming next)
POST 1: Pre-Planning and Consultation (this one)

  • Nice, smaller and mellow clinic
  • Friendly staff and consultant
  • Smart doctors with good and believable B & As
  • Decent pricing, not the cheapest, but not the highest
  • Not for people excepting red carpet, large clinic experience
  • They don't take foreign currency, so make sure to exchange at bank in advance.
I've always had these hereditary style under-eye hollows typical with french Algerians and Moroccans. Almost raccoon like. I did some consultations in London and Paris, but never felt confident i'd get the results i wanted from European doctors.

so I found myself considering Korea, and eventually began diving into research. I was lurking in a few chat groups and found some more helpful than others. the best one i was in was managed by a ps research savant (kino), so i learned a lot from digesting his/her posts.

from their tips i did my research and outreach and then began narrowing down my list. i was pretty set on wannabe from my back and forth messages and responses i was getting back.

I had my consult with wannabe in early February and was keen on them because of Dr Chang/Jang's specialty with the under-eye area. He's a pretty well-rounded plastic surgeon, but i think his eye-area specialty is pretty remarkable.

Wannabe is a smaller-boutique style clinic. It's on the 2nd floor of this building near the apgujeong subway station that has a few other smaller clinics in there.

Good things come in small packages

The consultant there is named Alice, she's a friendly and personable young lady. I clicked with her right away (the french like Canadians). She asked me what I wanted and went over my goals, and we took it from there.

The next step was meeting Dr Jang (can also be spelled as chang). His English is OK, but Alice did most of the interpreting and he understood my goals

He suggested under-eye fat repositioning and grafting some fat into the eye area. bio and medicine is not really my strong suit so people can read more about how they do it on their site http://english.wannabeps.com/clinic1/clinic1_06.htm.

Dr Jang answered all my questions pretty well, and I really liked his personality. He was very mellow, yet attentitve and intelligent. I was pretty happy with the consultant and just knew in my gut I wanted to go there, so I decided to took a leap of faith.

coming up:
post 2: operation date & post op care
post 3: recovery & results

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my friend has her done at namu, it looks good. She has like a double eye bag on one side. Don’t know what they did but the dark circles is gone. Look so much younger
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It’s a very local place. Smells outside. Atmosphere not the greatest . Price should be cheaper then many other places
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If the doctor is good and place the fat right it can help a bit u see the light( the shadows of the sunken area) but if he messes up....you’ll have a eye bag like a jelly bean underneath. Happen to my sister when she did hers at a local unknown clinic in Korea. Make sure u research a lot about wannabe. Not amongst the popular clinics in Seoul. / apujeong area
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jeez that's terrible :sad: Maybe she should do another session for fat repositioning her under eye fat to another area.
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Was she able to get rid of it like by injection of steroid?
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